The system of bank in China is on brink of collapse


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The wonderful dream of Madam Hillary Clinton turned nightmare on night of November 8, 2016, she knew what happened, but she didn’t slam the left media, it was among the main cause of election’s loss. The fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls injected the strong stuff of anesthetic into Hillary Clinton’s campaign, she became a paranoia and exposed the arrogance in the debates. On the other hand, Madam Hillary is the victim of left media-friendly intoxicated a woman who has too much dream and greedy power.


The global hegemonic dream of China thrashed after the author of the art of the deal succeeded in the US’s Presidency. If Madam Hillary Clinton elected in 2016, China will easily advance to control the world in 2025 and the United States of America will be China’s vassal when Madam President Hillary Clinton places the country for sale to China as her husband Bill Clinton did from 1992 to 2000. Therefore, the US elected a man who makes America great again and also makes China shattered the dream.


From many decades ago, the terrorist has struck the Western, including the Muslim countries targeting, actually the well-known terror organizations are like Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Islamic State becomes the major threat in Middle-East and Western. However, after the first US Muslim and Communist President Barrack Obama expired the second term on January 20, 2017, the Islamic State lost the financial support from the US taxpayers plus the weapon and training, so Islamic State wiped out, recently, their supreme leader Abu Bakr-al Baghdadi killed himself while the US’s special Force tracing at his place.


The global economic terror of China has faced the same situation as Islamic State, President Donald Trump also holds the commander and chief, actually, he is as the potential economic general, the expert businessman, anti-communist experiences defeated the cunning tactics of China into the economic war. Certainly, China couldn’t apply the essential tactics are buying time, talking during the fighting, taking one step back to prepare three-steps forward, so China can not cheat and bluff President Donald Trump. The Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of President Donald Trump flinches China from the domestic to offshore battle. The rogue regime also failed to use the” comrade” left media misleading the public as they did in the Vietnam War. Moreover, the close comrade of China is Democrats losing the crucial impeachment’s battle since January 2017, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller and Special Counsel couldn’t carry out the most witch hunt in the US’s history. Moreover, during the tariff’s battle-damaged China, in the US, Democrats trying to abuse President Donald Trump on Ukraine’s incident by Sun Tzu’s stratagem:” make a sound in east, then strike in the west” and also escape the corruption of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi. Unfortunately, the rescue plan of Donkey’s Head gang failed then China panics the tariff weapon continues to apply to China’s products.


The US tariffs beat hard China’s economy and financial system. China loses the major tariff’s battle, the retaliatory tariffs imposed on the agricultural products that hit Chinese people in the mainland. The socialism products eradicated the global consumption’s trust, including Chinese people in the mainland. China must use the currency to confront with the US’s tariffs, it is like an egg versus the stone wall. Yuan devalues and surpassed the alert level is 1USD equals more than 7 Yuans that conducts the chain of crisis.


The mountain debt has built up in the economic war, since 2017, China’s deficit was $USD 40 trillion and now, the debt increased when the economy crippled, it should be $USD 45 or 50 trillion, so IMF warned the repayment’s capacity of China. The inflation without control in mainland panics Chinese people including the communist members to abandon Yuan, instead, the US dollar and Gold are the credible assets. Nevertheless, the factories of China must cut the job when the offshore market declined and foreign companies moved out or repatriated for the tariff’s avoidance that worsens China’s employment. The massive jobless is the real threat to the ruthless regime, the old collapsed lesson of the monarchic era should repeat any time, China obsesses the doomsday can come any time.


Despite China’s communist regime has tried to conceal the worst situation and the left media covering up the potential loss of China in the economic war. Instead, they often released fake news and fabricated stories about the hardship of US farmers. Therefore, the high technological communication debunked the concealments. Recently, Governor Yi Gang of The People’s Bank of China must tell the truth with the plans to bail out the regional banks after 5 months concealed the deep crisis. The terminal cancer of economy and finance hit hard China, nevertheless, Chinese people hate the Ape super gang after 70 years ruled the country by the barbarous policies and the bush law.


The prominent banks are Baoshang Bank, Jinzhou Bank and Hengfeng Bank renewed concern to help Chinese small banks being faced with financial problems. The temporary solution can not guarantee the worst situation. The financial system strengthens by production, economic stabilization, psychological consumption, and credit. Unfortunately, China couldn’t respond to the most important facts. Nevertheless, China’s economy has no fundament, instead, the cunning business and stolen technology created China’s economy and financial system. The economic and financial loss of China unmasked  Senator of Australian Labor Party Penny Wong who flogs” no-one win a trade war”. Australian people doubt Senator Penny Wong who climbed higher and dived deeper into government.


Baoshang Bank is the major bank of business and Jinzhou Bank takes care of the industry is engaged in the difficulties. The bad sign of an economy that worries China and the countries deeply involved like the Reserve Bank of Australia signed the Currency Swap Agreement with the People’s Bank of China in 2021 is worth $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan. Its reason urges the Reserve Bank of Australia’s governor Philip Lowe often criticizes President Donald Trump in the economic war, actually, former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating always protects China’s interest because he is an advisor of China’s Development Bank (Advisory Board), China pays and Paul Keating serves for China’s interest as former Trade Minister Andrew Rob who served for China to control Darwin port with annual wage is $AUD 880,000. However, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott calls to sanction China if China quells Hong Kong people.


In July 2018, Jinzhou Bank sponsors Commercial Bank of China to support the industry lost 4.5 billion Yuan ($USD 623 million). The People’s Bank of China Governor Yi Gang plans to defuse the financial bomb by taking over a regional bank in Baotu, Inner Mongolia. Chinese investors panic, they disbelieve socialism’s financial system and monetary firms, even the People’s Bank of China couldn’t guarantee safety as the Western banking system. Moreover, Hong Kong unrest aggravates China’s economy and the summit between President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping has not set yet after the Chilean Government canceled APEC. China’s communist regime has never cared about Chinese people’s life, therefore, the money and economy force China flinches the aggressive and brazen attitude, instead, China appalls the banking system is on brink of collapse, the dire consequences will cost China’s regime. The cruel giant with the foot of clay is due to economic cancer, human rights cancer, and financial illness plus corruption. So the fate of China’s communist regime to be decided by the economy and its people../.






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