The slogans can win novel Coronavirus


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The Novel Coronavirus made in China and threatening the world. Almost, the global consumer has never trusted all products made in China to meet the poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life, the cheap prices conflict the standard quality, so the global consumer obsess China made, actually, the epidemics made in China is terrible.


The most pandemics made in China as SARS, Bird flu, Swine flu and now the Novel Coronavirus outbreaks without control that adds more fear about China. It is China’s phobia made by the Ape super gang that has ruled China from 1949. The communist party transformed China’s mainland to be the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat and the paradise of the pandemic. So Chinese people have been ruined by the Ape super gang. On the other hand, the Ape rule killed a hundred million Chinese people, certainly, the Ape has no human’s minds, instead of the animal instinct, so the most communist regimes are barbarous, the humanity completely absents in the communist paradise. There are some theoretical proposals the deadly pandemic called COVID-19 by the World Health Organization should come from:


The bats and wild animal meat sold in Wuhan’s seafood market. The information released from China’s communist authorities about the cause of the deadly virus, therefore, do not list to what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did.


The unhygienic food derived from socialism, because China’s communist regime advocates and encourages the people in the communist paradise using the human’s excrement as the major fertilizer on the farm. The frozen Berries exported from China fear Australian consumers after the illness appeared by China’s frozen fruits. In Vietnam, after the Geneva Conference signed on July 20, 1954, in North Vietnam, the communist regime has promoted human excrement as the strategic fertilizer on the common farm running by government. Once again, after Vietcong invaded South Vietnam on April 30, 1975, the communist regime has activated the nationally economic pattern called” Uncle Ho’s Fish Pond”, every family has a little pond to solve the toilet’s problem and also feeding a kind of fish called Vồ, it does live the human’s excrement. The Vồ fish’s fillet processed Basa to export Western countries. The most Vietnamese refugee fears Vietnam’s Basa, they knew the original as Chinese people fear China’s infant milk powder after six babied died and 300,000 were poisoned.


-China should create biological warfare to wipe out the US and Western plus allies. This suspicion is reasonable because of the Coronavirus has appeared after China signed the phase 1 agreement with the US, it exposes the surrender statement of the rogue regime. Moreover, China also failed to use Iran creating the war in Middle-East by attacking the major oil facilities of Saudi Arabia, fired the oil tankers, shot down the US drone and launched a dozen missiles into the Iraq bases where were the US soldiers stationed including shot down Ukraine’s passenger plan to attack the US’s economy (if the US intelligence didn’t have the evidence, Iran could claim the Boeing 737 and require the compensation as two accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia). Nevertheless, the close comrade with China is Democrats completely disappointed the unconstitutional impeachment after Senate acquitted President Donald Trump (the cunning impeachment conspired more than three years that failed). Moreover, there are the people of some Asian countries who have eaten the bat’s meat but the Coronavirus has not appeared. China’s communist regime is the most barbarous government on the planet, the ruthless Maoist killed more than a hundred million Chinese people in the mainland since 1949, so China can create the biological warfare to kill the enemy called capitalist without a pity. Normally, after an epidemic appeared, the world quickly responded to contain and found the vaccine. Therefore, the Coronavirus has activated from December 2019, but the world can not find the effective vaccine, even the World Health Organization urgently conferred at Geneva with 400 top scientists, but they could not guarantee the vaccine, instead WHO predicts at least 18 months to have the vaccine. The people suspect the Novel Coronavirus created by China’s scientists. China’s communist regime can do anything to carry out global hegemonic ambition. There is the evidence that proved China conspires to create the biological warfare released from the US media:


“Virus-hit Wuhan has two laboratories linked to Chinese bio-warfare program

Virology institute there has China’s only secure lab for studying the deadly virus

By Bill Gertz – The Washington Times

Friday, January 24, 2020”


The Coronavirus pandemic overtook the borders, obviously, the deadly pandemic appeared at Wuhan where is near China’s biological laboratory. Possibly, the Coronavirus should leak from the laboratories and China’s government concealed to avoid the damages, actually, the investigation of the world, the Western can find the original virus. Its reason, China denies the US help. Unfortunately, the Novel coronavirus develops quickly spreading without control, now, the deadly pandemic spread at least 25 countries, certainly, China received the dire consequence as a saying quotes” the sword made in China that stabs Chinese”.


