The trade deal between the US and China obstructs


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President Donald Trump hopes an interim trade deal with China will proceed on the APEC ( Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) in Chile’s summit from November 16 and 17, 2019 will go ahead as the plan sets the meeting between President Donald Trump and China’s leader Xi Jinping at the APEC. Unfortunately, the Chilean government has announced to cancel the APEC summit and the COP25 ( the UN’s annual climate change conference) will be held at the capital city Santiago. Chilean President Sebastián Piñera raises the grave concern about the security and domestic chaos, so Chile must restore the law and order by the anti-government protest with the violence. Actually, the APEC’s cancellation is out of the plan that raises more nervousness of China’s communist regime while the economy crippled by the tariffs of the US, the currency devalued, nevertheless,  the red dynasty appalls the collapse should repeat any time as it occurred in thousand years of Chinese history when the massive jobless plus the corruption. Nowadays, China’s communist regime has faced the same situation as the monarchic period, the life president Xi Jinping seems sitting on the hot seat, the rivals aiming to dethrone and China loses the offshore market, the stock market plunged, actually, Chinese people living in the mainland abhore the inhumane regime killed more than 65 million people, tens of thousands massacred at Tienanmen Square. On the other hand, the Ape super gang being besieged by its people and the international boycott.


China’s communist regime couldn’t cheat and bluff the author of the Art of the Deal, the potential commander in chief and also the great economic general of the United States of America. Certainly, the great strategist Sun Tzu of ancient Chinese people advocated the military solution, by the book titles The Art of War that suits the military invasion while the art of the deal creates no bloodshed, but the peace. President Donald Trump recognizes the main tactics of communist that applied from the Cold War couldn’t change the situation, instead, those are obsolete. The tactics are buying time, fighting during talking, taking one step back to prepare three steps forward couldn’t cheat President Donald Trump. Moreover, China couldn’t apply Sun Tzu’s stratagems” make a sound in the east then strike in the west” by Iran provoked tension with the military aggression in the region and North Korea threat that focuses to ease and stray the economic battle. Therefore, President Donald Trump leads China joining the economic battle that is not communist’s forte as a stratagem of Sun Tzu” lure the tiger off its mountain lair”. Moreover,  China also failed the tactic” hide a knife behind a smile” after a few times deals for nothing, it is just the promises, and the deception debunked. Eventually, China must beg the deal with the US, the economic and financial declination that forces China to reduce the brazen attitude and the arrogance of the largest communist country on the planet.


China faces economic peril, moreover, Hong Kong unrest aggravates the worst situation. The desperate devaluation hits back Chinese people in the mainland, the inflation is inevitable. Certainly, Chinese people have suffered more hardship by the tariffs imposed in the US’s agricultural products while the people live in the mainland fear socialism’s agricultural products, so China must exempt the tariffs on the soybean, pork and some US food. Beijing has dealt with the economic and financial disaster while the US growth and stronger, it matches a stratagem of Sun Tzu” wait at leisure while the enemy labors”.


The time perpetuates that aggravates the worst situation of China. It is the bad news for China when the Chilean government cancels the APEC summit, so the deal is uncertain, the day and location have not set yet, possible at Alaska, Hawaii, but China suggested Macau. However, the deadline is going to come on December 15, 2019, the new tariffs will impose on the laptop, and the other electronic products. China has suffered the hardship while President Donald Trump seems not to interest the next meeting with Xi Jinping in somewhere else. Therefore, President Donald Trump has expressed interest in Australia’s visit for the Presidents Cup golf tournament is going to start on December 9, 2019. China has fallen into difficulty as a patient waiting for the medical, but it delays.


The left politicians as Senator Penny Wong,  the real boss of Australian Labor Party, she knew the economic battle decided the winner, it is not” no-one wins a trade war”, actually, the left media debunked as the propaganda machine in Western, the psychological warfare is vain./.






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