The socialism destroyed the prestige of the United Nations


Posted on October 26, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The United Nations has strayed the director by the rivals, the religiously national group, actually, the communism silently sowed and deeply influenced Marxism-Leninist-Maoist into the largest international organization on the planet. Possibly, the UN being cornered by the evil power standing behind the General Assembly and inserted into Security Council, moreover, China and Russia often hampered peace resolutions when the conflicts related to their interests. The inappropriate vetoes of China and Russia transformed the United Nations to a Karaoke’s performance, it is a farce that trashed the UN and wasted money of the members. Nevertheless, the UN’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was the prominent communist since the Cold War, he imposes the communism into United Nations by driving it into socialism, it is like a locomotive leads the wagons on a journey. Unfortunately, when the locomotive derails, the disaster is inevitable. The Secretary-Secretary’s position held by a communist, Mr. Antonio Guterres uses the international organization to serve for socialism.


The hoax climate change is the major policy of the left parties, so the United Nations promote as an essential activity, while there are 30,000 scientists confirmed that climate change is not real. Certainly, Mr. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is not a scientist, he has no qualification to tell about the field that he doesn’t know as mechanic tells about the pathology and cancer.


Recently, the General Assembly permitted a mental health illness, a 16 years old Sweden girl Greta Thunberg teaching the world at the General Assembly about climate change. Mr. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres snubs the world, he applied the tactic of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia by using the children to teach the adult. The hoax climate change is a business, China has made the profit by selling the solar power and equipment, actually, the left parties cover the fallen policies on the economy, national security, and the other public interests by the climate change. The United Nations exploit the organization and the financial contribution from the members to activate the business for China.


Nowadays, the United Nations being rotten from the grassroots, the high profiles destroyed the international body, actually, the corruption raises the grave concern when Mr. John William Ashe, President of 68th General Assembly, he was also President of UNICEF in 2012, he received $USD 2 millions in bribery by China’s financial agent Ng Lap Seng and also got the hush money from Chinese Billionaire Huang Xiangmo of Australia. A circumstance of Mr. John Ashe is just an iceberg floating on the surface of the shadow inside the United Nations. The people doubt the officials of the United Nations should take bribery from China and some countries, and they exploit the authority to serve for the payers. Nevertheless, the UN’s Human Rights turned Human Wrong to support the asylum seeker’s wave invading Europe, Australia, and the US. The human rights also are Human Fraud when the people smugglers have exploited humanitarian programs to make the profit by the taxpayers of United Nations members.


Despite former President Barrack Obama is no longer representing the United States of America in United Nations. Therefore, he calls the UN Security Council meeting without the US officials invited. The secret meeting carried out by the UN Security Council with former President Barrack Obama being controversial. The Security Committee of the UN Security Council works with former President Barrack Obama, which is incredible, the United Nations wrongly carried out the unlawful meeting, actually, the most powerful firm of UN is Security Council to be the tool of Barrack Obama, the UN misused the authority for policial purposes. The issues discussed on multiple tactics to remove President Donald Trump without an election. The new conspiracy carries out the impeachment after Special Counsel of the legal terrorist Robert Mueller failed, Democrats couldn’t use the slight major member in Congress to remove President Donald Trump and recently, they also failed to use the incident of Ukraine for impeachment and now, former Barrack Obama colludes with comrade Antonio Guterres to make a coup from the United Nations.


The world question about the meeting, what is the role of Barrack Obama? Actually, Obama doesn’t represent the United States of America. Possibly, he presents the communist in the US and the fallen Democrats. The UN members may overhaul the contribution, actually, the US government can stop the annual contribution when the UN has strayed the direction serving for socialism.


Democrats have faced the disaster, the presidential election in 2020 obsesses the treason, serious criminals and corruption. Certainly, the White House’s swamp is underway to drain out. China appalls the peril of economic battle’s loss and the regime being risked by the massive jobless. Unfortunately, the great achievements of President Donald distance more gap from Democrats to retake White House in 2020. It is like all kinds of insects struck by pesticide, so Democrats physically react in the hopelessness. Its vial reason urges Democrats finding any way to impeach President Donald Trump while Democrats sinking into the quagmire of impeachment, every move aggravates the worst situation. Moreover, Democrats totally disappoint the worst consequence of the election in 2020, so former CIA Director John Brennan calls Republicans to make a coup to oust President Donald Trump. It is very hard to believe a kid’s mind of Barrack Obama’s CIA chief, Mr. John Brennan must know a coup keeping secretly, not releasing the public. Unfortunately, Mr. John Brennan does. President Barrack Obama chose the CIA Director like John Brennan, so the national security risked./.







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