The US lawmakers apply Bush law


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The Western and democratic countries always respect the professionals, every job, career must be trained carefully and have the license to practice. Certainly, the fake degree’s fraudsters must be punished by law. The fake doctors, fake lawyers, fake charity organizations including counterfeit couldn’t escape the law after the Police and investigating bodies found.


The circumstance of a Vietnamese woman (*) names Kim Thien Le, a 44-year-old who applied the fake pharmacist degree to work at the prominent pharmacy in California with the license of someone. After more than a decade worked in Walgreens, the pharmacy company has never known until the fake pharmacist discovered. She issued 745,000 prescriptions and $US 7.5 million settlement including some highly addictive painkillers from 2006 to 2017. Santa Clara County District Attorney and California Police are investigating, certainly, her lawyer advises not plead guilty. Therefore, the US’s legal system will not tolerate serious crimes, actually, the offender linked to the people’s health and the US taxpayers.


The lawmakers, judges and the legal servants must understand the law, actually the Constitution. Unfortunately, President Barrack Obama and Democrats arrayed the dishonest lawyers plus the distorted judges into the US legal system. Moreover, the investigating bodies like FBI, CIA, National Security Agencies have become the safety net to protect Democratic felons, corruption, treason, and high crimes.


The Democratic judges remained in the legal system after the first Muslim and Communist President Barrack Obama expired the second term on January 20, 2017. The legal thugs of legal vestiges set by Barrack Obama to ignore the Constitution, they issued the court orders against the US Presidential orders on the travel ban, border security. The Constitution mandated the US president carries out the commander in chief’s function to take care of the country and people, but the judge’s authority limited in the courtroom, not politics. The Democratic judges should be the illiterate Constitution and law, but they hold the justice.


The illiterate lawyers as Michael Avenatti who threatened to file President Donald Trump at a court, the false accusation of pornstar Stormy Daniels exposed the illiterate lawyer. The US Constitution defines the US president can not appear a court. The tax-returns that proved lawmaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic judges are constitutional illiteracy when they used the court order to force President Donald Trump showing about the tax-returns, once again, the US Constitution consents the US president can not show the tax-returns. Therefore, former President Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama can not exempt to show the tax-returns because they are no longer to hold the US presidency.


Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, the senior lawyer, he knew the investigation of Russia meddled the US election in 2016 was the deception. The investigation based on the fake dossiers wrote by the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton paid $US 168,000 and Perkins Coie law firm got $US 1.20 million of legal fees. The cheat investigation took 22 months, it wasted $US 34 million of the taxpayers. Mr. Robert Mueller snubbed the Constitution and distorted the investigating’s career, so the Justice Department, FBI to need to investigate Robert Mueller and the Audit may overhaul the spendings of Robert Mueller and its Special Counsel.


The lawmaker terrorist and commanded in thug Nancy Pelosi is illiterate on the Constitution, she and Democratic gang cut the wall fund. Eventually, President Donald Trump cracked down the treasonous attitude of Democrats by the national emergency order and he got the money to complete the wall.


The scam impeachment has conspired from President Donald Trump getting the office. The last attempt carried out in December 2019 and the designed bill passed the Congress with major Democratic members. The unconstitutional bill of impeachment is the most deception in US history. Therefore, the high profiles of Democrats are Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Democratic gang applied the bush law to remove President Donald Trump without the treason and high crime. Eventually, the Senate acquitted President Donald Trump, the US people welcome and condemn Democrats.


It is incredible when the lawmakers, the judges don’t understand the Constitution, the US legal system and Congress endangered by the illiterate lawmakers and the judges. The US people need to expel the illiterate lawmakers and the Justice Department may overhaul the judges, actually, the judges pointed by President Barrack Obama are the legal thugs.


The patriotic President Donald Trump who makes America great again, the enemies fear, the allies trust, the domestic thugs appall because of the swamp of White House draining out and the Justice will find the treason, felons, corruption. It reasons urge Democrats launching the desperate impeachment by the bush law plus the cunning tactics. The unconstitutional impeachment completely failed and ended after the Senate acquitted President Donald Trump, the bush law versus the Constitution is like an egg versus the stone’s wall. Nevertheless, the scam impeachment exposed the political worms, the viral servants, so President Donald Trump fired Ambassador to the European Union is Gordon Sondland, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Lindman. Following to clean up the mess of Obama’s vestiges, President Donald Trump cuts 70 positions of National Security Council including adviser Robert O’Brien. Before President George W. Bush employed 236 workers in National Security Council and President Barrack Obama remained 200 employees. In the future, the National Security Council will have about 100./.



