The terrorist storms the US Congress by lawmakers


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When a terrorist or a terrorist group occupies a building, the thug seizes the property threatens the people. The extremists hide and exploit the religion of Islam to carry out the terror’s mission. As the same situation, the terrorists hide into Democrats, they have used the lawmaker’s authority in the Congress, Senate to attempt the mission to terrorize the US Constitution, the national interest and the US people.


September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center, the financial hub of the United States of America. Nowadays, a group of lawmaker terrorist is led by Nancy Pelosi storm the US Congress, the other terrorist group led by Senator Chuck Schumer to attack the Senate. The Democratic terrorist groups cause the government’s shutdown and the border between the US-Mexico being unsecured, the asylum seeker army threatens to shatter the US as they did in Europe.

The leader Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi acts as the terrorist, she commands her Democratic faction to storm the Congress by the lawmaker weapon, it is like a gun made by the US but the terrorist uses into the terror mission.


The terrorist leader Nancy Pelosi occupied the Congress after the midterm election 2018 and from the new term, she gathered the lawmaker terrorists to attack the US security, border protection, the government workers. Almost, the terrorists and Democratic Congresswoman leader Nancy Pelosi do the same way, she and her Democratic Congressional group consider the money of the taxpayers is her possession after seizes the Congress, so she cut $USD 5.7 billion to complete the wall, but she increases $USD 12 billion for foreign aid, mostly the aid responds to the Muslim Congresswomen of her faction.


The illegal migrant is the prior policy of Democrats, the illegal migrant will vote for Democrats. Despite, the asylum seeker becomes the most threat in the world, actually, the asylum seeker army has invaded the US under the label of human rights and the United Nations support.


According to the UNZReview, there are more than 758 million people want to migrate, but 158 million people want to arrive the US. The national security and the social disorder raise the grave concern for the US people. The asylum seeker army battered Europe and now the Human wrong army has attacked the US. The danger currently threatens from the border but the domestic thug is Democrats always want to open the border for the asylum seeker army arrives to gain the ballot.


Terrorist leader Nancy Pelosi flags the asylum seeker army, she and her faction storm the budget and trying to delay the wall’s fund. Whoever opposes against the border protection, they are treason. The Democratic terror group led by Nancy Pelosi attack the US interest, actually, they target the potential commander in chief Donald Trump, her member is Rashida Tlaib attacked President Donald Trump by the coarse language after her daughter is Alexandra Pelosi who declared that her mum cut the head of Donald Trump, nevertheless, her new member Kathy Tran failed to make the law to kill the US baby. (the rumor spreads into the Vietnamese community revealed the motive that Kathy Tran introduced the inhumane law comes the Vietcong’s advisors living in the US?. Hanoi regime wants the US people to disgust the Vietnamese refugee, so CIA, FBI and Intelligence agencies may eye on Congresswoman Kathy Tran and who was the contact?)


The US being endangered while the lawmaker turns to the terrorist groups in Congress and Senate, they attack the border protection and also opening the door for the asylum seeker army coming. Leader terrorist Nancy Pelosi used nearly a million government workers as the blackmail and the patriotic wall as the vital hostage.


The US people have to stand up to fight against the lawmaker terrorist, the petition requires to impeach Nancy Pelosi reached over 150,000 signatures within few days and the campaign is still going on. The patriotic spirit of the US people reflects in the wall’s campaigns. A disabled veteran Brain Kolfage who volunteers to raise the fund for the wall, the brick’s campaign sent tens of thousand bricks to Nancy’s door and recently, someone makes the cake to sell on valentine day, the money will support the wall…Democrats and the concerned politicians couldn’t ignore the public outrage. The actual force supports leader terrorist Nancy Pelosi is the left media, they often released the bad polls of a man who makes America great again and the unemployment hit the lowest record since 1969. Everyone could recognize the fake news and the false polls have appeared on the left media terror bases as CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and the others including overseas. Indeed, after the 2019 State of Union Address has attended on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, in the chamber of the United States of House of Representatives. The US population increase the credit to the incumbent President, the public opinion polls 4 in 5 the US people support President Donald Trump. The poll worries Democrats, but it doesn’t surprise the people, Democrats must do something to rescue the people trust, actually, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and her faction exploit the lawmaker to the terror mission.


After 35 days, President Donald Trump couldn’t leave the government workers being suffered the hardship by the dirty game of Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic gang in Congress, so he signed a first bill to open the government and the second bill is the wall’s fund passed over in the Senate but it is not enough 60 votes. The wall’s tension appeared 6 Republicans betrayed in Senate, they stand alongside the terrorist leader Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.


The government temporarily opens in three weeks if the leader of the lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi continues to storm the taxpayers, the shutdown will be repeated. It is due to the national security and border protection demand, President Donald Trump behaves the commander in chief, he authorizes to build the wall without Congress. Whatever, the terrors present any form will be eliminated from the US people./.








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