The world prepare to deal when China collapsed


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After many decades joined the free market and WTO, the largest communist country succeeded to bluff the Western and the naïve politicians about the democratic process in the mainland when China developed the economy. Indeed, the communist has never changed the character as the tiger snake has never become to python, the evil and Satan always keep their way. Whoever believes the communist gently transits to democracy, they are the daydreamers. When the communist is weak, it calls the low tide of revolution, the communist can accept condition from the enemy, even requiring to collaborate. It is the lizard changes the color of the skin’s tactic. Therefore, when the communist gets back the strength, it calls the high tide of revolution, the communist advances and destroy the enemy without a pity. Do not listen to what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did. On the other hand, collaboration with communists is like co-operation with Mafia or a super gang. The Vietnamese people spent the bloody experience with Vietcong and Hồ Chí Minh, there were many nationalists and patriots killed by Vietcong after allied with Vietnam Communist Party from the Indochina War to the Vietnam War. The fable warns about Vietcong describes the farm crab and frog’s story: during the summer, the water disappeared, the frog has nowhere to go, eventually, the frog temporarily lives in the lair of the farm crab for survival. The frog drinks water from crab’s saliva, therefore, when the rainy season comes, before leaving the lair of farm crab, the frog eats crab. This fable reflects China’s communist regime survived after the Soviet Union and the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc collapsed in the early 1990s. China deceived the innocent leaders in Western by the economy’s pattern” the free market is led by socialism” that helped China passed over the dangerous stage of the low tide of revolution. Instead, China grew faster when Democratic President Bill Clinton who served in the US as China’s executive, in 8 years, President Bill Clinton deserved the economic facilities for China, actually, the Most Favored Nations policy and the hoax climate change curbing the Western industry to create the great opportunity for China carrying the global hegemonic ambition.


The virus lives on the human body likely, China growth comes from the stolen technology and malicious business. China made a profit from the Western’s loss, actually, China conspires to replace the US and control the world in 2025. The plan has good preparation, China silently endorsed candidate Hillary Clinton (espouse of former China’s executive in White House from 1992 to 2000) in the presidential election 2016. China should hire the left media and dishonest academics to support Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, the US people voted billionaire Donald Trump, so the plan of China collapsed and the malicious conspiracy cracked down.


The appearance of President Donald Trump becomes a disaster for China, so Democrats represent China to remove President Donald Trump by the unconstitutional impeachment. Therefore, Democrats failed and the Donkey’s Head gang loses the people support from the grassroots, the situation aggravates for every impeachable process. The last impeachment’s battle attempted in January 2020, Democrats exhausted the tactic by the impeachment’s bill and teamed seven members to fight at Senate. Unfortunately, the unconstitutional impeachment conflicts the Constitution while Democrats rushing to choose a presidential candidate to compete for the presidential race in 2020.


The war fights against the global economic terror highlights in the US and allies, the tariffs are death vulnerable of China. The economy crippled, the stock market lost at least $US 2.4 trillion in 2018 and now, China faces the financial peril, the banking system is on the brink of collapse, actually, the mountain debt reached $US 40 trillion in 2017 or 300% GDP, now, the deficit worsens when the tariffs imposed and China lost the global market. The export sector contributes to China’s economy. Therefore, the offshore market and giant telecommunication company Huawei is dead after the US banned and the world boycott because of the security risks. Nevertheless, China conceded the loser after signed the phase 1 agreement with the US, it is the surrender statement exposes in the low tide of the revolution. Therefore, China can not cheat the author of The Art of the Deal, actually, the economic disaster can not create an opportunity for China applying the tactics as buying time, talking during the fighting and taking one step back to prepare three steps forward.


The fate of China belongs to its people actually, the high unemployment rate is the real threat. The export sector declined, the foreign companies moved out or repatriated to avoid the tariffs plus the government factories have no order. It conducts the massive jobless when the mainland has hundreds of millions of people lose the job without government support, the collapse lesson should repeat any time as the monarchic dynasties ended. The record from 2009 to 2009, the average of China’s unemployment was 11%, now, the situation worsens, the unemployment rate should be higher.


