The stupid left media snubs the public by bullshit news


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China communist has been periled on both economic battles from the offshore market and domestic industry. China has been suffered the woe of economic wound that deeply affected the cost living of Chinese people in the mainland. The massive jobless and the inflation panic Chinese people including the members of the communist party rushing to exchange the US dollar or buying the gold for safety. Actually, China has used the last weapon is the currency to retaliate the US tariffs because of Beijing failed the tariff’s battle, therefore, Yuan versus the US dollar is like the egg versus the stone.


China has been lost the economic battle that is clear, however, the left media in Western has tried to mislead the public and concealed the truth although they know China communist received the potential damages after President Donald Trump imposed the first tariffs and granted the death certificate for China’s giant telecommunication Huawei plus more than 70 affiliates. Nevertheless, the US paid the debt from $USD 19.84 trillion to $USD 16.1 trillion, and the unemployment rate is 3.6% hits the lowest record since 1969, therefore, the debt of China increased without control, in 2017, China’s deficit reached $USD 40 trillion and the jobless threatens the regime.


Nowadays, an old psychological warfare’s tactic applied in the Cold War, actually the Vietnam War that is no longer exist. Instead, the high technologic communication, social media, and the multiple information’s sources unmasked the left media. The people recognized the left media is the enemy of the public, the thug of mainstream media, the foe of people appeared the real face of the virus in communication with the common formula is 3F=3Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story.


The war fights against the global economic terror come from China created the potential damaged of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. China has been faced the economic disaster after the offshore market declined by the tariffs of the US imposed 25% on $USD 250 billion and from September 1st, 2019, the remaining $USD 300 billion of China’s products, and goods are going to impose 10%. The new tariffs will affect the countries fell into the trade trap of China. Moreover, the foreign companies moved out from the mainland or repatriated the homeland to avoid the tax that worsens the labor market in China, the export sector declined plus the foreign companies withdrew, it causes of hundreds of millions of workers lose the job in China. Nevertheless, China companies will move out from the mainland and relocates somewhere else. On July 2019, China communist must concede the truth revealed the industry slumped more than 17-year lows that shows the domestic companies ruined when the export section lost the important consumption in the US.


China communist has been lost the economic battle, so Beijing exhausted the tactic by devaluation the currency that is financial suicide. Therefore, the nations deeply involved trade ties with China couldn’t avoid the damages, actually, the left parties worry their comrade China being sieged by the US and allies into the economic battle while Chinese people in the mainland abhore the inhumane regime after more than 70 years ruled the country by the bush law and terrorization. The propaganda couldn’t overturn from the loser to winner, but China attempts using the obsolete propaganda’s tactic as the rescuer, the left media, left journalists are helpful to mislead the public in Western. Unfortunately, China communist should waste the money to hire the thug of people carrying out phony psychological warfare.


On August 13, 2019, journalist Shannon Molly wrote an article published on MSN.” Growing fear of a US recession spark global panic”. Mr. Shannon Molly is the journalist for more than a decade, he is a local journalist, he worked at Fairfax in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia). Certainly, journalist Shannon Molly is not an economist or a financier instead he works for the wage in a media company. In the Western country, the government respects the professionals, so any career and job must be trained and have the license. However, journalist Shannon Molly wrote about a field that he doesn’t have much knowledge and experience. Certainly, a mechanic can not take the job of a medical doctor. Do not trust what the left journalist writes, let’s check their knowledge and experts.


On August 13, 2019, the Financial Times released the other person labeled the FT’s China editor James Kynge created a youtube and self-proclaimed as an official of America Bank titled” One of America’s biggest banks have issued a warning about the state of the US economy, which could have dire global consequences”


The phony propaganda absolutely cheats the public by the opening:” One of the United States’ biggest banks now fears there’s a one-in-three chance of the country slipping into recession within the next 12 months.


Bank of America issued its revised forecast in a worrying note to clients overnight, saying the uncertainty around the ongoing trade war with China is weighing heavily on world stock markets.” And wrote:” Why the US isn’t winning the trade war with China.


The FT’s global China editor James Kynge says for all Donald Trump’s rhetoric about how tariffs are working, the numbers show that China’s trade surplus with the US is widening


As the opinion poll, everyone including a student can make a poll, so a youtube easily to make, actually, FT’s China editor James Kynge is not an economist or a high ranking official or CEO of America Bank, so this journalist doesn’t authorize to tell about the future of America Bank. On the other hand, FT’s China editor James Kynge can harm America Bank when the customers can withdraw the money and finding the other monetary firms after the fake news and fabricated story that panics the customers. America Bank can take the legal action against FT’s China editor James Kynge and his media company if the bank damaged. Moreover, the economy’s psychological warfare can affect the US market that can cause the panic state in the nation, the consequences are unmeasurable. The left journalist attacks the people by psychological warfare and helping China into the propaganda in the Western. The psychologic economy helps the market stabilizes, so the misleading public is like a crime to harm the national economy, actually during the war fights against the global economic terror that is like the war against the terror. So the Western countries and the US can prosecute whoever releases the fake news to the public.


Certainly, those journalists above are not the economists or financial professionals, they distort the career and override the knowledge to mislead the public by bullshit articles that show China failed the psychological warfare in the Western when the left media lost the people trust and President Donald Trump granted the death certificate of fake news.


The economy is the special field of the economists and national leaders, even 370 economists with 8 Nobel Prize winners of the economy wrongly predicted the US economy in the US presidential election in 2016 and after President Donald Trump getting the office. Madam Janet Louis Yellen who held the chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018, she wrongly anticipated the US economy after President Donald Trump getting the office. President Donald Trump makes America great again, the economy recovered faster than the prediction. Certainly, the journalists above and the other media workers couldn’t compare with the well-known economists, actually 8 Nobel Prize recipients on the economy, so the left journalists snub the public by releasing the garbage articles on the economy, the field that they have not known much.


The phony propaganda misleads the public during the war fights against the global economic terror that shows China being faced the worst situation, but Beijing wasted the money to hire the useless media in Western. The normal people can recognize the wrong and right, China is the communist regime and now Beijing loses the economic battle, everyone knew it, but the left media snubs the public if they are not mental health illness, the motive should be the money./.







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