The workers for Cliton and Obama should risk the life


Posted on March 23, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



There were a hundred of the secret deaths without track, mostly the deaths were suicide, accidents, robberies…it coincided the dead persons were the friends, the workers for President Bill Clinton’s family and President Barrack Obama.


President Bill Clinton pardoned 456 felons, even on the last day in White House, he released 140 serious criminals. President Barrack Obama is the champion of clemency, he pardoned 1,927 felons. Certainly, both Democratic Presidents helped a regiment of criminals returned the society including the black society. The felons and family have never forgotten the boon of Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. Nevertheless, President Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama transformed the US legal system to serve for the faction, Democrats Party and the high profiles, not the US people, nor national interest. It is dangerous when the heads of investigation agencies as FBI, CIA, National Intelligence plus the Democratic judges were the henchmen of Democrats, they have distorted the justice and investigation into their interest and factions. During the US presidential election campaigning, FBI Director James Comey didn’t indict twice Hillary Clinton on 34,000 emails and after President Donald Trump getting the office, some Democratic judges issued the court orders to oppose the travel ban and border protection’s order of President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, the legal system has driven into the political purpose carrying out by the cunning conspiracy. From, May 17, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein pointed the former FBI Director Robert Mueller to found the Special Counsel, Mr. Robert Mueller deceived the people by the cheat investigation on Russia meddled the US election, the investigation based on the fabricated dossiers that wasted the taxpayers more than $USD 34 million.


Almost, the deaths of persons who linked, worked, friends with Clinton’s family and recently Barrack Obama being suspected, the suicide probe about the death of the famous designer Kate Spade, 55-year-old who killed herself by hanging at her apartment in New York on June 5, 2018. The Kate Spade & Co’s assets were $USD 1.092 billion, nevertheless, Kate Spade linking to Clinton Foundation.


The commander in chef Anthony Bourdain was the close friend of Commander in cheat and Commander in thieves Barrack Obama. In the last trip to Vietnam of the lame duck US President Barrack Obama who enjoyed the meal with Anthony Bourdain at Restaurant Bún Chả Hương Liên on May 23, 2016. Therefore, on June 8, 2018, suddenly, chef cook Anthony Bourdain found dead in suicide at his hotel room, Eastern France. Before his death, Anthony Bourdain twittered on October 12, 2017:” know what Hillary Clinton is NOT? She’s not stupid. Or unsophisticated about the world. The Weinstein stories had been out there for years”:”. Next day, on October 13, 2017, he continued twitter:” My connection to a victim was known to her abuser–who was already pressuring and terrorizing her the last twitter on May 3, 2018:”..and I am in no way an HRC fan. I’ve been on the receiving end of her operatives’ wrath. And it ain’t”. Mr. Anthony Bourdain was a happy man, moreover, he had no problem with the finance, but why did he kill himself?


Professor 58-year-old Alan Krueger, a Princeton University economics lecturer who has found dead on March 16, 2019, the cause is also suicide, therefore, his friends don’t believe it. Professor Alan Krueger was President Clinton’s Chief Economist at the Department of Labor and later, he became an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and Chair of the White House Council of Economic adviser of President Barrack Obama from 2011 to 20013. Professor Alan Krueger who should hold the financial secrets of both Democratic Presidents. Professor Alan Krueger was the key witness of unconstitutional spending over a trillion dollars every year by President Barrack Obama’s administration that added the national debt. The US government is finding the missing of multiple trillion dollars, actually, under President Barrack Obama’s era. Where did multiple trillion dollars go? Probably, Professor Alan Krueger knew, but his suicide should hamper the investigation. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama carried out the willing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden by withdrawal the US troop from Iraq, it created an opportunity for Islamic State founded. President Barrack Obama also fueled $USD 400 million to the terrorist labeled the exchanged hostages, moreover, President Barrack Obama flagged Iran accessed to the US banking system as the nuclear deal. There is just an iceberg floating on the surface, the secrets of Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama are the saga, therefore, some key witnesses committed suicide or the other causes.


    The suicide is the common deaths of the persons who linked with Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama, despite there police and FBI have not found the evidence yet, but the people probe the deaths and worrying the other persons are friends, former employees of the Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama, they should commit suicide? /.







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