The toxic food and Coronavirus made by China


Posted on March 3, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Since the rouge country joined the free market and later W.T.O, the world complicated by the malicious business, stolen technology, fake products, actually China’s product meets the poor quality, poison, and contamination. Moreover, unhygienic food aggravates more fear of China’s goods. The communist paradise promotes the human’s excrement as the” strategic fertilizer”. In Vietnam, the farmland filled full by the” precious assets of Hồ Chí Minh”, in the Vietnam War, after Geneva treaty signed on July 20, 1954, Four-Star General Nguyễn Chí Thanh was famous” the shit general”, he encouraged the people at North Vietnam using the human’s excrement. Nevertheless, the excellent economic development of Vietnam called” Uncle Hồ’s Fish pond” that solves the family’s toilet and also feeding the fish names Vồ, the fillet of Vồ’s fish processing Basa and selling to the Western countries. China’s communist paradise has the same concern to use the human’s excrement on agricultural products, so Chinese people favor the Western, actually, the US’s agricultural products.


The Daily Mail published an article written by Seanpoulter:” Cancer-Causing Chemical found in Soy Sauce” that alerts the food made in China. Therefore, toxic food has used in Chinese, Vietnamese and Thailand restaurants for a long time in Western countries. Global consumers can avoid buying brand names: Golden Mountain, King Imperial, Pearl River Bridge, Jammy Chai, Golden Mark, Kimlan, Lee Kum Kee, Tung Chun, Sinsin and Golden Swan. Moreover, those toxic food brands imported from Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The Chinese supermarkets and groceries have sold toxic food and Asian people like Chinese, Vietnamese, Thailand and other ethnicities bought toxic food around the world. The people died by cancer or paralyzed after eating the poisonous food that cost the budget of Western countries including the health insurance companies, obviously, their insurance premium increased. Therefore, Chinese supermarkets, Asian groceries have no responsibility, possibly, they shift the responsibility to China and imported companies and the compensation dims because  China applies the bush law in the trade.


Australian people fear frozen fruits imported from China, the frozen berries of China-linked to hepatitis A that suspects the human’s excrement stuck in berries. The profit lover’s companies ignore the heath of people, they just want to make the money, so the toxic food and poisonous goods made in China inundated the Western supermarkets. Nowadays, global consumers boycott China’s products, actually, China’s imported food warning.


The deadly Novel Coronavirus also made in China, the world believes China created biological warfare, but it leaked and becomes a global disaster. The Novel Coronavirus has started from December 2019 at Wuhan, the place is near the Level 4 Microbiology Laboratory. Therefore, China’s communists concealed until the Coronavirus outbreak and now it becomes the pandemic spreading worldwide. The affected nations increased from the Coronavirus has started in Wuhan in December 2019, and on March 2nd, 2020, there are 62 countries being threatened by Coronavirus. Certainly, China’s communist regime must receive the dire consequence, despite, the communist government reduces the death toll and infected population, therefore, the world knew more than half of China population infected and more than 780 million people quarantined, it conducts China’s economy disabled, the financial system is underway to collapse, plus the mountain debt build-up while the domestic industry, the small business ruined and the offshore market declined.


The death toll and infected people occurred and has risen outside China, the world alerts, actually, the travel ban needs to prevent the deadly virus can transmit from human to human. Certainly, Chinese people couldn’t travel overseas, but some countries like Iran, South Korea, Italy have the infected people rise, so the travel ban applies those nations. Moreover, the report released about China’s toxic food that causes more damages, the Western and Asian people must stay away from the harmful food made in China or Chinese companies.


The Novel Coronavirus creates global China-phobia, it is not racist but the deadly virus forces the people watching out Chinese people, actually, whoever lives in China, Wuhan can be a station of Coronavirus. Chinese restaurants, Chinese supermarkets, Asian groceries, and China’s Towns in Western countries to reduce the visitors, the businesses downed up to 70%, it causes the Coronavirus made in China and now the toxic food that causes cancer.


Despite, China disabled by the Novel Coronavirus, therefore, on March 2nd, 2020, Australian government alarms China’s vessel Xiang Yang Hong 01 tracked in waters near Christmas Island off Western Australia’s coast, the function of the high-technological vessel of China to detect and map the Australian coast that guides China’s submarines operating in the disputed waters, actually, the operation supports the illegally artificial islands built and militarized to threaten security in the region. However, Labor Senator Penny Wong holds the shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, she keeps the silence, but when the government accused China to create the tension and national security threat in the region, Senator Penny Wong often attacked the government. Penny Wong who climbs higher and dives deeper into the government. On the other hand, Senator Penny Wong is Australia Senator but serves China’s interest. Moreover, during the Coronavirus threatening, Senator Penny Wong strays the deadly pandemic to the hoax climate change.


The global hegemonic ambition of China has never stopped even China faces the disaster and economy paralyzed by Coronavirus. However, the operation of China’s vessel in Western Australia’s coast that applies a stratagem of Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu:” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west” and the hoax climate change’s activists have tried to stray the Coronavirus pandemic to the protests, actually, the appearance of the global teenage thug Greta Thunberg in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, China and its henchman couldn’t use the palm covers the sunlight. Whatever, the Coronavirus outbreak is the hottest incident on the planet.


The people live on the planet, actually, Chinese people in the mainland have been terrorized by 22 full members of China’s Politburo. There are just 22 cruel persons, but they have created wars, terror, poison and using the biological weapon to destroy the world. Possibly, Chinese people can save themselves and the world by standing up and eliminate the ruthless regime, actually, when 22 tyrants must pay the crime as Sun Tzu proposed a stratagem” defeat the enemy by capturing their chief”, Chinese people and the world will live peacefully./.






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