Vietnam is the hidden Coronavirus Den


Posted on March 13, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Foreword: This article raises the urgent alert about Vietnam, the den of Coronavirus in South East Asia. Do not travel to Vietnam and the Western needs to ban the travel as the US, Australia and the other countries restrict Italy, Iran, South Korea. Vietnam’s Coronavirus worsens than Italy.


During the Novel Coronavirus outbreak spreading worldwide, the travel ban restricting Chinese tourists and workers. Therefore, Vietnam’s communist government still welcomes Chinese people to come from the mainland including Wuhan’s residents. The Vietnamese people alert the Coronavirus threat, but Vietcong ignores, the border opens, the corruption increases Chinese tourists escape the quarantine to stay in Vietnam. Moreover, Western countries wrongly trust Vietnam as they trusted the World Health Organization, indeed, Vietnam is the den of Coronavirus, actually, Vietnam is the close vassal of China since 1949.


Vietcong regime maximally conceals the Coronavirus stationed in Vietnam as their great master China cheated the world and the World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus conspired to delay the global pandemic’s alert that matches China’s conspiracy to deceive the world, China wants its biological weapon spread worldwide so far so good. On the other hand, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus is an accomplice’s China into the pandemic spread. The world suspects the corruption in W.H.O is like the United Nations with the case of Mr. John Ashe, President of General-Assembly and President of UNICEF.


Vietcong government does fear to lose the tourist and economy, so the ruthless regime cheats the world about the Coronavirus is nearly nothing to affect while many Chinese tourists and workers arrived and stayed in Vietnam during the Coronavirus outbreaking. The people have never trusted Vietcong, the super liar as a saying” when a communist is born, firstly,  a midwife sees the mouth”. And the proverb:” do not trust what the communist talks, let’s watch what the communist did”. Nevertheless, the Vietcong regime strays the Coronavirus to Europe, there are some high ranking Vietcong’s cadres tested positive of Coronavirus after traveled to Europe, they shift the Coronavirus came from the trips from Italy and Europe. The social media released the news and youtube about the Coronavirus spread in Vietnam, the people died on the street at Hanoi, the Trúc Bạch district (Hanoi) locked a few days ago, the Vietnamese people rush to buy food has occurred nationwide. However, Vietcong’s government always propagates about their excellent medical doctors and scientists contain the Coronavirus properly while the world has not found the vaccine yet. The propaganda turns stupid, a patient just drinks 25 liters of water a day in six days, the Coronavirus treated.


However, malicious concealment can not cheat the world. On March 13, 2020, there are 25 people of a tourist group of Dutch tested positive of Coronavirus that added dozens of foreigners came to Vietnam and quarantined at this communist paradise. Officially, Hanoi confirmed 39 foreigners truck Coronavirus in Vietnam, major patients are the British, Hanoi also conceals the death toll, indeed, Vietnamese people panic the deaths of its people, moreover, Vietnam’s government threatens to fine $Đồng 12 million (12 million piasters) to whoever releases the death toll, Vietcong labels the rumor spreading as China arrested whistleblower Dr. Li Wengliang at Wuhan. Since January 2020, Vietcong prevented the news about a family at Tà Lài village, Tân Phú district, Đồng Nay province with 6 people died at a hospital and local government secretly buried with the heavy pesticide’s spray.


The infected cases of 25 Dutch tourists can not conceal the world, Vietcong regime can not hide as they apply to Vietnamese people. So on Thursday, March 12, 2020, Vietnam’s authorities confirmed 25 Dutch tourists struck by Coronavirus after visited Hội An’s town. Miss Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Anh, Director of Hội An city’s prevention health care center said to AFP:” The condition there is not as good as in the hotels, but we will try to provide them with some essential things especially suitable food upon request,”.


The propaganda machine of Vietcong can not conceal when the foreigners infected, the Coronavirus outbreaks in Vietnam, now, the situation worsens than Italy. The State-run Voice of Vietnam radio reported 38 foreigners being quarantined in Hội An, they are the citizens of Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, and Finland. Nevertheless, Vietnam’s Health Ministry has confirmed about 25,000 Vietnamese people infected and the government forced to quarantine since early February 2020 but no one died, it is miracle and incredible.


The world canceled most events, sport, entertainment. Italy just has 10,000 infected cases, and the death toll is up to 1,000. Therefore, Vietnam had 25,000 infected cases but no death toll despite the health system in Vietnam can not compare with Italy. The world can not trust Vietcong reports. The Vietnamese overseas stopped to return to Vietnam since the Coronavirus outbreak, the Vietnamese people knew the Coronavirus silently spread in Vietnam by Chinese tourists and Chinese workers from December 2019. Moreover, the Vietnam government must quarantine about 2,000,0000 overseas laborers come back that is due to Coronavirus. The Australian government and Health Department alert the pandemic, so the 2020 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne will be held on March 15, 2020, canceled. But Vietnam continues to open the Vietnam’s first-ever Formula One Grand Prix at Hanoi will carry out on the first weekend in April 2020. The world extremely alerts Vietnam, the hidden Coronavirus den in South East Asia, Vietnam worsens than Italy and Iran. The US, Australia, and the other countries issued the travel ban to Italy, Iran, South Korea. Therefore, Vietnam has numerous infected cases are up to 25,000 as the report of Vietcong’s government, indeed, the infected cases could be up to multiple hundred thousand people and the death toll hikes. Unfortunately, the world ignores and the tourists still arrive in Vietnam. Recently, Australian’s Matildas soccer came to Vietnam and defeated Vietnam with score 5-0, so Matilda’s team needs to quarantine. The world alert Vietnam, the travel ban does need to apply to Vietnam as soon as possible, the foreign tourists do no come to Vietnam, the hidden den of Coronavirus./.






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