The Sharia law is the inhumane culture on the planet


Posted on April 10, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Whatever, any discrimination form has harmed the society, human history spent the terrible eras of the abnormal theories caused the human disaster:


The racism developed in Germany by dictator Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich killed more than 6,000,000 Jewish, the massacre has never forgotten.


-The Mind discrimination has become the most dangerous discrimination’s form on the planet. The mastermind is Karl Marx, a dishonest academic, his crazy theory transformed to the reality by the genocide Lenin who succeeded the so-called October Revolution 1917 in Russia. The communism killed more than 100,000,000 people and the other a billion people lost freedom. In the communist country, whoever speaks differently from the communist party, they would be killed or faced the long term into the prison camp, mostly the forced labor camp. The mind discrimination also influences worldwide, even the democratic countries and the Western. The left media performs the mind discrimination, so the left journalists, left columnists and the left media companies often attack whoever tells the truth as President Donald Trump in the US.


-The gender discrimination represents the Sharia Law, it is an obsolete culture still remains and develops into the Muslim countries and also spreading into the Western. The world condemns racism, communism, gender discrimination. Actually, the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights promotes fair treatment and respect the people, so the Sharia law opposes the human valuation. Its reason noted Saudi Arabia failed to impose the Sharia Law at the United Nations, despite behind Saudi Arabia has the Muslim countries in Middle-East and Africa backed but the major countries opposed.


The Sharia Law derives from the Quran bible, so every Allah adherent is an activist of Sharia Law. The Sharia Law and faith practice into society and insert into religion, so gender discrimination socialized and legalized into the Muslim countries. Nevertheless, the Muslim migrant has brought the inhumane culture into the adopted countries and they have attempted to legalize. However, the Sharia Law badly treats the female as Quran bible 4.34:” Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.”. The Quran bible applies to society, a child bride is a form of serious violation of human rights. The world condemns the child pornography, but the child bride accepted somewhere else as Germany Federal Supreme Court rejected Anti-Child Marriage law. Almost, the legal system and the court in the Western apply the heavy punishment to the child pornographers, but Germany Federal Supreme Court ignored and the Justices accepted the Child bride. Nevertheless, the Sharia Law deserve the death sentence to whoever breaches the law, the punishment carries out the barbarous methods as the stone throwing, beaten to death, hanging…


The world, actually the Western countries respect the human right, equal treatment between the social components including the gender, certainly, the Sharia Law unfits the social valuation. Therefore, the left parties are such as Democrats in the US, Labor Party in the United Kingdom, Australian Labor Party, Socialist Party in France and the other left parties are keen to get the ballot, so they recruited the Muslim politicians in the crowded Muslim’s resident of electoral units. The Muslim politicians activate the Sharia Law into the House of Representatives and Senate, it conducts the Constitution ruined when the Muslim politicians swear in by the Quaran bible. It is the contradiction because of the Sharia Law derived from Quran bible. It means the Western country accepted the human rights violation while the country opposes it.


In the Western countries, the people, society, and government have not accepted racism, Communism and gender discrimination. Therefore, the left parties support and protect the Sharia Law’s followers. The blasphemy law’s bill introducing into the Western parliament to protect the inhumane law’s followers while almost the other religions have never required the blasphemy law to protect the Catholic, Christian, Buddhism, Hindu and the others. Moreover, when the concerned citizen rally to oppose the Sharia Law’s followers are the asylum seekers or the illegal migrants invade the country under the label of human rights but the Sharia Law’s followers are the left parties support for the futuristic voters. Unfortunately, the domestic thugs (left parties, the innocent people) labeled the patriot and the concerned people are racists. Indeed, the people fight for human rights, gender equalizes, social safety, to protect the country are not racists, nor right wing, neither far-right. The left media stand alongside with the left parties and the Sharia Law’s followers into the propaganda. The people support the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights by fighting against the inhumane law of Sharia to be condemned and criticized. What is going on in the Western country?


The concerned politicians raise the danger of Sharia Law but the hypocritical politicians of the left parties attack and criticize racist. The Muslim migrant always respects the Quran bible and activate the Sharia law. The Western government opposes human rights violation, gender discrimination. Therefore, they favor and support the followers of Sharia Law. The incident of Brunei has issued the cruel punishment on the LGBT outrage the world, including the left parties and the left media. However, inside the left parties already have the Sharia Law’s followers, they are the politicians always want the Sharia law legislation as same-sex marriage.


The people don’t know the stable stance of the left parties. How could the people trust ALP, UK Labor Party, Democrats, and Greens? The police must fight against the crime, but the police can not fight against the crime but also standing with the felons. The Western countries have not opposed the Muslim, but the left parties plus the Muslim bigot, the aggressive clerics labeled Islamophobia, certainly, the people oppose the inhumane law of Sharia, it discriminates the gender, actually, the Sharia Law advocates the bad treatment to the Muslim female./.







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