The thuggish academics insult President Tsai Ing Wen



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President of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-Wen who strengthens the authentic government of Chinese people in the remaining territory at Taiwan. She challenges the menace of Beijing by military action to invade Taiwan. The US sold the updated weapon to Taiwan that causes China communist outrage, therefore, the verbal intimidation doesn’t appall Taiwanese, instead, China makes the world laughing, as a saying quotes:” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”.


The Republic of China still exists in Taiwan, it is the authentic government of Chinese people, its government has continued after Qiang dynasty ended in 1912 and the Republic of China ruled the mainland until the Ape super gang led by the first Ape Emperor Mao Tse Tung with his super gang robbed the democratic government in 1949. The authentic government moved to Taiwan, but the owner of the mainland still exists into the international community. Moreover, the Republic of China was a member of the United Nations. Therefore, the Ape super gang robbed the government and also replaced Taiwan in the UN. In reality, the Ape super gang doesn’t represent the Chinese people, their leaders selected by its gang, not Chinese people vote as Taiwan. The Britain government ruled by UK Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair who wrongly handed over Hong Kong to the Ape super gang in 1997.


China communist failed to rob Taiwan by the so-called One Nation Policy, actually, recently, Hong Kong incident forced the Ape super gang must order an actual henchman Carrie Lam withdrew the extradition bill. Moreover, Hong Kong’s representatives of the democratic movement met the officials of the Republic of China and calling support. In the US, Hong Kong’s supporters rallied on the streets of Manhattan while the UN General Assembly convening in New York.


The Ape super gang failed to invade Taiwan and also facing the dilemma in Hong Kong. Certainly, President of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-Wen becomes the target, but Beijing appalls the strong defensive force plus the modern weapon deployed in Taiwan. The anger and disappointment of Beijing expose on the smear campaign. On September 5, 2019, National Taiwan University (NTU) professor Ho De Fen and the other assistant professor of North Caroline at Charlotte is Hwan C.Lin launch the smear campaign to attack  President of Republic of China Tsai Ing-Wen. The dirty and coward action raises the doubt about the Ph.D. of the steel lady of Chinese people, it granted in 1984 from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Certainly, they know nothing the incident happened more than three decades ago, but the false accusation is doubt and clueless. Therefore, the smear campaign debunked the henchmen of China communist, so Chinese people recognize the faces of the traitors.


The year 2020 becomes the important impact for Democrats Party in the US, and also in Taiwan, actually, China communist does want President Donald Trump and President of Republic of China Tsai Ing-Wen lose the election. So the henchmen, undercover activists, and espionage agent plus the propaganda agents of China with the left media are pushing the election campaign, including the smear campaign aiming President Donald Trump and President Tsai Ing-Wen.


The dirty campaign of China and the offshore henchman prepares the general election in Taiwan will be held on January 11, 2020. The Chinese citizen in Taiwan will elect President, Vice President and 113 members of 10th Legislative Yuan. China communist doesn’t want President Tsai Ing-Wen re-elected, certainly, China communist supports their candidates.


The incident of thuggish academics attacks steel lady of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-Wen that appeared the real faces of traitor, the actual hands of Ape super gang. The people raise the question to academics Ho De Fen and Hwan C.Lin, why didn’t they question about Ph.D. of President Tsai Ing-Wen before?. Everyone can doubt the degree and level of those academics above. Nowadays, people feel so sick while seeing the dishonest academics distort their career as 27 dogtors (*) of Harvard and Yale University including dogtor Bandy X. Lee conspired to impeach President Donald Trump by the medical assessment that based on 25th Amendment, not medical rules. The US people and Chinese people have no surprise the smear campaign to attack President Donald Trump and President Tsai Ing-Wen.


President of Republic of China Tsai Ing-Wen bravely defends the last land of Chinese people at Taiwan while the academics Ho De Fen and Hwan C.Lin do nothing to help the country fighting against the Ape super gang, instead, they stab in the back of the steel lady of Chinese people. The legal team of President Tsai Ing-Wen can take two thuggish academics above to the court of the defamation’s case and the Republic of China’s government (Justice Department) can prosecute two academics abused the president of Republic of China./.


Notes (*) DOGTOR is a word of the writer defines academic exploits the doctoral degree for individual interest or political purpose.







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