UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is a communist


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Nowadays, the United Nations has been driven in the wrong direction by the factions, actually, the UN Security Council couldn’t have the solution to solve the world conflicts because China communist and Russia often vetoed when an impact relates their interest. When the Mafia controls the police and cornered the court, so the justice is gone. The UN’s comedy doesn’t create a laugh, instead, the people distrust the most important organization on the planet. Moreover, on June 7, 2019, Vietcong Ape’s super gang was officially elected as a nonpermanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the 2020-2012 term. What is going on?


The world has not to trust the United Nations, even the Human Rights Council elected the members are China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam. Therefore, those states are famous the human rights violation, it is a farce of the so-called Human Rights Council that turned the HUMAN WRONG COUNCIL. President Donald Trump withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council that is the right decision.


The United Nations General Assembly is like a big karaoke performance, every member can choose their songs, despite the songs upset major members (audience). After the General Assembly gathered and discussed, anything has not changed and the disgraced comedy has repeated boringly.


The different factions shattered the United Nations from the grassroots, so, there were many global conflicts just discussed without a solution. Moreover, when the grave problems passed to the UN Security Council, Russia and China vetoed and the General Assembly does nothing. The Muslim group, communist group, and the other factions create the mayhem in the United Nations, even a time, Saudi Arabia attempted to force the world to comply the Sharia law, it conflicts the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but Saudi Arabia failed.


The important position of UN is Secretary-General after Mr. Ban Ki Moon expired the term, there were some candidates, among of them was former Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of  Australian Labor Party. Moreover, Mr. Kevin Rudd and the high profiles of the Labor Party as former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, actually Senator Penny Wong always vow to stand with China communist, they want Australia distances with the US, the long term mateship. If Mr. Kevin Rudd elected the Secretary-General, China is happy, but Mr. Kevin Rudd didn’t succeed because the incumbent Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refused the reference (Malcolm Turnbull revenged, he lost the opposition leader of Coalition after clashed with Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in parliament).


However, the incumbent Secretary-General is Antonio Guterres is the communist too, before, he was a socialist Prime Minister of Portugal, in the Cold War, Mr. Antonio Guterres was a major promoter of communism. Certainly, China, Vietnam and the other communist states including Venezuela have an active comrade in the United Nations. The most leftist is keen to activate the themes are:


1-The hoax climate change: the socialist UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres favors climate change, so annually, the UN puts $USD 2.4 trillion. President Donald Trump has the right reason to overhaul the so-called climate change.


2-The asylum seekers shattered Europe and harmed the US, therefore, Mr. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres often pushing the US and Europe accept the illegal migrant under the label of human rights, but it turns Human Wrong.


3-The same-sex-marriage legislation to be promoted as the essential policy of the left parties.


The left parties, the left media, communist have the comrade Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in United Nations, so this international organization serves for the left by the money contributed from 195 official members. As ABC in Australia is the traditional left, ABC funded by the taxpayers but they have propagated for communism since the Vietnam War and now ABC continues to the left stance.


China is malicious with many ruses, actually, the bribery becomes the most dangerous threat in the Western. China communist spent a small amount but they would buy a national leader then Beijing would harvest the great profit, buying a president, prime minister or the government high profiles that means buying the good policy. In the presidential election 1992, China’s espionage agent John Huang financed the election fund and in 1996, the other China’s financial agent Charlie Trie illegally funded for Bill Clinton and Algore in the election campaign, so in 8 years, China gained many interests and privileges as the Most Favored Nation Policy, actually, the hoax climate change to curb the Western industry while China freely released the dioxide. Even the United Nations couldn’t escape the corruption. Mr. John Ash born in 1954, he held President of sixty-eight of the United Nations General Assembly. Therefore, he was accused by the US Prosecutors of taking $USD 1.3 million from the bribery of a Chinese businessman Charlie Trie. Moreover, Mr. President of General Assembly John Ash also received the bribery from a Chinese billionaire in Australia is Mr. Huang Xiaongmo…Eventually, in 2016, Mr. John Ash died the days before testifying against Hillary Clinton and the corruption linking China bribery. The death’s cause remains in mystery.


The people doubt about Secretary-General Antonio Guterres elected that China communist should activate the nations have been fallen into the debt trap or using the money to buy the ballots? The most important organization on the planet has been cornered by the communists, and China could gain a good opportunity to dominate the activities in the UN. The UN members may overhaul the functions carried out by the proposals of Mr. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, actually, the Human Rights scheme and the hoax climate change wasted the money. When the leftists hold the important positions in government, the nation is endangered.


– In US politics, the lawmaker terrorist and command in thug Nancy Pelosi who comes from a bandit family linking to Mafia as  President Ronald Reagan, the 40th US president told:” Nancy Pelosi is extremely evil, she comes from the Baltimore Democrat corruption machine the D’ Alesandra family, both her brother Tommy Alesandra were mayors of Baltimore, a well oiled corrupt Democrat family”. After the Congressional election in 2018, Nancy Pelosi holds the top job of the House of Representatives (Speaker), it is the national disaster, she blocked the border’s fund and always attacks President Donald Trump. Under the rule of Democratic Bill Clinton, China grew faster and the Western countries lost the profit. The first communist and Muslim President Barrack Obama ruled White House in 8 years, the American pauperized, he brainwashed the people and made the US worst off ever in history.


-In Australia, within 6 years of Labor government from 2007 to 2013, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard destroyed the Australia economy. Moreover, Senator Penny Wong always serves for Beijing, she made the huge profit for China communist with the NBN wasted the taxpayers $AUD 65 billion. If Labor wins the general election on May 18, 2019, the cyberspy unit 61389 will operate in Australia as Senator Penny Wong (Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister) vowed in the campaign. The Labor’s undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull climbed higher and dived deeper in Liberals Party, he became Australia Prime Minister, therefore, he flagged China company Landridge Group took over Darwin Port leased 99 years.


The UN members alert when a communist becomes the UN Secretary-General, it is the peril of the UN and the world.


The global hegemony of China threatens the world, China communist doesn’t care the debt is up to $USD 40 trillion, they aim to control the world by the rapacious plan called one belt and one road, the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters. China also used the money for bribery in the counterparts and Beijing has a communist holds the position of the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ./.







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