The viral Maoist is master of pandemics


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In the Cold War, before the historic visit of US President Richard Nixon in 1972, China didn’t join the free market that was due to the embargo, the world developed without China. Therefore, since the rogue country entered the world market, and late WTO, actually, Democratic President Bill Clinton repaid China illegally provided the finance in election 1992 ad 1996. The US helped China grew faster, nevertheless, the Most Favored Nation of Bill Clinton deserved the facilities to China and the hoax climate change curbing Western’s industry. China’s growth comes from the loss of Western, the innocent politicians (almost the left parties) and the naïve businesses (profit lovers) became the innocent traitors, they helped China colonizes the world, including their homeland.


The desperate businesses and the negligent policies of Western must pay the high prices when China disabled or collapsed, the damages are inevitable. The war fights against the global economic terror exposed the countries deeply involved the economy and finance with China’s communist regime followed the loss of China, actually the stock market. Certainly, the profit lover’s companies in the Western must pay the consequence when China’s economy plunged.


In 2018, China lost $US 2.4 trillion and Yuan’s valuation hit the lowest record in 11 years.  Certainly, those nations are the victims of the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap of China received the potential damages with China. The democratic country collaborates the economy with China is like business deals with Mafia or a gang. The Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China that disabled China’s economy and financial system. The deadly virus spread throughout the mainland, it paralyzed China’s domestic economy and the offshore market follows the big loss of China, moreover, China’s currency devalued and the assets affected. The Coronavirus exposes the companies, investors plummet with China plunged, the stock market can tell the loss of China that reflects the related companies with China-owned companies.


The Wall Street stock market has shaken, but the Dow Jones just lose little and rebounded after a day. The Dow Jones is 26,766, but it struggled 17,000 under the SATAN’s era of President Barrack Obama. The Coronavirus aggravates the nervous stock market, on February 26, 2020, the global lost $US 1.73 trillion and on February 28, 2020, the global stock market loses $US 3 trillion. Australia’s economy reflects China’s loss, so Australia’s stock market lost $AU 50 billion and following $AU 141 billion wiped out ( it is about 8.3%). The bad news doesn’t discriminate Australia, on February 28, 2020, ASX has lost 3%. There is just a single week, ASX lost 16% and the Australia dollar dropped nearly 3% of valuation. Certainly, China must face a big loss when the national economy disabled and the financial system is underway to collapse. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull, actually,  Senator Penny Wong have not appeared the public to express about the Coronavirus and help China as before when the Coalition government raised the grave concern about the national security and economy to be bullied by China’s communist regime.


Europe, Japan, South Korea alert the deadly Coronavirus when the death toll and infected cases increase every day. There are 49 nations have affected the Coronavirus, the travel ban applies. The death toll outside China escalated, actually, the countries related to the economy with China like Italy becomes the hot spot of Coronavirus in Europe. Italian people pay the consequence after its government signed the deal with China in 2019 that was worth 2.6 billion Euro and Italy joined one belt and one road with China, Italy’s death toll rises to 14 and 528 infected patients, some countries in Europe advise the travel to Italy.


Iran is the close comrade with China, Iran shares the tactic with China to stray the trade war to military conflicts by shooting down the US drone, attack the oil tankers, attack Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, launched the missiles in the US soldiers in Iraq’s bases. Iranian government reported 26 died and 250 infected cases, indeed, Teheran concealed the death toll and infected people. South Korea people panic when the death toll is 14 and 2,022 infected (the newest report released on February 28, 2020). Japan announces to close the primary, junior and senior school and Saudi Abria postpones the religious pilgrim. In the US, the resident panics the first positive case of Coronavirus in California, actually, San Franciso is the land of leftist, the viral Maoist rooted a long time with the help of comrade Democrats, now San Franciso’s residents appall the Coronavirus.


The deadly Coronavirus outbreak conducts the travel ban, actually, the people come from the communist paradise in China including the tourists returned their homeland. The quarantine strictly applies. Therefore, the corruption should help Coronavirus spread when the tourists passed its country’s quarantine, so the Western states may detect carefully the foreign tourists, actually, Chinese tourists and students quarantined somewhere else and using the medical certificate to enter.


The viral Communism or viral Maoist is the great master of epidemics, the world knew the deadly pandemics like SARS, Bird flu, Swine Flu came from the communist paradise in China and now, the Novel Coronavirus also originates from China. The viral Maoist transmitted to pro-Beijing people and tourists, students that have spread a long time in the world, actually, the Western. On the other hand, the viral Maoist brings the Coronavirus worldwide, the countries and companies infected deadly virus Maoist also infected by Coronavirus, so the innocent politicians, the naïve companies, profit lover businesses pay the dire consequences. The mistake made that conducts the deaths, infected people and the economy plunged, plus the loss of money. It is too late but the foreign companies and China’s counterparts must find a way to escape the viral Maoist and Coronavirus. Apple closed 42 stores in Shanghai, Starbucks shut 2,000 shops and recently, Google, Microsoft have left from China.


If China didn’t join the global market and deeply involved the economy, finance in the Western, the Coronavirus doesn’t affect worldwide like North Korea, when the pandemic outbreaks in North Korea, it doesn’t affect much, actually, the people come from the closed communist paradise in North Korea have not travel as many Chinese people. Obviously, Chinese people can save the country and the prestige by eliminating the Viral Maoist as soon as possible, because Maoist is the great master of the deadly pandemics./.





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