There is no Allah but Corona made by China


Posted on March 18, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



There is no evidence to support the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 created by Allah, nor the climate change or any sources. Certainly, the Coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, near China’s biological laboratory. It is the biological warfare of China’s Communist Party conspired from two decades ago by China’s Communist Party strategist and famous General Chi Haotian, the Defense Minister of Deng Xiaoping.


The strategic plan of China reflects the heartless regime, the Ape super herd has never respected the human’s life. China’s Communist Party killed more than a hundred millions of people in the mainland from Mao Tse Tung robbed the government of Chinese people in 1949. Possibly, China’s communist regime can use the biological weapon to destroy the world including the democratic countries and the Western without pity. China’s Communist Party has exposed the animal character or animal’s instinct to carry out global hegemonic ambition.


Unfortunately, the biological accident occurred at Wuhan from December 1st, 2019, but China’s communist regime concealed until the Coronavirus outbreak, the death toll and the infected population increased. China couldn’t lie about the Coronavirus comes from the US, instead, China is the culprit.


The broken biological terror varies by using Chinese people like the live stations of Coronavirus to spread so far as good. The main targets are the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and others. The US, Australia issue the travel ban to curb Coronavirus spread, particularly, Chinese tourists and workers including Chinese students. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization is led by Dr. director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who stands with China. Moreover, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus cheated the world by misleading the Coronavirus outbreak, he deceived the world, so during the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, some nations like Japan, South Korea still welcomed Chinese tourists and Chinese workers. Particularly, the countries deeply involved the economy, strategy and one belt one road like Iran, Italy become the Coronavirus bases, Chinese workers and tourists transmitted the virus to native people and the Coronavirus pandemic spread in Iran, Italy received the high numerous death toll and infection, so Italy locked the whole country and Europe. After more than a hundred countries hit by Coronavirus, Dr. W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus declares the global pandemic, it is too late but the action of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus that matches the malicious plan of China. The world learns the bloody lesson of Coronavirus outbreak and the World Health Organization, the people have no trust W.H.O and Dr. W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus WHO helped the pandemic spread worldwide.


China’s Communist regime has tried to escape the pandemic’s perpetrator, Beijing stray the Coronavirus comes from the bat and wild animal’s meat sold at Wuhan’s fish market after China cleaned up, the evidence destroyed. China also applies psychological warfare to shift the Coronavirus comes from the US, and the left media plus China’s diplomat launch obsolete propaganda. Unfortunately, the phony propaganda is vain, China loses the money to pay for the left media. China tries to shift the death toll and infected people in the Western while Beijing lies about the Coronavirus reduces in the mainland. Nowadays, no one trusts the reports of China. Nevertheless, religion involves the propaganda to stray Coronavirus is the punishment of God, the people have no surprise as a Muslim scholar exploits the pandemic to slam the other religion, particularly the Catholics and Christian.


The religious obscurantism can not convince the concerned people by the Islamic bigots are launching the obsolete propaganda about the virus Corona was Allah’s punishment’s against infidels catches the virus as an Islamic Scholar Hadi-al Modarresi, an Iran-Based Irad Shiite said. Every religion can explain the natural phenomenon based on their faith, but it is just a believing, not a scientific clue.


Iran and Italy become the hot spots of Coronavirus outside China because of those countries deeply involved with China. European nations have opened the door for China’s investment from many decades ago and a relationship with one belt and one road. Particularly, Iran has become the comrade with China from 1979 after the extreme cleric and socialist Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini succeeded in the coup in Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran has led the country to collaborate with atheism  China, so the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran leads Islam into socialism.


The vaccine and treatment can prevent the pandemic, certainly, Allah can not help. In Iran, the death toll and infected people skyrocket is 1,000 including the high profiles in government struck by Coronavirus. Therefore, the government concealed but the satellite showing the mass graves that proved the death toll is very high than the government’s report. Iranian people panic, they believe Allah can help by licking the mosques, but the pandemic spread nationwide in Iran. The bigot cleric and Islamic scholar Hadi-al Modarresi can not explain Allah’s adherent in Iran died by Coronavirus despite they believe Allah.


The World Health Organization called COVID -19 (China of Virus in December 2019), President Donald Trump calls CHINESE VIRUS. The pandemic outbreak exposes the culprit of the global biological terror that comes from China, not Allah’s punishment, neither the US. The Islamic scholar Hadi-al Modarresi snubs the public by the disgraced cheat with the bullshit propaganda, so the religiously psychological warfare turns to garbage. Nevertheless, the Islamic scholar Hadi-al Modarresi strays the crime against humanity of China, the Coronavirus is Allah’s punishment. Certainly, Allah says nothing about the Coronavirus and the punishment, instead, scholar Hadi-al Modarresi exploits the name of Allah to protect the genocide of China attack the world by a biological weapon. The bigot scholar Hadi-al Modarresi is the dangerous person, the terrorists come from the bigot clerics and the Muslim preachers. There is no God but Allah, there is no Allah but Coronavirus made by China to terrorize the world by a biological weapon./.






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