The well educated, wealthy terrorist in Sri Lanka


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The bloodshed occurred at the churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka in Easter 2019 come from the extremists. The terror’s death toll has risen up 359 civilians and injured 500 people, the world condemns and alerts the terrorist could attack anywhere including the Western countries.


After the incident, the Sri Lanka government found 9 suicide bombers. It is abnormally, most terrorists are a well-educated and wealthy family. Sri Lanka’s officials also provided the details of the bombers are 31-year-old Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim and 32-year-old Imsath Ahmed Ibrahim attacked the Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels, they are the sons of the prominent Colombo businessman Mohamed Yusuf Ibrahim, the well-known wealth family in Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, among two sons, a terrorist studied the post grade university in Australia. So the overseas students come from the Muslim countries to be checked carefully before granting the entry visa. President Donald Trump did the right policy applying on the travel ban’s order. The well-educated and wealthy terrorists attacked the churches and hotels in Sri Lanka alert the world, the religious psychological warfare of the arrogant clerics and the bigot preachers succeeded to brainwash Muslim, the extremists drive the religion to terrorism” there is no God but terror”.


Not of all Muslim are the terrorists, but every Muslim can be a terrorist after the bigot clerics, the arrogant preachers poisoned by the hateful lesson into the people’s mind at the mosques and Muslim communities. The religious psychological warfare conducts terrorism, so the security, intelligence agencies, and the police can eye on the bigot clerics and the arrogant Muslim leaders, they are the perpetrators of terrorism.


Sri Lanka’s bombing comes from the mastermind is Islamic extremist Moulvi Zahran Hashim who is well known as a lecturer for National Tawheed Jamaath advocates the racism and Islamic superiority, the religious propaganda raises the hatred to the non-Islam, including Buddha in Sri Lanka. The aggressive preaching cited:” Islam doesn’t permit standing up for National flag. Hindus, Christians, Buddhists as are Non-believers. *Allah created this land for Muslims*; Kafirs have the right to live, only Muslims have the right to rule. The loyalty of Muslims should only be for the Nation ruled by Muslims. It’s a sin to live in the West, land of disbelief. Even if a disbeliever does good things, I hate him, because he is a non-believer


Sri Lanka government released two domestic Islamic groups carried out the terror in Easter 2019, mostly, the retaliation of New Zealand’s shooting is not ruled out. Recently, Islamic State claims responsibility.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern seems not to show the emotion of Sri Lanka’s terror as she did after New Zealand’s incident. She defuses the Muslim terror:” We haven’t received anything officially, nor have we received any intelligence reports that corroborate what has been said in Sri Lanka”. Certainly, the most left parties are the pro-Sharia Law’s activists, so the people have no surprise the attitude of the leader of New Zealand Labor Party, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has tried to demote the bloodshed in Sri Lanka. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern conducts its county converts to Islam” there is no Christ but Allah”. Nevertheless, the Project of Waleed Ali on Channel Ten is quiet, even he dodges the terror in Sri Lanka.


The major Western people and almost the government are generous, the most humanitarian programs contributed to the United Nations proved the leniency. If the Western people are racist, or supremacist, the multiple cultural policies have never applied and promoted. Therefore, among the migrant or asylum seeker line, the extremists threatening the national security and the society, so the concerned people and politicians warn the immigration policy and the patriot react by the rallies, they show the national protection. Therefore, the domestic thugs with the left parties labeled racist, right wing or far right.


The people have no Islamophobia, but the extremists hide into the Muslim communities cause terror. The concerned politicians as Senator Frazer Anning, Pauline Hanson, Cory Bernardi, and the others are not racists as the left parties are Australian Labor Party, Greens, the false Refugee Action Group mislead the public. The people have not opposed religious freedom, but fighting against the human rights violation’s activists carrying out the Sharia Law into the adopted countries. It is the clear message sending to whoever wrongly accuses the people opposes the Sharia Law’s activists are the racist, right wing or far right. The Sharia law conflicts the social valuation, the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Right, the Western people condemn the child bride, polygamy, the gender discrimination… all contained in Sharia Law, this religious culture derived from the Quran bible. So the Muslim politicians swearing with Quran bible, it is a farce and they destroy and humiliate the Constitution.


The Easter terror in 2019 at Sri Lanka alerts the world about the domestic thugs hidden into Muslim communities and exploit the religious faith to create the bloodshed. Moreover, the democratic countries respect religious freedom, therefore, the Sharia Law activists want to impose their religion into the adopted country. The major numerous homes in Manchester received the leaflets calling to ban the dogs in public to respect Muslim. The Westerner loves a dog as a friend of people, therefore, the dog conflicts the Muslum’s faith. Somewhere in Europe, the Muslim complaint the bacon eaters insult them. Moreover, the Muslim politicians in the left parties activate the blasphemy law to protect Islam while the other religions have never claimed the blasphemy law. Certainly, the terror in Sri Lanka is not climate change ./.








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