The traps of China has colonized the counterparts


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The innocent national leaders and corruption have helped China succeeded in the global hegemony. The cunning tactics of China Communist have applied flexibly to the counterparts that carried out under the multiple forms. The diplomatic relation, trade ties, and free trade agreement are the implements to access and attempt the Chinese dream. The vulnerability of the most political party in Western is finance, actually, any election does need the money for the campaign, so Chinaís espionage agents plus the financial agents have developed the political donations and China could buy the best policies. The largest communist country has exploited the loopholes of democratic countries on the free speech, free market and the naÔve components plus the communismís inexpert politicians to colonize the counterparts by the tactics:


1- The government trap (or Politician trap): the money is the potential power to array the trap applying a political party, actually, the leaders. In the US, president Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore became the executors of China in 8 years after the espionage agents illegally fueled the finance in the election 1992 and 1996. Clintonís era helped China grew faster with the Most Favored Nationís policy, the hoax climate change to curb the Westernís productivity including the US, nevertheless, the globalization promoted China infiltrated the free market. Another Democratic President Barrack Obama helped China colonized the country in two terms, he showed the demeaned gesture in the 2016 visit, President Xi Xinping treated the US President Barrack Obama was like an executor of the US vassal, China forced Barrack Obama to access the stairway without the red carpet and 21 gunshots salute as the diplomatic courtesy deserves for a national leader. China vilified the United States of America. Moreover, almost the left parties as Democrats, Australian Labor Party, Labor Party in the UK, Socialist Party in France and the others are the comrades with China, so the left politicians have easily fallen into the politician trap of China. Actually, when the left party controls the government, they could drive the country into China interest and help China carries out the global hegemony.


The UK Prime Minister David Cameron who permitted China builds the earliest nuclear power plant at Bradwell, Essex, it is the first offshore nuclear power plant made by China While the UK is the advanced country, actually, Great Britain acquired the nuclear technology long time. The dangerous decision of Prime Minister David Cameron should repeat the case of President Bill Clinton. Why did Prime Minister David Cameron easily grant the contract for China build the nuclear power plant?


China cleverly colonizes their counterparts by the money and trade ties. Whatever, any counterpart complies Chinaís order, the country loses independence and becomes an unofficial colony. The sign of China dominates the nations proved the visit of Tibetís spiritual leader Dalai Lama, mostly, the menace of China affected the national leaders and the politicians. On October 2014, after the intimidation of China, South African President Jacob Zuma rejected the entry visa of Dalai Lama who attended the Nobel Peace Prizeís summit that organized by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


2- The debt trap has applied to poor countries:


- Vietnam handed over three Special Economic Zones are V‚n Đồn, Bắc V‚n Phong and Phķ Quốc to China in 99 years when Vietnam fell into the deep deficit. Moreover, China focuses to annex Vietnam into the mainland, actually, Vietnamís situation worsens than Hong Kong because Vietnam applies two nations but one communist regime while Hong Kong still has the democracy with the policy is one nation but two different regimes. The Vietnamese people knew Vietnam communist party sold the country to China from Ho Chi Minhís era, the Vietnam communist party is treason. The three Special Economic Zones in Vietnam could help China export the goods to the US under Vietnamís trademark, actually, the war fighting against the global economic terror, so China needs Vietnam to avoid the tariffs.


- The mutually economic relationship between Australia and China that conducted Australia leased 99 years the important port in Darwin to China with only $AUD 506 million under the era of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who has the daughter in law comes from a hardcore communist party in China. Nevertheless, the Australian Labor Party is the sibling and close comrade with China, the ALP (Australian Leninist Party) is keen to stand with China, so former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd and now the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten vowed to stand alongside with China and distance the US.


- In 2018, Sri Lanka handed over Hambantota port to China is due to the debt up to one billion US dollars. Uganda faces the same situation, this Africa country surrendered the national assets to China.


- Now the US military main base in Africa is Djibouti is waiting for China takes over, the debt trap has affected.


- Pakistan and Napel being trapped Chinaís loan and those countries would hand the land or national assets to China.


- The other countries are Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, the Maldives, Mongolia, Montenegro, Pakistan, and Tajikistan faced the debt and China could take the land or anything else. Those countries have to accept China using their territory for one belt and one roadís plan.


Despite China faces the mountain debt, but the global hegemony urges China borrowed the money to cover the rapacious plan is one belt and one road and the global hegemony. China ignores the debt and risky economy to attempt the invasion worldwide. The conquer focuses on the targets than money, so China is the most dangerous enemy on the planet, certainly, Beijing put the invasion first. Therefore, the bases of China are not like the US bases, mostly, the US military bases come from the agreement between the US and the counterparts, actually, the US bases create the job for local resident and the country gains the security when the US bases located in their territory. Instead, the China bases come to the debt trap, the local people recognize China is the invader.


3- The trade trap:


The innocent, inexpert- communism politicians and national leaders easily to be victimized of China. The fresh interest, corruption including the left parties have fallen into the trade trap of China. The negligent policy ignores the fair trade, instead of the trade ties with China, so after a long term related and deeply involved the economy and finance with China, the counterparts became the unofficial vassals of China without warning. Therefore, the independence lost after China imposes its policy and demand into their counterparts to comply with Chinaís request if not, the economic punishment should apply. The economic pressure based on the trade ties that is the trade trap to force the nation follows China conducts. Australian government becomes the victim of the TRADE TRAP after government issues the new security law and banned 5G of Huawei that is due to national security, actually, the cyberspy, so Beijing anger and banned the coal exported from Australia. It causes the Australia dollar tumbled.


The common intimidation often raised by Beijing is the vulnerable relationship between the two countries and the tradeís pressure. The trade trap has applied successfully into the poor countries and some wealthy states as United Kingdon being pressured, so Prime Minister David Cameron granted China builds and manages the nuclear power plants despite Britainís technology advanced China to exchange the export and import between two countries.


Nowadays, President Donald Trump launches the campaign fighting against global economic terror. The adjust tariffs return the fair trade, but China lost the profit and the offshore market in the US and allies.


The world, actually the long term counterparts of China mus to alert the traps of China has applied to colonize the countries by multiple forms from the government, debt and trade trap./.







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