China can not develop without the global market, nowadays, China’s factories reduced the workers that is due to the offshore market declined, certainly, the massive jobless will end the communist regime. China’s situation worsens while the communist party is faced with the deadlock to solve the economic peril, actually, Xi Jinping perplexes Hong Kong unrest, the debt, the human rights violation in Tibet, Sinkiang Uighur, Falun Gong, and major Chinese people abhore the totalitarian regime. China’s communist is an obsolete regime on the planet, the world democratizes while China still remains the hidden monarchic regime like the medieval era. The Europe people abolished the red dynasties in Russia and Eastern Europe states, therefore, the communism still exists in Asia, China leads the communist vestiges are Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, the Cold War is not over yet, but it changes to Cool War and China becomes the major threat of peace.


The world alert China’s global hegemonic ambition, Chinese people in the mainland witnessed the genocide with more than 65 million people killed, the massacre of Tiananmen Square, the ethnic purge in Tibet, Sinkiang Uighur raise the grave concern of humanity. Moreover, Taiwanese and Hong Kong people reject the inhumane regime in the mainland. On the other hand, China’s communist regime is besieged by its people and the world community, so the collapse will be inevitable. The signals appear the collapse of China’s communist regime exposing by the syndromes:


- The economic crisis: the high unemployment rate, inflation without control, the mountain debt, the currency loses the valuation, the offshore market declined, the stock market tumbled.


- The rival fighting in the central communist party: the faction of Xi Jinping faces the power struggle with the other factors, actually the strong wing of former president Jiang Zemin is the real threat of Xi Jinping’s leadership.


- The central government loses control of the local government: Red Emperor Xi Jinping can not control the local government where is the den of corruption, so Xi Jinping calls fighting the corruption.


- The social disorder by the economic crisis.


- The corruption spread from central to local government.


Nowadays, China’s communist regime meets those collapsed syndromes, and the regime is risked, the end of the regime can happen anytime, so Chinese people and the world may prepare to deal when China collapsed:


1-In the mainland: when China’s communist regime collapsed, the society being disordered, the revenge will be inevitable, the victims and family will kill and arrest the tyrants. The new government must take time to stabilize the social mayhem. Certainly, China has never transited from the totalitarian regime to democracy. The lesson of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe communist states collapsed by the people’s power because the character of communists is obstinacy.


2-The offshore:


- The high profiles of China’s communist regime will flee the mainland with the assets, so the Western governments need to freeze the hush money and will return to the democratic government in the mainland after the situation stabilized and the new government applies the democracy.


- The stock market shock, actually, the shareholders linking China’s regime will lose the valuation, the companies of China and the companies related to China will be affected. Nevertheless, the mountain debt is the real threat of China, in 2017, China’s debt was $US 40 trillion and the debt escalates, in 2019 worsened, the debt should reach $ US 45 or 50 trillion. The trade war crippled China’s economy, so the communist regime must take at least 50 years to pay the debt if China’s economy peering the US.


- The countries deeply involved in the economy and finance with China will face the crisis. Now, the time to stay away from China that will save the economy and finance.


3-The occupied territories and the vassals have an opportunity to declare independence. Tibet people, Sinkiang Uighur people, Manchurian, Mongolian will declare the new state and Vietnam, North Korea, Laos escape the hand of China’s communist regime. The people of China’s vassals will change the communist regime to the democratic regime after eliminated its communist parties and the henchman.


The world will change after the evilest regime collapsed, Chinese people in the mainland will have the freedom and China will have the federal government if the territories reach the agreement, therefore, the collapse of China will create the new nations in the region like Soviet-Union and Yugoslavia. The Western and the democratic countries will trade with China’s democratic government, no more bush law.


The PEOPLE can decide the regime or government, the dictatorial regime ended by the people’s power and the government of a democratic country can change the government by the election. The common formula:


- The dynasty, dictatorial and communist regime: The people + standing up= regime collapses


- The democratic country: The  People+ election=government changes.


China’s communist regime built the government from violation, so Chinese people have the power to remove the inhumane government by its people’s power. There is no dictatorial regime exists when the people stand up and there is no democratic government remains when the people abandon./.







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