The Washington Post fake news versus the news is a fake


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Nowadays, the most credible media companies as The Washington Post is no longer be trusted. The Washington Post listed the fake news are such as CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times…and offshore media company in Australia has the fake news ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten…BBC in the United Kingdom…


The left media has launched the psychological warfare to mislead the public and poison the people mind as they did in the Vietnam War. After the presidential election 2016, the number one target is President Donald Trump because the only US President officially declared the war against the left media terrorist, the enemy of people, the foe of mainstream media. The left media terrorist is dangerous than the extremist, the media terrorist attacks the people mind and transforming the victims become the human robot, the mind replaced by the wrong information that has remained the consequence for life and passing to a family member, the descendants, even the toxic propaganda infects the society…the left media terrorists are the serious crimes against humanity, the social disorder comes from the left media.


The fake news, fabricated stories, and the false polls are the essential tactics of the left media that meet the formula is a 3F=3Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. The enemy of people always wants to remove President Donald Trump out from the office. Therefore, their comrade is Democrats completely failed the impeachment by the cunning tactics including the henchmen James Comey and Robert Mueller did nothing, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller failed to investigation Russia meddled the US election, FBI released the documents confirmed the dossiers fabricated by a British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton paid for it, even Democrats have controlled the Congress after the midterm election in 2018 but the situation has no change then Democrats change the revenge direction to the wall.


The Washington Post published an article of columnist Jennifer Rubin, the Hill cited:” Washington Post columnist predicts Trump will resign 10 minutes before Pence so Pence can pardon him”.


During the government’s shutdown is due to Democrats cut the fund $USD 5.7 billion to build the wall while Nancy Pelosi increases $USD 12 billion for the foreign aid. The Washington Post panics when the public appears the copies of The Washington Post at the front page, the hottest news that President Donald Trump resigns. The public strongly reacts the fake news comes from the fake news company. The fake news versus the news is a  fake that should be the new real trick of The Washington Post? The fake editions of Washington Post passed around Washington D.C from early Wednesday morning on January 16, 2019, by a group of activists, they are the anti-Trump component or the victims of the left media terrorists, their mind to be attacked and the mind crippled then the left media terrorists inserted the wrong information. They become the human robot, so they didn’t recognize the reality, the wrong and right while they handed the fake news used the label The Washington Post. It is a pity when an anti-Trump acted without the human mind’s involvement, the victims of left media terrorists need to treat from a psychiatrist. Mostly, everyone knew the presidential impeachment is impossible and President Donald Trump resigns is baseless.


The Washington Post and the people recognize the fake The Washing Post is like the real, therefore, the people question who did it? The answer is waiting for the investigation. The Washington Post employed 12 designers and 25 people distributed printed papers in DC. The fake news creates the fun and also exposing the public laughing or a lot of smiling to whom handed the newspaper.


The fake news comes from a fake edition of Washington Post, actually, an activists Kauffman who spent three hours to distribute the fake Washington Post said:” a lot of laughter, a lot of smiles”. Therefore, Kauffman believes:” It is dreaming, it is not deception”. Certainly, Kauffman is a victim of the left media terrorists and becomes a daytime dreamer, it is the nightmare, not a dream. The fake news and imagination are the professional career of the left media. The US presidential election in 2016, Newsweek’s editor had previously prepared to release 125,000 copied crowned Hillary Clinton with the title:” Madam President” Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House”. The Newsweek to be poisoned by their comrades are the pollsters and the reporters, the journalists, the columnists, the consequence of Newsweek’s scandal has remained since the outcome of presidential election. The Newsweek’s mistake has never healed, the prestige ruined including the money lost.


The Washington Post also listed among the Death Certificated granted by President Donald Trump. The people distrusted plus the finance reduced, so any fake news and fabricated stories worsen the situation. Nevertheless, The Washington Post and the others as The New York Times, CNN…still employed the professional fake news workers, they are the media terrorists, so the left media companies continue to lose the profit. Moreover, the reading fee on the internet doesn’t make the profit, indeed, the readers could find the other resources with the cost is nothing. The readers lost and the worst situation is inevitable, it is the disaster of the left media terrorists and the left media companies. If China claims their fake product to be made by the other fake company, it creates the laughing as a thief slams the stolen goods taken by a burglar. The global consumer has never trust China product, so the people have no trust the left media.


The fake news media companies as The Washington Post claims the fake edition is doubt. The people recognize the fake editions should come from The Washington Post because columnist Jennifer Rubin predicted President Donald Trump will resign in 10 minutes and now The Washington Post should attempt the make the dream comes true, is it?. The fake Washington Post should be created at the base of fake news The Washington Post, they try to complicate the media and making the social disorder during the standoff is unrest, the wall and government’s shutdown are not over yet. Nevertheless, The Washington Post should make a scandal to revive the prestige lost, they try to prove The Washington Post is not the fake news. The people question the incident of The Washington Post, there are many left media, but there is only the fake of Washington Post appears ./.







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