The war fights against the global economic terror


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China is the rogue country running by the communist regime since the most genocide in human history Mao Tse Tung occupied the mainland in 1949. The dictatorial regime has ruled Chinese people by the terror’s policy plus the propaganda, the inhumane regime represents the most violation of human rights on the planet.


China communist has never stopped the global hegemony, it becomes the major threat in the world. After the last invasions by military force at Sinkiang Uighur and Tibet in 1950, China communist must change the tactic because the Western, actually the US’s strength. The Korea War occurred from 1950 to 1953 proved China couldn’t use the army to win the war, instead, Mao Tse Tung barbecued a million troops of the People’s Liberation Army, but Mao Tse Tung couldn’t help North Korea leader Kim Il Sung to control Korea’s peninsula. China has applied the lizard changes color skin’s tactic to cheat the Western, the innocent national leaders, politicians and the naďve Westerner are the victims of China’s cheat.


The military tactic replaced the economic cohort and the financial army, the unarmed armies officially have invaded the world in the trails of trade ties, free trade agreement. The economic armies succeeded to array the debt trap, trade trap, and government trap. After the US President Richard Nixon opened the exit for China in the visit 1972 and the largest population’s communist country invaded the free market, it has become the global problem.


The left media is the mind terrorist has attacked the people by misleading and poisoning the public with the fake news, fabricated stories, and the false poll. In the Vietnam War, North Vietnam ruled by a communist regime after Geneve Conference signed on July 20, 1954, Ho Chi Minh and his communist party founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh obeyed the order of great masters were China and Soviet-Union, so from May 1959, Ho Chi Minh pointed Major General Bůi Xuân Đăng to establish the Special Task Force code 559, they gathered a hundred thousand laborers to repair the abandoned road linking Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia, it called Ho Chi Minh trail and slogan” fighting against America Empire” launched from 1959. Therefore, the US army and allies came to Vietnam from 1965 to help the democratic government defends the land. Vietnam communist received the weapon provided by the Global Communist Bloc, everyone knew Vietcong couldn’t fight with the bamboo’s sharp cut head or machete, instead, Vietcong used A.47, B-40, CKC, Tank T-54, PT-67, anti-aircraft Missile SA-7, SA-10, Missile 107, 122 and the others military equipment. Therefore, the left media propagated the Vietnam War was a civil war between North and South and they distorted the news, concealed the truth.


Nowadays, the war fights against the global economic terror as the war fighting against terrorist and Global communist Bloc in the Vietnam War. The left media, the left parties have applied the same psychological warfare as they did in the Vietnam War, they mislead the public by the propaganda applies on:


-The trade war occurs between the US and China, but the world affected, therefore, they ignored China is the global economic terror has struck the world since a half-century ago by the economic and financial army.


-No-One wins from a trade war: the actual hand of China in the Western and the countries deeply involved with China, they couldn’t escape the trade trap, debt trap and received the damages by the tariffs of the US.


Australian Labor Party’s Senate leader Penny Wong wants the US to stop imposing the tariffs on China’s products and goods, she said:” no-one wins from a trade war”. Reserve Bank of Australia’s Governor Philip Lowe shifts the cause of the Australia currency plunged by the US’s tariffs, he misleads the Australian people about the Currency Swap Agreement signed in 2012 between Reserve Bank of Australia and the People’s Bank, Mr. Governor Philip Lowe concealed 200 billion Yuan or $AUD 40 billion related with China. Its reason conducts the Australia dollars struggling under 0.7 cent USD compares one Australia dollar. The incident easily recognizes when the US imposes more tariffs on China goods and products. Now, Australia dollar lows 0.68 after President Donald Trump imposed the tariffs are worth $USD 200 billion on May 10, 2019.


-The countries deeply involved the economy and finance with China criticize the US. The trade trap blinds the national interest and the threat of China when the economic war affected.


-The left media just release the negative outcome of the economic war in the US and the Western as the stock market lost, but they concealed the potential damages of China.


The war fights against the terrorist is like the war fights against the global economic terror comes from China. The left media mislead the public, actually, China could hire the left media companies, left journalist, left columnists and the left pundits, left academics to appall the people about the economy, but they conceal the potential damages of China.


The global hegemony of China has become the most threat in the world, Beijing spread the hand everywhere, the land has one belt and one road’s rapacious plan, the sea has the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters at Indochina Pacific. However, the silent battle has occurred from a haft-century ago, China sent the economic and financial army invaded into the counterparts. The economic and financial army has been supported by the espionage network, undercover activists in the governments (the China communist members infiltrated the Western government, parliament), actually, the telecommunication commissions the business and also carrying out the cyberspy. The giant telecommunication companies are ZTE owned by China communist’s government and Huawei owned by the People’s Liberation Army have activated in the world, actually, the target aiming the cyberspy and stolen technology.


President Donald Trump cracks down the sharp tactic’s arrow of China by the new executive order to prevent the foreign spy, hack. Following the order, the US Commerce Department added Huawei and 70 affiliates into the Entity list, certainly, China’s telecommunication companies lose the US market and the allies will follow when the national security is threatened by China’s cyberspy. The world knew the famous unit cyberspy 61389 commanded by the People’s Liberation Army and Huawei is the tool of cyberspy. Whatever, China tries to explain Huawei is unharmful but no one believes the communist talks.


The US’s intelligence warned the danger of Huawei to the allies like Australia, so the Coalition government banned Huawei provides 5G. Therefore, the Labor state government in Western Australia, Premier Mark McGowan permitted Huawei operates 4G into the state’s train system with the contract is $AUD 136 million. Moreover, a China communist member Pierre Yang became the Western Australian Legislation Council at the state election in 2017 (before Pierre Yang was councilor of Gosnells city in Western Australia). Labor Senator Penny Wong vowed to grant Huawei provides 5G in Australia if Labor Party wins the election on May 18, 2019, while the US banned. Certainly, Labor Senator Penny Wong, shadow Foreign Affairs Minister who has served for China’s interest since she held finance minister from 2007 to 2013, the NBN linked to China’s company at Shanghai, the NBN wasted $AUD 65 billion of taxpayers but China made the huge profit./.







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