Since Novel Coronavirus outbreaks, the death toll and infected people skyrocket, despite China has tried to reduce the massively numerous deaths and infection but the high technological communication debunked the concealment. China’s communist regime panics but they have not enough money and a weak health system that can not deal with the massively infected population. There are more than 500 million Chinese people unwelcome the deadly virus but the Coronavirus reaper visits the communist paradise and the massive population occupies more than 1/3 in the mainland locked down. Nevertheless, the poor and low-income earners are the majority in the communist paradise, they have suffered difficulties while China’s government has no social security’s facility to help. What can Chinese people do?


The Coronavirus pandemic deeply ruined China’s economy and financial system, almost, the transport disabled while at least four provinces infected,  more than 60 cities locked down and become the ghost towns. The public transport suspended that affected  80.41 million people who can not use the bus or train to go somewhere. The supermarkets plus petrol stations were closed.

The other businesses as the tourism industry, hotels, restaurant chain deeply affected. China’s Cusine Association reported 500 billion Yuan lost during Lunar New Year with 93% restaurant shut down. Apple at Shanghai must close 42 stories (in 2019, the revenue of Apple earned 17% from China market, so Apple intended to open more stories, now Apple must run away by coronavirus). Starbucks in Shanghai closed 2,000 shops, even Crown Casino and Resort in Macau shut two weeks (certainly, Australian billionaire James Packer gets more bad news after China robbed $AU 4.2 billion by the bush law issued by Red Emperor Xi Jinping). The anti-communist experts warned about the bush law, the malicious business, the trade trap, the debt trap, the government trap, the global hegemonic ambition, the global economic terror of the largest communist country on the planet, however, the innocent leaders, naïve politicians and the profit lovers (business) ignored. Therefore, the Novel Coronavirus says nothing but the world strictly complies, actually, the profit lovers as Apple, Starbucks and other foreign companies see the coffin and cry but it is too late. The potential damages are inevitable.  Certainly, China’s economy paralyzed and damaged the foreign’s profit lovers by Coronavirus.


Red Emperor Xi Jinping fears his throne risks, after the Coronavirus struck a month, eventually, on February 15, 2020, Xi Jinping has to visit a place at Wuhan with the blue face mask and the white gown, his visit becomes the propaganda to defuse the panic state in China, he added more 2,600 military medical personnel to Wuhan, total medical officials reached 4,000.


However, the action of the number one leader in China is too late, the death toll, infected people and the massive population locked down, the economy paralyzed and the Western countries order the travel ban the people from China plus evacuated their citizens out from the communist paradise. The Valentine 2020 in China is abnormal, a romance affair fears the virus, so the people avoid to hug and kiss each other. Moreover, China cargo ships have fallen into the standstill’s status at the foreign ports because of the Coronavirus fear. The Western people also fear Chinese restaurants and Chinese groceries, it is the untold China phobia developed when the Coronavirus outbreaks in Wuhan and spreading throughout China’s mainland, so the Western people don’t know who is infected deadly virus.


It is the manner of the communist regime that faces the low tide of revolution or the disaster to carry out by the psychological warfare that applies to defuse the worst situation. Red Emperor Xi Jinping released the slogan:” Race against the time- Fight the virus” and he also said:” The results are not hard-won progress made by all sides”. Certainly, the Coronavirus can not hear and see the slogans and China’s communist leader talks. Fighting against the invisible enemy without the ear- the eye is impossible by propaganda, so the slogans can not win the viral war, instead, the medicine, vaccine, and money are the potential weapons to expel the deadly pandemic. Moreover, Red Emperor Xi Jinping calls the nation getting back the business while the pandemic outbreak and the government locked down the huge areas. What can Chinese people do?. The Red Emperor Xi Jinping is nervous, he has no solution to stop the deadly pandemic, his panic attitude proved Xi Jinping loses the confidence and lacks the leadership capacity./.






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