Vietnam could help comrade China to avoid the tariffs


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Vietcong is an Ape super gang ruled the people in Vietnam since 1954 at North and total Vietnam after April 30, 1975. Certainly, Vietcong was the actual hand of the Global Communist Bloc in the Vietnam War. Vietcong carried out the orders from two great masters were Soviet-Union and China launching the Vietnam War, the weapons provided by the Global Communist Bloc couldn’t conceal the truth despite the left media and left parties in the Western have misled the public.


After Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975, Vietnam communist regime stood alongside with Soviet-Union and the domestic comrade-war occurred, the hottest battle marked at China-Vietnam border in 1979 wasted tens of thousand lives from both sides. Therefore, after Soviet-Union collapsed in the early 1990s, Vietnam communist party returned to their former master, so Vietnam is considered as China’s vassal. The situation of Vietnam is like Tibet and Sinkiang Uighur, during Hong Kong is better, so Hong Kong people could protest against the administration and commemorates Tiananmen Square massacre, but Vietnam banned. The Ape regime has applied the barbarous policies into Vietnamese people, the propaganda to brainwash plus terrorism transformed Vietnamese people enslaved while Hong Hong people protested against the imposed rules of China, therefore, Vietnamese people just rallied supporting the Soccer. In Vietnam, the people live as the puppet with a saying:” eating as a prisoner, sleeping as a monk, but talking is like the national leader”. The most Vietnamese people knew Vietcong became the henchmen of China since Ho Chi Minh’s era but they fear the Ape regime could kill and imprison whoever dares to do the difference from Vietcong’s policy, actually the relationship between China and Vietnam.


After the comradeship restored, China considers Vietnam as a province of China. The border between Vietnam-China unleashed, Chinese people freely migrated and controlled Vietnam economy. Moreover, the debt trap, trade trap and government trap (corruption) pushing Vietnam belonging China from A to Z. Mostly, the highest positions of Vietnam are Secretary General, Prime Minister, President of state, and the other high profiles are the henchmen of China. Vietcong succeeded the brainwash plus the terrorism and propaganda, so Vietnamese people have not protested as Hong Kong.


From the Indochine War occurred between French Colony and Vietnam communist hid under the nationalist labeled fighting for independence, China communist commanded and provided the weapon for the People Army of Ho Chi Minh. The people wave tactic of Mao Tse Tung applied in Điện Bięn Phủ battle that cost ten thousand lives of Vietcong troop. Moreover, the Vietnam War, the People Wave tactic wasted more than 1,500,000 Vietcong troops and 300,000 missings. Vietcong’s Ape super gang has used the blood of Vietnamese people to serve for their great masters and now Vietcong continues to serve for China interest.


Vietnam Communist party has driven the country into the hand of China, since Ho Chi Minh’s era, Prime Minister Phạm Văn Đồng released the Diplomatic Notes on September 14, 1958, the so-called Democratic Republic of Vietnam gave away the Spratly archipelago to China, Chairman Ho Chi Minh lied with the people by his reason:” China gave us a lot, so we just gave them some islands with the bird manure”.


Vietnam communist regime flagged China illegally occupied and built the artificial island at the disputed waters. It is the strategy of China to control the most important waterway enters Asia, annually goods transport are worth more than $USD 5 trillion. Nevertheless, Vietnam provided the sand for China to build the artificial islands and Vietcong Navy also prohibits Vietnamese fishing boats access near the artificial islands and Vietnam government ignored Vietnamese fishing boats to be robbed and destroyed by China’s Navy.


The war fights against the global economic terror come from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat highlights by the adjust tariffs of President Donald Trump. During the economic battle occurring, Vietnam communist has tried the help their great master China to avoid the tariffs. Certainly, Vietnam and China communist are the beloved comrades, the siblings. The tiger snake, Cobra or Taipan are the venomous snakes, not the python, it warns the pet lovers do not play with the poison snakes. Vietcong, China communist has never changed the stance, they always consider the democratic countries are the enemies.


