The trade war ignites rival fight inside ape super gang


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The economic war occurs between the US plus allies and China communist being affected and deeply damaged the den of global economic terror. Certainly, China communist flinches after the US commander in chief and also great economic general Donald Trump launched the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile striking into the death vulnerability of China regime. The communist’s character is barbarous, the Ape’s descendant of Karl Marx completely lose the human mind, instead the animal instinct, so communist has never cared about the people’s lives, but the money is the most vital importance as an animal loves the food than anything. On the other hand, the communist regime just retreats the war and any conflict when the economy plunged, the most fear of communism is money. The propaganda without money is like the gun has no bullet.


Do not fear what the communist does

Let’s do what the communist fears


The effective tariffs imposed 25% and now added more 5% on $USD 250 billion of China goods plus the products aggravated China economy. Moreover, from September 1st, 2019, President Donald Trump imposed 15% on the remaining $USD 300 billion on China imports that worsens the situation. Despite China should hire the left media launching the psychological warfare to propagate and misleading the Western as in the Vietnam War, therefore, the phony propaganda couldn’t conceal the potential damages of China in the fields:


1-The global market loses, nevertheless, the US consumption is the most important place of China products and goods. Moreover, the giant telecommunication company Huawei is dead after President Donald Trump banned in May 2019. Huawei dried the money and its newest model can not access Google, so the people don’t want to buy Huawei’s smartphone. The retaliatory tariffs on China imposed on the US agricultural products are vain while Chinese people live in the mainland knew the most socialism’s agricultural products meet contamination, poison, hygiene concern, the farmers used banned chemical, so the US agricultural products favor Chinese people. The evidence showed Chinese people crowaded and lining up to wait for many hours at a Costco store just opens at Shanghai, the customers rushed to get the US products, so the story must shut early was due to the mayhem and disorder situation. Therefore, the left media propagates the incident of Costco” Donald Trump can’t afford to win any more trade wars”, an article published in Asia Times on September 2, 2019, the writer is George Khoo lied “The president’s team are wrong on all counts when it comes to China and are fighting a losing battle”. The Chinese background writer George Khoo snubs the public, the writer thinks the people are stupid, China communist should pay for this article or the writer is a propaganda agent of the Ape super gang. Costco is a supermarket, the business just sells the goods and products, not fabricated products, so Costco sells the US products and goods in China, but Chinese people favor, it proved the retaliatory tariffs of China failed, so President Donald Trump won the wars already since it has started.


2-The domestic battle can decide the fate of China communist regime.


-The offshore market loses that follows the massive jobless in the mainland, the export sector used about 120 million workers responded to the industry boom’s period. Therefore, the US tariffs conduct the high unemployment rate in the mainland.


-China tipped the last weapon is currency after the tariff battle lost. The currency’s devaluation commits suicide, China couldn’t improve the export sector, and overturning the worst situation. Therefore, the currency loses that causes inflation without control in the mainland, actually, China must pay the pauperization policy’s consequence that applied from 1949, the socialism created the poverty with more than a half population earns from $USD 2 to 5 a day. The inflation escalates that deeply affects the major population in the mainland while the communist government has no income’s support. The massive jobless conducts unstable politics, the common formula’s collapse from multiple thousand years of Chinese history should repeat any time, so China communist appalls the high unemployment rate than any offshore issues. Its reason urges China increased 20% budget for the police (domestic security) in 2018 while the Defense just increased 8.1%, the domestic security’s budget surpassed the Defense. In 2018, China spent for domestic security $USD 210 billion while the Defense just had $USD 177 billion. The Renminbi lost valuation panics Chinese people in the mainland including the government officials and wealthy family rushing to exchange the US dollar and buying gold. So the domestic economy in China’s mainland has fallen into the disorder situation. Therefore, China communist couldn’t stop the mayhem.


3-The psychological consumption


Before the remaining $USD 300 billion’s tariffs validates, China failed to hit back by using the currency to rescue the loss of stock market and offshore market. China committed suicide on the Yuan’s devaluation surpassed over the alert level of seven Yuans exchange one US dollar. On September 3, 2019, Yuan has lost the valuation surpassed above the alert level is 7.188 is higher than August 26, 2019, it was 7.18275 while China seeking a meeting with the US.


China exhausted the tactics and also failed the propaganda into the Western, actually, the Hong Kong standoff aggravates the worst situation. Hong Kong crisis comes from the fallen conspiracy of China with the extradition bill introduced by henchman Carrie Lam. The deep conspiracy is robbery the assets of Hong Kong people, so the consecutive protests continuing with the massive people have joined from June 2019, it causes by Carrie Lam and China communist, not the US and any foreign involvement. Hong Kong people must react to protect their lives and assets and fighting for democracy.


China loses the economic battle and facing the dilemma in Hong Kong crisis that conducts the divisive status inside China communist party. The rival fight appears when the communist leader loses control of its party. The throne of Emperor Xi Jinping is threatened by his beloved comrades as Mao Tse Tung faced his comrades after the campaigns failed, actually, the rivals always focus to seize the power, the prominent wing is former chairman Jiang Zemin. The Red Emperor Xi Jinping has fallen into the panic state while the big issues in the economic war and Hong Kong protest become the dilemmas, Xi Jinping has not had a solution during the rivals pressuring to act and respond. Moreover, Red Emperor Xi Jinping faces the challenges from offshore and domestic battle, his comrades test the capacity of their leader. Therefore, any failure that reasons the rivals dethrone Xi Jinping, every action will be a trap of rivals. So Xi Jinping hesitates while the situation worsens day by day.


The Red Emperor Xi Jinping seems not to control its party, so the government media is the People’s Daily urges Xi Jinping does not concede the concession with the US after President Donald Trump concerned China comes groveling on their knees to beg for a deal. During POTUS attending G20, Vice Premier Liu He and also the principle’s economic adviser of Xi Jinping appeased, Mr. Liu He wants to make a deal with the US.


However, the propaganda machine of China communist decides the policy while chairman Xi Jinping is perplexing that means the divisive status occurs inside China communist party, it is an abnormal impact in China politics. Certainly, the rivals in China communist party push Red Emperor Xi Jinping does not deal with the US, they override the authority and exposing the aggressive attitude to fight until the victory while Xi Jinping knew the worst situation is inevitable. The propaganda machine of China strays the world about Hong Kong crisis, they accuse the US using Hong Kong protests for a deal, instead, Hong Kong people stand up after China ordered henchman Carrie Lam introduced the extradition bill.


The phenomenal disorder in China communist party that signals the political crisis inside its party while the rivals have deployed the trap to dethrone Red Emperor Xi Jinping. The war fights against the global economic terror created the deep wound of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. The tariffs are an effective weapon to ruin the largest communist regime on the planet. China loses the offshore battle and also facing the domestic problem, actually, Chinese people abhore the inhumane regime since Mao Tse Tung brought the hell to the mainland, but the ruthless regime labeled the hell of socialism is the communist paradise./.







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