The Western watch out Muslim migrants


Posted on January 29, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The most terror in Western countries including the Muslim states like Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and the others come from the extremists hide into Muslim communities and the mosques. The bomb, gun, ramming the car in a crowd, the knife that hides in the mind where is the source of terrorism. The perpetrators are the bigot clerics, the aggressive preachers to apply the psychological warfare carrying out the hateful propaganda based on religious faith that intoxicated the Muslim, actually, the young Muslim involved the bloodshed terrors including the suicide commission occurred worldwide. The extremists have exploited the religious faith of Allah to brainwash the Muslims.


The intelligence and national security eye on the Muslim communities and the mosques, actually the clerics and preachers, Muslim community leaders often incite the religious hatred and appearing the public, it is not free speech, but the hateful speech. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but every Muslim can be a terrorist, the intelligence and national security can contain the terror’s incident by the information but the terror being conspired in the mind, so the original terror comes from the extreme prominent clerics, preachers, and the bigot community leaders. Moreover, Muslim extremists have used the Western education to gain a university degree, so the fallen terrorist is protected by a Muslim lawyer and a Muslim psychiatrist granting the mental health certificate and the Muslim T.V hosts use the media to support the terrorist by the clever speech to the public. Muslim academics have distorted the career to serve and protect the terror in Western countries.


Western respect religious freedom, therefore, Muslims have different religious practices, actually, the Sharia law conflicts the social valuation and the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The eating culture of Muslim causes the current controversy, the food Allah certified and Muslim is allergy with pork that creates the undeclared war in Western society, there is no pork, but Allah. Actually, the burqa becomes the argument between the Muslim politicians (the left parties like the Australian Labor Party, Democrats in the US, UN Labor Party and the others are keen to recruit Muslim politicians) and the Muslim community, therefore, the security faces the difficulties to identify the terrorist wearing the burqa.


The multiple cultural policies that failed, the negligent immigration policy brings trouble and complication to the country, so the nation doesn’t unify, instead, the country divided a hundred tiny nations. The social conflicts as the untold civil war that costs the taxpayers and national security risks. The bushfire in the US that warned by DC Dirty Laundry website, on January 11, 2020,  Journalist Dean Garrison published an article highlighted:” UNLEASHED HELL: NEW AL QAEDA MAGAZINE DESCRIBES IN DETAIL HOW TO START HUGE FOREST FIRES ACROSS THE US WITH INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE EMBER BOMBS”


The bushfire in Australia is the WILDFIRE JIHAD campaign, so Muslims in Australia were among 200 arsonists arrested. Therefore, Australian people and government doubt the bushfire doesn’t cause climate change, indeed the terror suspects. Therefore, the bushfire in Australia politicized by the Greens Party, the Australian Labor Party, the innocent students, and the naïve supporters, indeed, the Wildfire Jihad campaign is possible to cause the disaster. The police arrested Jihad arsonist Fadi Zraika and his brother Abraham that is the evidence of terror carrying out by the bushfire. Therefore, the most left media companies (television networks are ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten and the others concealed the WILDFIRE JIHAD campaign), instead, the left media companies pushing the hoax climate change’s propaganda to mislead its people and the world as they misled the public in the Vietnam War.


In the US, a Palestinian woman Waheba Issa Dais, 46-year-old who pleaded guilty to plan the dire terror attack in Wisconsin, she tried to convince the others to poison the government water supplying with Ricin and she instructed the people how to use the explosives and the biological weapon the create the massive killing. Palestinian woman Waheba Issa Dais married a US citizen when she arrived in Chicago in 1992 and they divorced in 2003 but Waheba Issa Dais remains US citizenship. If the terror plan didn’t discover, the dire consequence will be inevitable, the US people to be poisoned. So Waheba Issa Dais is a dangerous terrorist who has lived in the US since 1992. On September 12, 2019, Judge Pamela Pepper sentenced Waheba Issa Dais  20 years in prison and fined $US 250,000.


The Western countries watch out the Muslims, the intelligence and security can not discover the terror conspiracy being planned on the mind of terrorists. So, the psychological warfare conducts terrorism, the perpetrators are the bigot clerics, aggressive preachers, and the extreme  Muslim community leaders ./.





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