The US people will impeach Democrats in election 2020


Posted on September 27, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Democrats, China, and the enemies exhausted the tactics to remove President Donald Trump from White House since he won the election in 2016. The unpredictable victory of billionaire Donald Trump that totally crashed the global hegemonic strategy of China and comrade” Democrats”. The deeply malicious conspiracy focusing to control the world that ruined, instead, China has faced the economic disaster by the tariffs of potential Commander in Chief and Great Economic General Donald Trump. Therefore, the enemies and domestic thugs have tried to hamper President Donald Trump, unfortunately, he achieved the major promises in the election that woos the US people support, he makes America great again, the enemies fear and the allies trust and the domestic thug panics.


Democrats Party has attempted the folly revenge, the impeachment becomes the number one priority in its party’s policy. Therefore, the second term is going to poll on 2020 while Democrats still struggle a candidate peering President Donald Trump, almost, the mouthful announcement to beat Donald Trump often releasing from the Democratic candidates, they become the disgraced clowns in the nomination’s performance. Moreover, China received the potential loss that urges China does want to prevent President Donald Trump elected the second term. When China Communist colludes the US Democrats Party that is like the evil collaborates with Satan.


The sound called IMPEACHMENT that has repeated from the Presidential inauguration’s day on January 20, 2017. Democrats become foolish in action, the Special Counsel set by Deputy Attorney Rod Jay Rosenstein who pointed the former FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate so-called Russia meddled the US election in 2016. The witch hunt’s investigation based on the fabricated dossiers wrote by a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton paid $USD 168,000 then the turncoat Republican John McCain stabbed in back President Donald Trump. The legal terrorist Robert Mueller failed the impeachment’s mission, his Special Counsel closed and he must resign after the conclusive report handed over Attorney General William Barr. The presidential impeachment also carried out by 27 medical Dogtors of Harvard and Yale University including Chinese Dogtor Bandy X. Lee. The medical assessment based on 25 Amendment that debunked by Rear Doctor Ronny Jackson. Some law professors of Harvard intimidated using the loopholes to impeach President Donald Trump…therefore, the bush law couldn’t apply in the US.


After Democrats controlled the Congress, the lawmaker terrorist, and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi threatened to impeach President Donald Trump. Eventually, the conclusive report of Robert Mueller thrashed the plan with a simple phrase” no collusion, no obstruction”. Democrats totally disappointed, but the impeachment’s plan has not given up yet, so Democrats have snooped to find a clue to carry out the plan, including the fabricated proof. The presidential election in 2020 rushes Democrats to revive the impeachment’s conspiracy. Democrats are like the communist regimes in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba and the others. Democrats can tell the wrong to right as the character of socialist or communist. The call occurred between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that has become the reason for recycling the impeachment’s conspiracy, despite the conversation carried out between two national leaders are normal in diplomatic courtesy’s exchange. Therefore, the incident becomes a new hope as a drowned person grabs a rotten float, so Democrats and the left media activate the impeachment worldwide. The lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi appeared in the Congress and left media companies chime to impeach, Nancy Pelosi’s behavior reflects a saying quotes” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”. Despite Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment, but she admits no reading Ukraine transcription, how could Nancy Pelosi impeach President Donald Trump? The noisy controversy loses the interest of the public, the US people recognize Democrats failed the impeachment’s plan again, actually, Democrat high profiles in Congress avoid to tell about the laundering money of Joe Biden’s son. Moreover, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told to media that he was not pressured to investigate the family of former Vice President Joe Biden (the transcript has released) and Ukrainian President confirmed:” we had a great phone call, it was normal”.


However, the incident links to Hunter Biden who is a son of former Vice President Joe Biden, he is the most hopefully presidential candidate of Democrats and China in the White House race. Mr. Hunter Biden runs the laundering money’s syndicate into multiple nations Ukraine-Latvia-Cyprus, so Democrats attempt the malicious tactic to stray the target to impeach President Donald Trump. Obviously, the lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi officially announced the impeachment and the left media chimes, the disgraced sitcom” impeachment” creates the public upset, the people feel so tired when they heard a word” impeachment” recycled in the Congress. It is the old tactic repeats the national scandal strayed to avoid the treason of President Bill Clinton. The sexual scandal of Monica Lewinsky saved Democrats and the left media helped Democrats misleading the public. The US intelligence discovered China’s super espionage agent John Huang who climbed higher and dived deeper White House and he attended 37 important meetings. Therefore, President Bill Clinton controlled the CIA, FBI, so Democrats shifted the target to sexual scandal. Nevertheless, President Bill Clinton who helped China’s super-agent John Huang infiltrated White House that was very important, its reason caused Democrats deploying the sexual scandal Monica Lewinsky to cover the treason. Certainly, if the incident of John Huang exposed and publicized, President Bill Clinton was ousted from the office, even he should go to prison. The left media concealed the espionage’s scandal as a cat hides the shit after defecating.


Nowadays, the impeachment covers the laundering money’s syndicate of Hunter Biden and the target straying to presidential impeachment. Therefore, the high technological communication’s era defeats the deception of Democrats, actually, the terrorist lawmaker and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic congress appeared the real faces of treason, they have deserved the most time to impeach President Donald Trump, the US taxpayers wasted.


Democrats have done the worst things, so they must pay the consequence, the US presidential election and congressional election in 2002 will answer the malicious conspiracy. The US people will impeach Democrats out of the House of Representatives and Senate. Actually, President Donald Trump will claim the landslide victory, the disaster is waiting for the Donkey’s Head Party./.








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