NOTES (*):


The Vietnamese woman names Kim Thien Le who used the fake pharmacist’s degree to work at Walgreens company from 2006 to 2017. The case is just a few individuals occurred in the Vietnam community overseas. The most Vietnamese refugees respect the law and love the freedom, so the fake pharmacist Kim Thien Le matches the Vietnamese proverb:” A worm upsets the pot of soup” (Con sâu làm sầu nồi canh). The Western immigration policy should accept the false refugees, actually, Vietcong’s espionage agents and the terrorists exploited the humanitarian program in infiltrating. The multiple cultures promote the ethnical nuances, therefore, the negative aspects of multiple cultures are multiple troubles, actually, the terrorists and the espionage agents become the domestic thugs after resettled and became the citizens in the adopted countries.

The other story of the false refugee of the Vietnamese refugee names Hoàng Duy Hùng or Al Hoang,

“ Mr. Hoang Duy Hung or Aloysius Hoang and AL Hoang born in 1962 in Vietnam, his father was a member of the South Vietnam Army, now he lives in Houston, Texas. Mr. Al Hoang and family fled from Vietnam after Saigon failed into the hand of a communist on April 30, 1975. Al Hoang arrived at the US under the political refugee’s criteria when he was 13 years old, he studied and graduated lawyer. He became a councilor of Houston, Texas on December 12, 2009. Therefore, Mr. Al Hoang attempted the cahoot with Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Sơn who is Deputy Minister of Vietnam Foreign affairs. Nevertheless, the incident has started since Mr. Al Hoang held Councilor. Despite the Vietnamese refugee overseas strongly reacted but Mr. Al Hoang ignored and snubbed, almost, the Vietnamese refugee oppose the communist. Moreover, Deputy Foreign Minister of Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nguyễn Thanh Sơn who also commissions the chief of State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese, this Vietnam communist agency activates the spying mission into the Vietnamese community overseas including the US and the over countries. The Vietnam embassy and Consulate General are the hubs of espionage overseas, Th so the secretly deal occurred between Al Hoang and Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Thanh Son could affect the US national security and the Vietnamese overseas being complicated. After the Soviet Union collapsed from early 1990, Vietnam communist lined up under the leading of the old comrade and Vietnam became the close vassal of China, so Vietnam and China could share the intelligence. Moreover, China activates on spying including cyber, so the case of Al Hoang and Deputy Foreign Minister should link to the intelligence in the US soil.

    March 2013, he came back safe from where he escaped bidding the freedom, nevertheless, Mr. Al Hoang publicized to join the Vietnam Communist party after he returned to Vietnam. Mr. Al Hoang could carry out the espionage mission of the Vietnam communist regime, he was not refugee anymore. The betrayal of Mr. Al Hoang cost his councilor, he lost the election in 2013 because the Vietnamese refugee in Houston boycotted.  However, Al Hoang agitated the” backdoor” of Republicans in Texas, he became the candidate of electorate 149 in the state election 2014, therefore, he lost the election by Democratic candidate Hubert Vo 45-55%. If Mr. Al Hoang elected, he should serve for Vietnam communities as an undercover activist in the US government. Nevertheless, in the election 2014, Mr. Al Hoang applied the lawsuit defamation against Mr. Nguyễn Đạt Thịnh at 215th District Court, Harris County, Texas. The lawsuit exposed a voter reacted to the candidate, so lawyer Al Hoang lost the case, the court ordered Al Hoang must pay $USD 5,000 for legal fees.

    The case of Al Hoang should meet the US national security concern, actually, Mr. Al Hoang breached the US law, he became a member of Vietnam communist party while living in the US soil and resettled under the political refugee’s scheme”. Now he exploits the free speech to propagate the communism in the Vietnamese community overseas, actually, in the US./.







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