The Western educationís system is rotten and poisioned


Posted on September 17, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The world trusted Westernís education than somewhere else, the education quality that credits the people, actually, the most invention has come from Western universities, and academies, certainly, the degree of Westernís university is valuable. The well-known universities are such as Harvard, Yale, and the others have attracted overseas students, including the communist countries. Unfortunately, the educationís system in Western is downgraded and the prestige of the famous universities ruined by two reasons


1-The leftist teachers and lecturers have brainwashed the student from primary, high school and university. The Westernís education system has faced the self- destruction when the leftist servants in Western educationís system have driven the students in the wrong direction. The leftist teachers in primary-high school and lecturers in the university have brainwashed the young people from the grassroots of educationís system as Asianís proverb quotesĒ a doctor wrongly treats, a patient killed- A national leader applies a wrong policy, a generation killed, but a teacher will kill many generations by the wrong instructionĒ. The leftist teaching deeply raised the long term damages the country, but the Western seems to ignore the silent killers of the national seed, the leftist servants in educationís system are the culprits to mislead the student and poison the young generations. On the other hand, the leftist servants are thugs of education, the domestic enemies are dangerous than the outside enemy. The blatant evidence proved the importance of education that decides the futuristic nation, so the educationís system of communist countries strictly control the programs and focusing the communism plus the obscurantism that causes the communist lagging behind the Western in technology and invention. China lacked the talent and invention by its communismís educationís system, actually, the training in school based on the principle callsĒ the familyís history wins over the talentĒ, it causes China must steal the technology from the Western when the global hegemonic strategy demands in the arms race, the space race and the other ambitions.


-The brainwash has started from the primary and high school: the leftist teachers, mostly, they are the member of the school union (in Australia and somewhere else) have poisoned the studentís mind. Even the leftist teachers excited the student to protest the hoax climate change as in Australia. Certainly, the students have not gained enough knowledge about climate change while more than 30,000 scientists confirmed the climate change is a hoax including the teachers could not know much about the cause of climate change. The primary and high school student becomes theĒ Green GuardĒ as the Red Guard of Mao Tse Tung applied in the Culture Revolution. The most rallies occurred in Australia, the US and Europe have the studentís involvement. The toxic leftist affected into studentís mind, so some schools, the students denied to stand up to respect the national flag and sing the anthem while the country needs to develop the national spirit, it is the essential motive to help the country existence and strengthens. Japanese always respect their flag, anthem, and history, its reason helped Japanese developed although its country lacked the natural sources.


-The universities and colleges: the toxic teaching absorbed from primary school and high school that deeply affected the mind of universityís student, so they become the leftist activists in the rallies to support the climate change, the same-sex-marriage and voting for the left parties in the elections. Almost the left parties are such as Democrats in the US, Australian Labor Party, UK Labor Party, Socialist Party in France and the others succeeded to sow the Marxism in the national educationís system and many young generations became the tool of leftist serving the political purpose. Indeed, the union doesnít need to operate in the educationís system, the leftist teachers and lecturers have poisoned the mind of the young generations in Western, so the democratic countries need to remove the unionís teacher from the education.


2-The overseas students influence the native student, actually, the students come from the communist countries as China, Vietnam, and the other communist regime propagating the communism the school and university. The students come from the communist regime are dangerous as the tiger snakes mix with the python, moreover, some universities, the communist set up the cells and operating into the student line. China communist has exploited the negligent policy in education of the Western countries by setting the Confucius Institutes. Nevertheless, the multiple cultures failed when the Muslim students influencing their religious culture in schools and universities, actually, the Sharia law and religious discrimination raised by Muslim students and their parents that become the conflict between the other ethic students including the native student. The Western universities advocated the business than valuable education, so the overseas student should buy the qualification. The under level doctors, professors destroyed the prestige of the Western university.


The leftist servants and the other strange cultures damaged Western educationís system. The deeply conspired of leftist carrying from primary school, high school, and university to destroy the young generations. The political purpose of leftist that causes the social mayhem, actually, the young people to be brainwashed from the grassroots, the young victims of leftist have become the human-robot, they blindingly voted for the left parties and often rallies as the calling of the left parties including the education servants (union members or left partyís members).


From the Cold War, Marxism has influenced the democratic countries, actually the Western. The dangerous theory of Karl Marx has poisoned the young people from the educationís system. Nowadays, the Westernís educationís system is rotten and poisoned by the Marxism, the leftist teachers, and leftist lecturers are the culprits to ruin the young people, so the problem will take many decades to clean up the Marxismís mess in Western if Western government eliminates the leftist educationís servants, actually, the unionís teacher must oust from school and university./.







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