The social media truly reflects the opinion of people


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The left media has terrorized the people mind by the propaganda’s weapon with the psychological warfare’s tactic into the communication field. The left media terrorist exploits the free speech to poison the people mind by concealing the truth, they are the thug of people, the foe of the mainstream has attacked the people mind by the fake news, fabricated stories, and the false polls. The left media terror reflects the formula is 3F=3 FRAUDS=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story.


The left media terrorism has appeared since the Cold War, actually the Vietnam War, they supported Vietcong terrorist and smeared plus distorted the US, allies into war fighting against the inhumane regime in Hanoi. Nowadays, whoever supports, propagates for terrorism, they would face the criminal charge. On the other hand, the left media betrayed the country, the traitors have never indicted.

The left media terrorists have misled the public, the victims estimate a billion people on the planet. Therefore, the high technological communication could testify the news, stories have released, actually, the internet freely provides the information comes from the multiple sources. Moreover, social media replaced the sole communication of the left media companies and also unmasked the lies. The social media eradicated the left media, the lie is no more existence.


The election’s season is an opportunity for the media making profit, the most political party must advertise the policy including the demagogic policies of the left party. Therefore, the people untrust the left media companies, actually, the opinion poll is a form of the rigged election helped the left parties succeeded in the campaign. However, the false polls committed suicide after many times the polls went wrong as the US presidential election in 2016. The left media’s companies in the US as CNN, the Washington Post, The New York Times, NBC, MSNBC, UK has BBC, The Guardian..almost the media in Australia is left, so ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten, SBS cheated the people by the garbage polls that confirmed Hillary Clinton wins the election with the figure secured from 4 to 12 points advanced candidate Donald Trump. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton applied the old tactic in the campaign, she spent a lot of money to advertise on newspapers, television while the social media truly reflected the people’s opinion. Let’s watch Facebook, everyone could know who will win or lose the election. The comments tell people like and hate a party, candidate that is the real poll. Recently, state election occurred in New South Wales, during the campaign and even the last day, the left media always deserved the best polls for state ALP. Ultimately, the Australian Leninist Party or the Australian Lie-board Party lost the election in New South Wales and Liberals claimed the victory, not 50/50 or neck and neck as the polling language, the garbage polls are obsolete.


The left media snubs the public by the worst polls to President Donald Trump while a man who makes America great again, the enemy fears the allies trust, the domestic thug (Democrats) crashed. The great achievements of President Donald Trump battered false polls and fake news.


The general election is going to hold in May 2019 in Australia, the left media companies and the disgraced pollsters launch the propaganda’s campaign by releasing at least 50 consecutive polls to confirm ALP wins the election despite the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten is short mind, short policy and short all but he is the king of promise:


- The short international policy and ill-concern on the US election 2016, he attacked candidate Donald Trump with the low class’s language” barking mad”. A concern politician keeps the impartial attitude in the US election and the” barking mad” became the US president from January 20, 2017. If the boxing kangaroo opposition leader becomes Australian Prime Minister, he will apply the hostile policy to the long term mateship, certainly, the national security and national interest will be damaged.


- Mr. Bill Shorten has no policy on the economy, but he pinches the pocket of more than 900,000 pensioners and the pay rises will harm the national economy while Coalition cut the tax on worker and company. Nevertheless, the demagogic policies of Bill Shorten cost the taxpayers and the people will pay more for his promises.


- Bill Shorten supports the asylum seeker, the Australian people obsesses more than 50,000 illegal migrants cost the taxpayer more than $AUD 16 billion and Nauru is not over yet. He was a former senior minister of Labor government ruled by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, he must share the responsibility of the asylum seeker. Instead, Mr. Bill Shorten often uses the asylum seekers at Nauru to attack the Coalition government, recently, Mr. Bill Shorten helped Dr. Karryn Phelps passed the Medivac bill in House of Representatives.


- Bill Shorten vows to stand with China and his actual hand is Senator Penny Wong holds the shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, she announced to permit Huawei operates 5G in Australia if Labor wins the election, while the incumbent government annually spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyberspy, China is the culprit. Senator Penny Wong is an untalented politician, her record wasted $AUD 65 billion of NBN, she made the profit for China from Australia’s taxpayers because of NBN related the China’s company, published” Revealed China-Communist Party link to NBN: Nov 5, 2016 – More than 1 million Australian homes and businesses have been connected to the National Broadband Network by components made in a Shanghai factory controlled by China’s Communist Party. … Fairfax Media has confirmed that NBN contractor, France’s Alcatel-Lucent, used its Shanghai …”. If Labor wins the federal election, Australia’s interest to be sold to China by Penny Wong, Bill Shorten, and its left party. Vote Bill Shorten and Penny Wong mean putting the country into the vassal of China and inviting Huawei to operate in Australia.


Bill Shorten and Penny Wong are the traitors: a leadership spill in 2013 in Labor Party proved the betrayal. Obviously, senior minister Bill Shorten vowed to support Prime Minister Julia Gillard, but he changed the mind within 24 hours, Senator Penny Wong who held Finance Minister, she also was the sisterhood with Prime Minister Julia Gillard, therefore, she betrayed and turning the support to Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and he won the leadership challenge. The boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten and Senior Senator Penny Wong could change the mind easily, how could the Australian people trust them? There is no one trust the traitors. The promises will be broken after Labor wins the election.


- During the country faces a trillion dollars debt but opposition leader Bill Shorten promises to give away $AUD 500 million to the United Nations for a refugee. Senator Penny Wong confirmed to increase foreign aid. In 2013, the foreign aid cost the taxpayers $AUD 11 billion.


- Labor is the place of Muslim politicians activate, the inhumane Sharia law (gender discrimination), Islamic blasphemy law will impose into the Australian people if Labor retakes the government. Now, the Muslim Representative Dogtor Anne Aly readily introduces this bill and Bill Shorten agrees to support.


- Mr. Bill Shorten to be accused the rape a 16 girl in 1986 but Victoria Police waived while Cardinal George Pell goes to jail. Nevertheless, Bill Shorten’s personality showed when he used the coarse language and threatened a woman’s shop owner when the pie ran out, this time Bill Shorten held Industry Minister.


There are just the fallen policies of ALP and opposition leader Bill Shorten, how could the left media release the best polls for Labor?. The garbage polls couldn’t convince the people and driving the outcome’s election. It is better to poll, the people could access the social media like Facebook, Twiter and the other, the comments tell which party will win the election. Almost, the comments slammed and mocked Bill Shorten (nickname is BULL SHITTEN) with Penny Wong (or PENNY WRONG), it is the strong message sending to the left media companies and the pollsters. Their false polls will not affect the people vote and the false polls could react by the people provoke because the left media snubs the public.


The left media has no shame, they cheated the people by the garbage polls as The Australian recent released the news:” The Liberal-Nationals lagged behind Labor on a two-party preferred vote of 46 percent to 54 percent, according to the latest Newspoll published by The Australian on Sunday night”


The cheat polls to be unmasked when the left media confirmed:” Yet Prime Minister Scott Morrison remains the preferred prime minister at 43 percent to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s 36 percent.”. The cheat polls are obsolete and useless, the people have no trust the left media releasing the polls, they waste the time and money, but the outcome creates more damage the prestige./.







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