The three Gorges Dam in China can collapse any time


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China communist party exposes the rapacious ambition to control the world, even the communism of Karl Marx imported to China and changed the name Maoist, China communist has become a threat to the world. China is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. The global hegemony of China carries out from multiple tactics, actually, the global economic terror has struck the world since China joined the free market.


The extreme ambition of China communist appeared the plan of one belt and one road, the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters at Indochina Pacific. The so-called Chinese dream that is not Chinese people want to, but China communist wants to control the world and transforming the whole the nations to be the vassals of Beijing. Therefore, the Chinese dream is over the capacity while China has not enough the technology, actually, the ambition conducts the mountain debt is up to $USD 40 trillion or 400% GDP, the deficit situation worsens during the economic war occurring between China and the US plus the allies. The left media and left academics (economists) failed to mislead the public about China’s economic growth, Beijing wasted money to hire useless tools in Western countries.


In the mainland, the rapacious ambition is the Three Gorges Dam that China communist regime believes the great hydroelectric gravity dam could help China wins the energy and develops the economy faster. Therefore, mostly, the communist countries just consider the present advantage but they couldn’t predict the consequence when the projects went wrong. In Vietnam, the illiterate communist members became the project masters, they destroyed the land and environment by the stupid projects, mostly the canal digging by a laborer, but Vietcong prides with the slogan:


Decline the farmland draining the water to the river

Squeeze the water from the soil, replace the God making the rain


(Nghiêng đồng đổ nước ra sông

Vắt đất ra nước, thay trời làm mưa)


The communist manner is the working fudges but the best report, its reason proves the most products made by communist countries have no guaranteed the standard quality except the rifle AK-47, the rocket-propelled grenade B-40, and the other weapons guaranteed to kill the people properly. The global consumer trusts the products made by democratic countries than the communist states, so the cancerous socialism ruined their production or the communist commits suicide by socialism.


Despite China stole the technology from the US and Western countries, but the largest communist country still traces behind the capitalist. The socialism manner causes the products made by China meets the poor quality and short life. The highest technology of China doubt the capacity when the Jade Rabbit just touched down the moon and died, so the Three Gorges Dam has no guarantee the safety, actually, the corruption sharing the disaster.


The dam based on Mao Tse Tung’s idea, in 1958,  Mao Swam across the Yangtze River, certainly, underneath supported by the divers and he penned a poem:


Great plans are being made

Walls of stone will stand upstream to the west

The mountain goddess if she is still there

 Will marvel at a world so changed.”.


The speech, idea, and writing, even the favored food of Mao Tse Tung became the golden frames, so the dam carries out the willing of great Mao Chairman. China communist regime ignored the environment and the people live, but the Three Gorges Dam reflects the great idea of Mao Chairman.


The world’s biggest dam started to build from December 14, 1994, and it officially operated in 2003, the project cost $USD 31.765 billion. The world’s largest power station located at Town of Sandouping, in Yiling District, Yichang Hubei Province. The Three Gorges Dam cost couple hundred lives of the worker. The spans stationed at Yangtze River, height 181 meters and length is 2,335 meters. The Three Gorges Dam becomes the environment problem that changed the natural life, human life, including the animal and fish. Therefore, Chinese people being endangered because of the dam carried out by the socialist manner.


The communist has never cared about the life of people, Mao Tse Tung barbecued a million lives of the People’s Liberation Army in the Korea War, Vietcong wasted 1,500,000 lives of the People Army troop in Vietnam War…so the Three Gorges Dam is like a water atomic bomb arrayed in Yangztu’s basin, China communist commits suicide by its dam as Vietnam communist regime built the Sơn La Dam located on the Black River in Mường La District, Sơn La Province, the dam’s height 138 meters, it operated on January 7, 2011, therefore, Sơn La dam risks because the location stationed into the earthquake’s era. When Sơn La dam collapsed, the large region including Hanoi to be flooded, a million lives threatening. The water releases from Sơn La dam can flow the tank T-54 as the leaves on a stream.


The Three Gorges Dam built while China still applied the poor technology from 1994 plus the corruption and the socialist manner have threatened Chinese people, the Three Gorges Dam risks. Moreover, the dam changed the rotation of the earth and now, the satellite discovered the structural form strayed the original direction that causes the foundation’s problem. The massive water’s quantity becomes the disaster when the dam collapsed, China communist regime couldn’t conceal the Three Gorges Dam has 80 cracks. How could China repair the radical problem?


Chinese people live in the Yangtze region have been engaged the extreme danger because the Three Gorges Dam can collapse any time. Nevertheless, the cost of repair is not cheap while China faces the mountain debt, actually, the repair is due to the extremely difficult situation. In the passage of time, the Banqiao dam located on Ru River, Zhumadia City, Henan Province, it collapsed in 1975, there were more than 230,000 residents killed but China government concealed. The Three Gorges Dam should collapse any time, but China government defuses the dire disaster, China communist ignores the millions of people will be killed and the large era will be wiped out, actually, China economy ruined and the regime will end by their dam.


The communist ignores human life, so the Karl Marx pupil carried out desperate plans. On April 26, 1986, the nuclear power station at Chernobyl, Ukraine exploded by the workers and the technologic faults, while the nuclear power plant Fukushima in Japan’s incident on March 11, 2011, that caused by the earthquake and Tsunami. The UK government has enough the courage to contract with China’s General Power Corporation (CGN) projects the nuclear power plant in Bradwell, Essex. If the nuclear power plant in Great Britain exploded, firstly, a million British will be killed and the radioactivity spread to Europe. Prime Minister David Cameron who granted China builds the first nuclear power plant made by China and operating in the United Kingdom.


The Three Gorges Dam is endangered, Chinese people live in the region must know their life being risked, actually, the foreigners have to stay away from the Yangtze river’s basin./.







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