The world needs to make Chinxit of China trade


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The landslide victory of the Conservative Party sends a strong message to the troublemakers in the United Kingdom and the domestic thugs exploit the democracy, free speech to harm the national interest.  Whoever snubs the public, the people respond to abandon. The politicians of anti-Brexit must receive the boycott of the British.


The Brexit’s referendum decided by major British, therefore UK Labor Party, the minor anti-Brexit plus the asylum seeker’s supporters to be punished by the general election held on December 12, 2019. The outcome of the general election guaranteed Prime Minister Boris Johnson who will make a Brexit before the deadline on January 31, 2020. The Conservative Party gained 364 seats (Conservative Party makes the victorious record since 1987), the UK Labor Party just has 203 seats (it is the biggest loss since 1935), Scottish National Party has 48 seats, Liberal Democrats Party has 11 seats. Actually, the leader of the Liberal Democrats Party is Jo Swinson loses her seat. Certainly, the British boycott Liberal Democrats Party because its party campaigned to re-referendum, they stood with UK Labor Party led by a hardcore communist Jeremy Corbyn. The absolute major members of the Conservative Party is the second referendum.


The remarkable victory of Prime Minister Boris Johnson becomes the deep woe of the ant-Brexit, the left media, including the first Muslin London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Moreover, the left media failed the false polls and biased stories as ABC (Australia), the left journalist Lucia Stein published an article’s headline before a day of poll:” it has been a crazy year in UK politics, and it has all led to this moment: a vote on whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson should stay on to carry the country through Brexit”. The major British are not crazy to elect the Conservative Party and defeat the anti-Brexit plus the domestic thugs, so ABC needs to review the career of journalist Lucia Stein and ABC may apologize for the British because Lucia Stein humiliated the people in the United Kingdom by the Australian’s taxpayers. Before the polling day, the left media’s television in Australia broadcast misled the public, the biased news releasing the outcome of UK election facing the hung parliament. However, the misled news totally destroyed the fake news. So the left television in Australia to be unmasked as the thrash of communication.


The Brexit is inevitable after British mandated Prime Minister Boris Johnson into the election on December 12, 2019. The Brexit unties the European Union while the members were faced with the deep debt, the asylum seeker’s wave shattered the EU and also threatening the national security and the other problems harming the United Kingdom. After the landslide victory, the UK currency increased the valuation. Certainly, the European Union doesn’t want to lose a strong and wealthy member, actually, Germany and France will burden more difficulties. Nevertheless, France is complicated by the massive people protest against the socialist President Emmanuel Macron who wants to impose socialism in its country.


The British want to leave the European Union for multiple reasons, actually, the economy and asylum seeker are the main issues. Therefore, the CHINXIT needs to get out of the claw of the largest communist country on the planet. After the first visit of US President Richard Nixon in 1972, despite China is the totalitarian regime, the bush law, and socialism’s economic system are quite different from the democratic countries and conflict with the free market. Therefore, the naïve politicians and the left parties in Western-made the critical mistake, so China infiltrated the free market, became a member of WTO. Nevertheless, China has conspired the global hegemonic ambition to control the world, so Beijing silently developed the invasion by the soft army with the economic and financial vanguards that labeled the business, trade ties, free trade agreement, actually the global economic terror has applied from many decades ago.


The innocent national leaders plus the negligent policies that helped China succeeded in the debt trap, trade trap, and the government trap (the bribery, political donations). The countries deeply involved with China on the economy, trade ties become the victims of the debt trap. Sri Lanka handed over the Hambantota Port to China to pay the debt, Gwadar Port of Pakistan fell into China’s hand. The Darwin Port (a strategist port) of Australia leased 99 years to China with $AUD 506 million and Merriden Airport in Western Australia leased for China in 100 years with the price was one dollar. Moreover, China bought many Australian companies, lands and farmlands, assets. The Australian people alert after China bought Belly’s Baby formula powder milk with $AUD 1.5 billion and a giant milk company of Australia is Lion Dairy sold to China with $AUD 600 million. Nevertheless, the trade ties and free trade agreement with China cost a hundred million dollars of Australian’s taxpayers to fight the cyber spy.


When China-controlled the economy, cornered the political backstage and buying the President, Prime Minister, Minister, Governors, Premiers, the country becomes China’s colony or vassal. Moreover, China stole the technologies and made the products, counterfeits selling back the inventing countries. China also exploited the negligent policies buying the companies, assets (port, airport). The trade ties with China that risk national security, actually the well-known cyber spy with unit 61389 comes from the People’s Liberation Army, the giant telecommunication Huawei carries out the business and cyber spy’s mission.


Nowadays, China influenced the economy, finance, and foreign assets, so Europe, Australia, the Asia and Africa countries fell into the colonial trap of China. The US fell into the trap of China by President Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama. Therefore, President Donald Trump makes the CHINXIT, China’s products face high tariffs and banned Huawei. The US succeeds the CHINXIT while Europe, Australia, and the other countries have not left China’s trade ties. The world waked and recognized China is the real threat. The one belt and one road, the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters exposing the global hegemonic strategy to control the world. The pro-China political parties have a tied relationship with China, the people will abandon as the British eliminated the ant-Brexit in the election on December 12, 2019.


Taiwanese and its authentic government of Chinese people made the CHINXIT from 1949, Hong Kong people have struggled for CHINXIT since the former colony of British wrongly handed over for the Ape super gang on July 1st, 1997. Unfortunately, Australia, Europe and the other countries have not made the CHINXIT. The people will boycott the parties standing with China’s communist regime, the elections respond to the people’s choice as the British decided the Brexit in the general election on December 12, 2019./.






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