The supreme court can stop the illegal migrant vote


Posted on April 3, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The common policies of the left parties around the world have applied to cover up the economic, national security, social safety failed. The demagogic policies could deceive the innocent components in the elections. Everywhere, the left party has the same stance that reflects on the main tactics with the formula is 3D=Deception+Demagogy+Destruction. Actually, the people easily recognize any left party, including the left independent candidates in the elections by releasing the policies on:


1- The hoax climate change has become the business, the climate change has tricked the people by the intimidation about the dire disaster. The left media and the left scientists contributed the most cheat on the planet. Therefore, the hoax climate change created the Nobel Peace Prize for Vice President Al Gore who will be a first climate change’s billionaire. In Australia, the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten cheats the people by the electric car because he has no economic policy, nor border protection and the other national issues to be abandoned. So the hoax climate change covers up the lacking policies. Nevertheless, the target electric car of Bill Shorten reaching 50% in 2030 that will make a huge profit for China, now Beijing plans to make the electric car and Bill Shorten with Senator Penny Wong respond. The Australian people have never forgotten the NBN wasted $AUD 65 billion, but China made the profit from Australia’s taxpayers and Senator Penny Wong (Finance Minister) and Senator Stephen Conroy (Communication Minister) with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd are responsible.


2- The homosexuality: it is the personal issue but the left party promotes as the main policy, actually, the homosexual component vote for the left party and Greens


3- The illegal migrant labels the Human Rights that turns Human Wrong. The illegal migrant could contribute the ballot for the left parties.


The rigged election ruined democracy in the US, mostly, Democrats are keen to conspire the rigged election to win the elections including the nomination applying inside its party. The prominent faces of the rigged election are like President Barrack Obama who used the deceased people in cemeteries, the fraud’s vote to gain more ballot in the presidential election 2008 and 2012. Actually, the illegal migrant could help to remain the Democratic seats in Congress, Senate, and Governor.


The former Senator, Secretary of States Hillary Clinton cheated her comrade Bernie Sanders into the Democratic nomination, she applied the rigged election to take over the presidential nominee’s candidate in the election 2016. Therefore, Mr. Bernie Sanders was happy and supported Hillary Clinton.


The most strongholds of Democrats are such as California and the sanctuary cities advocated the illegal migrant’s vote, so Democrats always stop the wall’s fund. The illegal migrant is the important force of Democrats into the elections. Therefore the illegal migrant vote has been controversial and disputed, actually, the concerned citizen has never accepted the non-citizen voters. The Democrats went too far, they have exploited the state authority in parliament to pass the unconditional bill for the illegal migrant vote and Democrats officially challenge the federal government plus the Constitution.


The presidential election will be held in 2020, Democrats appear so many candidates, obviously, the nomination’s battle is the crucial competition between the high profiles of Donkey’s Head Party. Nevertheless, the presidential candidate becomes the business, every candidate launches the fundraising campaign, they pinch the pocket of its supporters, while Democrats just have a presidential candidate.


The rigged election is the professional career of Democrats. Therefore, the illegal migrant vote raises the grave concern about democracy. President Donald Trump knew well the malicious tactics of Democrats, so the presidential election in 2020, the rigged election will occur into multiple forms as the voting machine, a person votes many times from the different polling booths, the dead people voting, the illegal migrant’s ballot… The strongholds of Democrats have their own law to allow the illegal migrant vote. However, the Supreme Court is the final place to bring the election returns the Constitution, so the Republicans can lodge the resolution to Supreme Court to stop the illegal migrant vote and force the voters to have the identification card because Democrats slightly control the Congress, they will prevent the bill, despite the Senate will pass. The bill faces the political argument and taking a long time to solve. Eventually, Supreme Court will force the states to obey the order, actually, the Democrats stronghold and the illegal migrant vote will eliminate.


President Donald Trump won the wall’s fund battle after the national emergency issued, the Supreme Court also consented the border protection’s policy. On Tuesday, March 16, 2019, the Supreme Court ruled the federal government can detain the illegal migrants and deport, the illegal migrants to be imprisoned as the criminal convictions. Moreover, the Supreme Court also defined the illegal migrants held for many years until the deportation’s hearings can be processed. The criminals to be deported immediately after release from the prison. Certainly, the Supreme Court will bring democracy to returns the election and stop the illegal migrant vote.


Besides the illegal migrant vote, the left media is the domestic thug, the left pollsters have carried out the rigged election by the false polls. The US lawmakers and the other countries as Australia, Europe need to stop the false polls, it is a form of the psychological warfare applying in the election could affect the undecided voters as a French saying” Le Mouton de Panurge”. So the pollsters must have the polling license as an electrician, plumber, medical doctor, lawyer, even a brothel must have the license. The poll company must register the patent and the pollster must comply with the rules, actually, the numerous survey has to reach at least 1% population, even a petition needs at least 100,000 signatures. The people have never trust some pollsters just asked a thousand people and concluded exactly the outcome of the election. ./.







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