UK must leave EU while the debt of members escalates


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The nations in Europe continent urged to unite while the US becomes the most powerfully economic country on the planet. Actually, the US currency has used around the world during the Europe countries used different currencies.


The competition carried out when the European Union established and gathered the countries in Europe while the economy of the nations doesn’t identify as a car uses the wrong parts, certainly, a mechanic can not use the parts of Mercedes or Mazda replace Toyota and the other vehicles. The federal government has a strong fundament, while nations in the European Union have different level’s economy, language, culture, and the other diversities plus the social concern. Moreover, differently economic managements have become the unsolved problem of the European Union.


After a long time debated and proposed a solution, eventually, the European Union established on November 1st, 1993 at Maastricht, Holland, its organization functions the politics and economy with 28 members, the population is about 515 million in the era of 4,475,757  km2. Following the competition with the US, on January 1st, 1999, the European Union issued the currency called the Euro, therefore, there are only 19 members transferred their currency to the Euro. Obviously, Euro identified the common currency but has not identified the economic management, actually, some members have no responsibility, they exploited the European Union for partially national interest and spending exceeded the national budget that causes the debt is inevitable.


The European Union has started the problem when the members have different policies on the economy and finance. The debt escalated, actually Greece owed 367 billion Euros by spending, so Greece shows the weakness of the European Union. Ireland owed 865 billion Euros. Spain owed 1 trillion Euros. Italy owed 1 trillion Euro…while Germany faced the debt reached 63.9% GDP, France debted 98.40% GDP, England debted 86.58% GDP. Nevertheless, when the left parties rule the government, the spending and borrowing couldn’t avoid. The European Union is like a common house, therefore, the family members have no responsibility to keep the house, instead, they mess by the irresponsible spending.


The European Union has contained the declination from the domestic problem, it is like the cancerous parts that divided the wealthy continent. However, the illegal migrant shattered European Union, actually, the weakest nations in the European Union as Greece, Italy, and Spanish unleashed the border and the asylum seeker wave overwhelmed. Moreover, Germany and France welcomed the asylum seeker and blamed the members refused to accept the illegal migrant. The United Nations stands alongside with the asylum seeker while the countries in Europe fear the terrorist. The generous heart of Pope Francis that contributed to the asylum seeker wave and Europe countries burden the unwanted guests. Nowadays, Europe has fallen into the mayhem, actually, the wealthy continent couldn’t control the security while the terrorist currently threatens.


The United Kingdom anticipated the problems, so Great Britain keeps its currency Pound and they have started to get out from European Union. The Brexit reflects the major population in the UK in the referendum, therefore, the European Union has tried to pressure the Brexit. Obviously, Prime Minister Theresa May seemed weak to deal with European Union, so the Brexit delayed then she must step down while the anti-Brexit often rallies. Now, Prime Minister Boris Johnson who can solve the problem despite the European Union doesn’t want to lose a strong member. The Brexit has to have, the United Kingdom can manage the economy and finance, actually, the US will help England overtakes the difficulty than staying European Union and waits for disaster.


When the British left the European Union, Germany and France will face the difficulty and the European Union must find the solution to remain the unity. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has advocated the Brexit from the campaign, his strong stance that worries the European Union.


On 45th G7 Summit occurs in Biarritz, France from August 24-26, 2019, once again, the European Union appalls the big loss of China communist in the economic battle, actually, the European members deeply involved the economy and linking the finance with China from many decades ago. The dire consequences have to pay from the critical mistake, actually, the naïve leaders plus the left parties in Europe fell into the trade trap, debt trap of China communist regime.


The French people disappoint President Emmanuel Macron who is the socialist, his crazy hoax climate change ignited the Yellow Vest’s movement that cost multiple billion dollars on the economy. Nowadays, France shattered by the wave of asylum seeker but Macron supports the illegal migrant.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attends G7, he will withhold 30 billion pounds from the Brexit divorce bill unless the European Union accept to change the deal. If Great Britain leaves European Union without a trade deal, the Britsh government only pays 9 billion pounds. It is bad news for the European Union, but they learn the mistakes made in the past.


The deadline for Brexit is coming on October 31, 2019, while the parliament faces a different stance, actually, the anti-Brexit advocates by UK Labor Party and the other left parties always hamper. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to do anything that he can as Constitution. He has asked the Queen to suspend the current parliamentary session in the second sitting week in September. The Queen backs Prime Minister Boris Johnson requires, the anti-Brexit outrage by the rally but the situation has not changed after the referendum and now, the Brexit will end soon./.







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