The US job boom unmasked the disgraced economists


Posted on September 9, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The propaganda and deception are no longer exist in the high technologic communication’s era with the multiple information’s sources and social media that debunked the misleading public, even the academics exploit the university degree and social position to cheat the people that fail. The dishonest academics harm the prestige of the intellectual line, obviously, the cheat academics receive the people distrust.


The war fights against the global economic terror, the perpetrator is China attacking the world since the rogue regime joined the free market. The tariff weapon of President Donald Trump eradicates the den of thieves the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. China flinches the aggression, instead, Beijing begs to talk with the US. Therefore, China should hire the thugs of people in the Western launching the psychological warfare as the Global Communist Bloc carried out in the Cold War. However, the phony propaganda is obsolete and hitting back the offshore henchman of China.


The left media and the dishonest economists appall the public about the US recession if President Donald Trump continues to impose the tariffs. Therefore, the basic lesson of economy tells the recession’s signals exposes on the high unemployment rate, the currency loses valuation and the people panic while the inflation escalates without control. It is the worst situation occurs in the mainland of China, not happening in the US.


China communist has activated the global economic terror since the largest communist state joined the free market and became a member of WTO. The economic terror supports the global hegemony has struck the world that carries out under the forms of trade ties, the free trade agreement. China has deployed the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap into the counterparts hence Beijing has bluffed the world by the stolen pattern of capitalism, it calls the free market is led by socialism.


President Donald Trump leads the allies and democratic countries to fight against China communist by the tariff weapon. China has received the potential damages, so Beijing reacts in the hopelessness after the cunning tactics exhausted. China also uses the actual hand in Western launching psychological warfare.


The left media and dishonest economists intimidate the recession will happen while the vulnerability of China is the high unemployment rate that follows the massive jobless and conducts the political crisis from the central communist party to the major population that risks the regime. The most dynasties in the monarchic era collapsed when the harvest lost, corruption, the social mayhem. Possibly, the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of the US creates the collapse of China communist’s dynasty, so China reacts for survival. As the strong stuff of pesticide applies, all kind of insect killed instantly and the others appear with physical reaction until the body fallen into the motionless state. It is the situation of the left media and the disgraced economists have tried to save China by the propaganda and the intimidation about the recession. Unfortunately, the US economy continues to grow while China has faced the peril, actually, China currency surpassed over the alert level is one USD equals seven Yuans. The US job boom that signals economic growth, not a recession. On August 2019, the private sector added 195,000 jobs while the expectation is 140,000 jobs. So in August, the employment recorded 157,878,000 jobs, the unemployment rate is 3.7%.


The disgraced economists steal the job of psychic, but the left media is the worst cheat. The economists qualify to tell about economy, unfortunately, the economists plus 8 Nobel Prize of economy’s winners distorted the career since the Republican’s nominee campaign in 2016, so the left journalists have no qualification to tell about the topic that they have not much knowledge as a mechanic explain about the pathology of the medical field.


The worst cheat purposes to misleading the public that failed badly, the disgraced economists exposed the low level of the economy or they forgot the basic lesson about a recession or should China pay for the propaganda? /.







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