The United Nations became the cesspool


Posted on December 24, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley compared the United Nations is like a cesspool. She has a reason to criticize the largest organization on the planet. After the Second World War, the United Nations founded on October 24, 1945, nowadays, the UN seems losing the direction, actually, the UN Security Council has not responded to the peace while China and Russia often vetoed the resolutions if the conflict-related their interest. Moreover, the religious nationsí groups have tried to influence their faith in the world, the rivals divided and the communism being dominated inside the United Nations.


he corruption damaged the UNís prestige, the circumstance of Mr. John Ashe, President of General Assembly who received $USD 2 millionís bribery of Chinaís espionage agents. Nevertheless, the current Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is the hardcore communist, he drives the UN into the hoax climate change to make a profit for China selling the solar power and equipment. China makes a profit and also creating the current disorder in Western by the hoax climate change activists versus opponents and the UN membersí taxpayers cover the clever advertising by the United Nations for Chinaís communist regime.


Mr. Secretary General Antonio Guterres snubs the world, he admitted a mental health 16 years old teenage Greta Thunberg teaching the world the hoax climate changeís lesson. The appearance of 16 years old Swedish girl humiliated the people, actually, an illiterate climate changeís knowledge lectured more than 30,000 scientists confirmed the climate change is not real. On the other hand, Secretary-General Antonio revives the Khmer Rougeís era, Pol Pot and its communist party used the children to teach the adult about the revolution, indeed, the children didnít understand Karl Marx, Maoist and the communism.


The United Nations have no response to the global function, instead, the rivals and communists cornered the Security Council, Human Rights Council, actually, the UN assimilate the asylum seekers are refugees while Europe shattered by the illegal migrantís wave, Australia, the US-facing the same situation. Nowadays, humanity has exploited, the people smuggling, drug syndicates, terrorists and espionage agents infiltrated the Western under the label of human rights. The United Nations and innocent leaders in Western have not distinguished between the refugee and asylum seeker as a naÔve petís lover considers the python and tiger snake are the reptiles. Nevertheless, the terrorist appalls the Western people while United Nations urge the members to accept the undocumented migrants, HUMAN RIGHTS turn HUMAN WRONG.


According to the report of a former high-level official in the United Nations reveals the mess is contained inside the United Nations. A UNís whistleblower leaks about United Nationsí servants. It is incredible, in the last decade, UN employed 3,300 pedophiles were responsible for 60,000 rapes. The source comes from an article written by Matt Agorist headline:


ď A former high-level official from within the UN has blown the whistle on a pedophilia network of massive proportions involving thousands of UN employees wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of innocent children.Ē.The revelation of UNís whistleblower is just an iceberg floating on the surface, inside the UN may have many problems, the corruption and misusing the finance. So the UN needs to have an ombudsman or an investigating body to watch out the activities, actually, the audit.


The UNís mess raises the grave concern for the people, actually, the members contribute the finance to keep this common organization activates and helps the world solve the conflicts. The United Nations lose the peopleís trust when the locomotive derailed the functions and driving its organization to serve for the leftist. The UNís Universal Declaration of Human Rights is just a decorating statement, indeed, the dictatorial countries and Muslim Countries like Saudi Arabia have never respected, instead, the inhumane culture is Sharia law conflicts the UNís Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the gender discrimination humiliates it. Nevertheless, China and Vietnam have different definitions from the UNís Universal Declaration of Human Rights, they announced the different issues.


The United Nations replaced the League of Nation after the Second World War, the UN has 193 nations, but it is not like the world government when the members have never respected the rules, so the General Assembly is like a karaoke performance, every member can choose their favorite song to sing, then after the meeting, anything has not changed. Nevertheless, the US Security Council is the superior body, unfortunately, China and Russia often thwarted the revolutions despite the major members supported. Moreover, Taiwan is the authentic government of Chinese people, therefore, the robber China communist replaced. The United Nations need to reform or disband as the League of Nations when the members swerve the function.


On December 22, 2019, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to reduce the 40% of the fund for the United Nations because the activities do not meet the criteria, including the hoax climate change and the International Court and the Peacekeepers. The breaking news released about hundreds of babies with underage girls come from the Peacekeepers in Haiti, it is the human rights violations../.






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