The strength of China comes from the mouth


Posted on December 31, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s communist regime often shows off the strength by using the propaganda. The psychological warfare has carried out by the propaganda machine in the mainland and the left media in Western countries chime. China is keen to use the money to buy the national leaders (President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and the Democratic member of Representatives and Senators), actually, China could hire the left media’s companies to mislead the public and conceal the human rights violation, the worst economy’s situation. Whoever pays good, the best services respond to customers. China has developed the business’s character in Western to acquire the propaganda’s weapon in the capitalist’s soil, the left media companies and left journalists have fallen into the monetary trap of China and they become the innocent traitors, so the left media is the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media.


The essential character of the communist is aggression and obstinacy. Moreover, the global hegemonic ambition of China advocates the war, so China barbecued a million troops of the People’s Liberation Army in the Korea War. In the Cold War, China sent 430,000 troops to fight alongside the North Vietnam Communist regime in Vietnam War from 1968 to 1973 (the document revealed in the book ” The Dragon in the Jungle” by a former People’s Liberation Army member Xiao-Ling Li). The prominent leftists or actual henchman of communists are Jane Fonda, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Bill-Hillary Clinton, and the others have never told about the deep involvement of China in the Vietnam War, instead, they just propagated and misled the public about the US troop and allies fighting against the Global Communist Bloc in Vietnam’s battle. On the other hand, the Vietnam War was like the war to fight against the terrorist. Nowadays, whoever supports Al Qaeda, Islamic State in the US and Western countries, they face the treasonous charge.


Almost, China has used the life of Chinese people to create power and making the wars, so the regime’s titles stuck with the People like The People’s Republic of China, The People’s Bank of China and many labels. China does love the war although Beijing always talks about peace, the descendant of the author of The Art of War Sun Tzu has applied its ancient strategist to make the war. There is no peace with China, the global war’s perpetrator has made the wars after the Second World War. The Vietnam War, Maoist rebels in India, Philippines, South America, the tension currently occurs in Indochina Pacific (the disputed waters) plus the plan called one belt and one road that proves China is the global war-maker. China’s communist regime has used the wars to develop a rogue country, so the War spread everywhere, including the mainland, Mao Tse Tung quoted:” War is the continuation of politics”. Mao exposed the aggression on his famous speech” political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. The global economic terror is a form of China to use the soft army for an invasion and colonize the counterparts. The trade with China is like opening the door for the enemy to enter. After China joined the free-market, there are many countries including the US (under Bill Clinton, Obama’s era), Europe and Australia have fallen into the trade trap, debt trap and government trap of China.


Despite China’s communist lacked the invention that causes socialism framing the people’s talent by the biased education system with the rule is” the family history wins over the talent”. Therefore, China has developed a global hegemonic strategy by stolen technology and propaganda. The psychological warfare contributes to the unreal power of China on the economy, and the military strength (China displays the old model of aircraft carriers, missile, fighter Jet J-15, J-20 versus F-35 of the US). But the world ordered  F-22, F-35 and no-country want to buy Jet-15, Jet-20 made in China, even the Jet of Russia doesn’t favor.


The most communist regimes like North Korea, China, Vietnam are keen to show the military parade with the colorful uniform, indeed, the fighting doubts. The Asian people like Vietnamese smock the strength of China is “ Shandong people perform the Martial Arts to sell Chinese medicine” (Shandong was the home of famous conqueror Qin Shi Huang). Recently, China built the aircraft carrier names Shandong that matches the mouthful strength, and the aircraft carrier deployed at the disputed waters to support the piratical stations located in Indochine Pacific. China’s communist regime brags about their weapon can destroy the US’s aircraft carriers, the phony propaganda sneers the US’s aircraft carriers are obsolete, therefore, Beijing rushes to build more aircraft carriers to deal with the global hegemonic strategy and the arms race. Moreover, China’s aircraft carriers copied from Ukraine’s, the old model released from the Cold War. The US’s aircraft carriers and Europe use nuclear power while China’s aircraft carriers run by diesel.


The strength of China debunked when the highest technology of space race traces behind the US at least 50 years. The unmanned spaceship landed the moon with Jade Rabbit Rover, it died after touching down the moon’s surface. The technical accidents occurred on February 12, 2018, when a Fighter Jet J-15 crashed when landing Liaoning’s aircraft carrier. The People’s Liberation Army Air-force raises the mouthful propaganda about the  J-20 Stealth Jet versus F-22 and F-35 of the US Air-force, therefore, the world has never trust what China talks about, let’s what the outcome occurred.


The war fights against the global economic terror cause the potential damages of China’s economy and crippled the financial system. The loss of China could measure the countries deeply involved with China. The victims of trade ties, debt trap and government trap following the loss of China. Despite China concealed or released an untrue report but the world could know the economic disaster of the largest communist regime on the planet. The left media has tried to launch the fake news, fabricated stories, and praise the high technology, actually the strength of the People’s Liberation Navy threatening the region at disputed waters. Therefore, China has not enough capacity to involve the arms race with the US. In the Cold War, Soviet-Union failed the arms race and the cradle of global communists collapsed in the early 1990s. Nowadays, China confronts the arms race with the old model weapon (aircraft carriers, the Fighter Jet), actually, the technology is an important fact. Unfortunately, the military technology of China comes from the steal, even the uniform, the People’s Liberation copied from the US Army.


The rogue country ignores its people’s life, but the economy appalls China as a quote of Napoleon Bonaparte” an army marches on its stomach”. The mouthful strength of China unmasked and the fake news companies lost the people’s trust. Moreover, China flinches to quell Hong Kong people while the massive people have protested for democracy from June 2019. Hong Kong unrest measures the failure of China, actually, Hong Kong people and the US develop the tactic to strike the death vulnerability of China, those are the economy and finance.


China’s propaganda machine in the mainland and overseas like China Morning Post in Hong Kong and the hired media in Western couldn’t mislead the public as the Global Communist Bloc did in the Vietnam War. Nowadays, the high technological communication, multiple information sources, and social media can provide the impartial news that defeats the fake news and propaganda of China../.






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