The US tariffs ruin the den of thieves and counterfeit


Posted on May 18, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After opening the bamboo curtain for survival, indeed, China’s economy has been rotten when the free market couldn’t suit the communism. Although China always adores Karl Marx and Maoist, therefore, the communism causes the lagging and poverty, the capitalist silently dominated into the economic policy of China, it called” the free market is led by socialism”. China stole the economic pattern of capitalist, it proved the socialism failed but the propaganda machine always condemns the capitalist.


The global hegemony of China threatens the world when the rapacious ambition appeared into the global economic terror, the greedy plan of one belt and one road and the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters at Indochina Pacific pushing Beijing becomes the enemy of neighbors and the countries using the maritime transport enter Asia. Nevertheless, China plans to control the telecommunication and develop the cyberspy, so Huawei and ZTE become the actual tools to make a profit and also stealing the technology.


Once again, the US leads the world to fight against the global economic terror, the potential commander in chief Donald Trump has launched the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile into the vulnerability of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. Certainly, China retaliated the tariffs on the US products, but its economic weapon couldn’t balance with the US, so China has applied the old tactic by using the left media to propagate as the Global Communist Bloc used in the Vietnam War, the left journalists, left reporters, left columnists, left T.V hosts plus the inexpert and innocent academics just tell the public about the effects of tariffs on the US economy and stock market. Therefore, they concealed the potential damaged of China when the offshore market and China currency devalued and the inflation in the mainland is inevitable. The phony psychological warfare couldn’t convince the public, actually the US people while the US’s unemployment is 3.6, it is the lowest record since 1969 and GDP grew to 3.2 in quarter 2019.


The newest tariffs imposed 25% on China’s products and goods are worth $USD 200 billion and the US will apply more to the other $USD 325 billion. China has fallen into the panic station when Red Emperor Xi Jinping underestimates the capacity of President Donald Trump after a year Beijing applied the old tactic is talking during the fighting. Indeed, the author of the art of the deal proved the high-level strategist than Sun Tzu, China ancient strategist, author of the art of war. Nevertheless, Sun Tzu didn’s commander the strongest army on the planet and the US’s strategist Donald Trump who was a billionaire. Its reason beats the cheat of Xi Jinping and China communist party, the descendants of Sun Tzu. On the other hand, China lags behind the US on tactics, economic strength, currency, and others.


The high technologic communication and the multiple information’s sources plus the social media nullified the propaganda of the left media. China wasted money to hire the disgraced media in Western, the cheat and lie unmasked. The tough tariffs of President Donald Trump damaged China from the domestic and offshore:


1-    Domestic:

– The export industry declined when the products and goods lost the global market, actually, the US is the good consumption’s place. Nevertheless, China export sector contributes important to China growth, China employed at least 120 million workers.


-The foreign companies repatriated to avoid taxes. The tariffs of President Donald Trump also help the Asia countries like Vietnam, India…boom the job when the foreign companies move out of China. The US gets more the Asia countries gain the benefit, so they line up behind the US. President Donald Trump makes America great again and also make the Asia countries escape the traps of the Red Empire China.


The Red dynasty has been suffered the massive jobless, there were at least 45,000,000 workers lost the job and the numerous unemployment continues to grow when the tariffs will increase. The Red Emperor Xi Jinping and the inhumane regime in Beijing really fear the old lesson is possible to repeats, the dynasties collapsed when the massive jobless, lost the harvest plus the corruption.


2- The offshore market decides the mainland’s product and China economic fate, the newest tariffs of President Donald Trump sharply affected China economy and finance, China currency Yuan tumbled that influences the countries deeply involved with China as Australia dollar dropped under 0.7 and now one Australia dollar is 0.68 USD. The world could measure the damages of China based on the Australia dollar, the Euro and Pound.


China has been faced the unemployment that comes from the global market, so Red Emperor Xi Jinping panics, but he doesn’t know how to solve the problem when the deal time ran out and now the time to fight. But the economic weapon of China is useless, the retaliatory tariffs are negative and the left media lost the people trust.


The war fights against the global economic terror wakes up the world as after the event of September 11, 2001. China is the enemy of democracy, the thug of peace and the center of cheat ./.







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