After Soviet-Union and total Eastern Europe, Communist Bloc collapsed, China and Vietnam must find the way for survival, both Asia communist regimes have applied the lizard changes skin’s color tactic by the stolen economic method” the free market is led by socialism”. Vietnam and China bluffed the Western and the US for many decades. Actually, Vietnam pretended to open the bamboo curtain for survival and exploited the foreign aid plus the trade with Western and the other democratic countries. Therefore, Vietnam always considers the US and capitalist are the enemies. On the other hand, Vietnam communist is like a dog eating the US food but keeping the house for China.


China communist has prepared the battle and using Vietnam comrade the deceive the US in the economic war. Moreover, Vietnam becomes the untold province of China, actually, Vietcong government leased three Special Economic Zone are Vân Đồng, Bắc Vân Phong and Phú Quốc in 99 years. China could transport the goods and products to Vietnam and using Vietnam trademark export to the US.


President Donald Trump knew the malicious tactic, so he called Vietnam worsens than China. The US knows Vietnam communist could help China to avoid the tariffs, certainly, Vietnam and China face the same problem when the cunning tactic is no longer to cheat the US.  The tariffs will follow to stop China passing the goods and products to the other countries for the tariffs’ avoidance. The US tariffs cause thousand foreign companies left China, they repatriated or moving to the other countries, Vietnam exploits the incident but Hanoi always serves for great master China.


Vietcong is malicious, the Ape regime in Vietnam has exploited the Western and the democratic system to gain the profit. In 1994, Democratic President Bill Clinton lifted the embargo for his comrade Vietcong and later the Ape regime joined WTO after great master China did. Vietcong has used the negligent immigration policy of the Western to send the espionage agents. The spy networks of Vietcong could help China to steal the technology and propagating the communism in Western. The Western and the US watch out the Vietnam overseas students after they have the residential status and working in the technologic fields. The communist scientists and academics are dangerous, they are the domestic thugs in the Western.


Almost, Vietnam overseas students come from Vietnam are the Vietcong’s wealthy family, they are the red seeds sowing in the Westen and become the undercover activists of Vietcong regime.


In Australia, South Australia Governor HIEU VAN LE who comes from a Vietcong’s family, his father was a Vietcong cadre at Piggy hamlet, Quảng Trị Province in the Indochina war and Vietnam war. Mr. Hieu Van Le arrived early in Australia after Saigon lost. The South Australia Governor Hieu Van Le is a high profile of Australia Labor Party, he helped many Vietnam students studied and stayed in Australia. Moreover, Governor Hieu Van Le came back to Vietnam and met the high profiles of Vietcong despite he didn’t have the portfolio of foreign affairs or trade. Nevertheless, the most offshore Vietnamese language media is the left, the fake news and concealing the truth cause Vietnamese overseas outrage and distrust. In the US, the prominent left media or pro-Hanoi media is Người Việt News at Little Saigon (*), California, VOA, RFA, BBC (in the UK), SBS (in Australia)…nevertheless, Vietcong exploited the democratic movement and the humanity scheme to send many fake-opponents to the US as former Vietcong troop Điếu Cŕy (Nguyễn Văn Hải), Ců Huy Hŕ Vũ, Trần Khải Thanh Thủy, Bůi Kim Thŕnh, and the others while South Vietnam Captain Nguyễn Hữu Cầu who spent more than 37 years in the hell of Vietcong’s prison, but his case ignored. The intelligence agencies may eye on the Vietcong’s overseas students and fake opponents live in the US and Western countries. Do not trust what communist talks, let’s watch what they did./.


Notes: (*) Người Việt News founded by Mr. Đổ Ngọc Yến who related to the high profiles of Vietcong. Người Việt News links with RFA, actually, the prominent journalist is Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Nghĩa who is the nephew of Vietcong’s Secretary General Nguyễn Văn Linh. Journalist Nguyễn Xuân Nghĩa has the Radio and T.V show names” giải ảo” in the US (California) mostly the biased propaganda. He often uses the information from the fake news media in the US







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