The US wins over the battle on agricultural products


Posted on February 3, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The wrong business could lose the money or bankrupt, China wrongly judges on the retaliation to the US after Beijing applied the tariffs on the agricultural product that conducts the missed target aiming to the vulnerability, while the US has developed and attacked the vital fields of China on export, employment, and the offshore market. The wrong targets cost China damaged and Beijing has fallen into the designed battle of President Donald Trump.


The war fighting against the global economic terror has affected deeply into China’s production, certainly, the labor market in the mainland, China’s currency Yuan devalued and the other losses. Actually, the high unemployment rate really threatens the communist regime. The collapsed formula of the dynasties in monarchic history and the recent lesson of Venezuela that frightens the Red dynasty in Beijing.


China knew well their economic capacity couldn’t win the war, so Beijing could apply the old tactic in the Cold war by using the undercover activists, the financial espionage agents to the mislead public. The den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit should pay the left media to propagate the damaged of the US, the biased analysts and academics concealed the damages of China, instead, the left media companies and its journalists have applied the psychological warfare as they did in the Vietnam War. The left media companies misled the public, there are some articles below:


- The U.S. trade war with China has cost farmers billions. Government bailouts have helped keep many farms solvent, but thoughts are turning to this year’s planting season. (NPR)




The U.S. trade war with China did not happen overnight. It reflects long- term concerns, and it developed over a number of months. But in farming terms, U.S. tariffs and Chinese retaliation has come quite abruptly. China has targeted U.S. soybean exports. And the nature of the farm economy makes it harder for American farmers to adjust. They are preparing to plant more soybeans even though there are now too many of them. Harvest Public Media’s Madelyn Beck explains(NPR)


- US Farmers preparing for long term effects for trade war (VOA, the left media funded by the US taxpayers)


- US Farmers could take a significant from trade war (CNBC)


- Donald Trump’s trade war with China is hitting American farmers the hardest, forcing them…to consumers, can’t contribute the US energy security and can’t grow the US economy (Forbes Media LLC)

   (The garbage article of Fotbes Media LLC couldn’t convince the people, indeed the US economy grew and the unemployment hit the lowest record since 1969)


However, the phony propaganda of the left media hit back, recently, the European Commission flags the import of US soybeans using in the production of biofuels. After President Donald Trump demanded European Union buying more the US products, EU Commission Spokesman Margaritis Schinas responded:” Today’s decision is new proof that the European Union is delivering on our commitments” and the EU deserves the facility for the US’s agricultural products import.


Annually, EU imported about 14 million tonnes of soybeans for feeding the animal and now EU needs more soybeans to make the biofuels. Nevertheless, from July 2018, President Donald Trump didn’t apply the tariffs on the European Vehicles that exchanged the soybeans import and the US natural gas. The original agreement already to increase 112% the US soybeans enter the European Union from the second haft of 2018.


The US could nullify the retaliation of China to impose the tariffs on the agricultural product actually the soybeans. Nevertheless, the US allies and the economic strength, the credible currency dollar plus the fair trade are the strong economic shields to protect the attack from the den of global economic terror. Moreover, the mainland’s Chinese consumer favor the US product than the socialism, actually the US soybeans. The safety and high- quality products defeated China’s product including the agricultural product, so Chinese leaders have pledged to buy more American products, the negotiation between the US and China are reaching the outcome. Certainly, China has lost over the battle on agricultural products.


President Donald Trump makes America great again, the enemy fears, the allies trust, the thugs appall and the national prestige restored, the left media failed into the phony psychological warfare. Why do Democrats and its fan want to impeach a man who serves the country without the salary and the patriotic heart? There is only the traitors attack the potential commander in chief and the domestic thugs prevent the border protection. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi who leads Democrats to the treasonous party, she acts as a terrorist storms the Congress and seizes the taxpayers, so she cut $USD 5.7 billion to complete the wall and she increases $USD 12 billion for the foreign aid. The US people have no tolerance the traitors in the next elections./.







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