The shadow of philanthropist Bill Gates


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The people just based on the contributed financial record of Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and praise the generous heart of the US philanthropist. Therefore, time can prove the reality of Bill Gates that reflects a stratagem of Chinese strategist Sun Tzu “hide a knife behind a smile”. Mr. Bill Gates has a close relationship with President Barrack Obama, on November 22, 2016, President Barrack Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to Bill and Melinda Gates.


After President Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20, 2017, the US fights against the global economic terror of China, the US companies and investors moved out or repatriated the homeland to avoid the tariffs, therefore, Bill Gates ignored. Since January 2019, Bill Gates planned the Nuclear Power Plant in China, but it halted and November 2019, once again, Bill Gates re-tried the Nuclear Power Plant in China and the US thwarted. The US government recognizes billionaire Bill Gates often interests the business with China. After China’s Nuclear business failed, on March 13, 2020, Bill Gates announced to step down from the Microsoft company’s board and he told to spend more time on charity.


China’s Communist Party launches global biological warfare terror, the world including the US rise the death toll, infected population and economy being recessed. During the US, President Donald Trump and its people are fighting against the Coronavirus, Bill Gates exposes the hypocritical face, he cleverly criticizes President Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic and recently, Bill Gates urges to call the world leaders to fight COVID-19 with the personal protection equipment and vaccine. Democrats, particularly, the heartless Governor Cuomo have exploited the Coronavirus for the presidential election in 2020.


Everyone recognizes the Novel Coronavirus is the biological weapon of China’s Communist Party to launch the crucial battle aiming for multiple purposes, possibly, the inhumane regime uses the virus to reduce the population and stop Chinese people standing up after the massive jobless, solved the democratic movement in Hong Kong and destroy the US economy, a stone kills many birds. Whatever, China has never confirmed the Coronavirus is their biological warfare, instead, China strays the Coronavirus comes from the bat, wild animal meat at Wuhan’s fish market. Indeed, Chinese people have eaten the bat and wild animal meat for a long time but Coronavirus didn’t happen. Moreover, Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, East Timor, and others have eaten those, but no Coronavirus.  Beijing lies about the Coronavirus that comes from the US, and the socialist Pope Francis drives the Coronavirus causes climate change. China’s sophistication can not convince the world, instead, the massive compensation increases from the victim nations, the global lawsuit can file against China to pay more than a hundred trillion US dollars for compensation, so China faces the bankruptcy when two hundred countries take China to the international court.


Certainly, the Coronavirus appeared at Wuhan where is near the first biosafety level 4 Laboratory of China (Jiangxia district, Hubei). Therefore, the US billionaire Bill Gates-funded the Wuhan Laboratory, so Bill Gates was a member of China’s Academy of Sciences and China awarded the highest honor.

China’s communist regime attacks the world by biological warfare terror, and China also exposes the hypocritical morality by sending the false test kit and the contaminated mask to Europe, Asia, and the US. The malicious tactics of China to be debunked as former Speaker of Australian’s House Representative Bronwyn Bishop warns the medical supplies from China to Sydney: “flight from Wuhan is a part of a propaganda war”, she said:” the Chinese let that virus out, brought the free world to its knees and now are going around saying they are a superior system of government, have cleaned up the problem in China and now they are going out to help the rest of the world have done the damage in the first place”.  The US  philanthropist Bill Gates who financed Wuhan’s laboratory and also calls the world leaders to fight against the Chinese Virus comes from Wuhan’s Laboratory. It is like President Barrack Obama called to fight against terrorism but in the shadow, he used the US taxpayers to finance, provide the weapons and training for Islamic State.


The Coronavirus wakes up the world and unmasked the traitors inside the Western countries. The charity of Billionaire Bill Gates should be reviewed, his contributions created the problems in India, the amount was $US 1.2 billion to vaccinate the Polio causes more than 496,000 paralyzed children from 2000 to 2017. Moreover, the other charity programs of Bill Gates becomes a disaster in Asia, Africa, so the US people doubt Bill Gates who promises to find the Coronavirus vaccine. Nevertheless, Bill Gates has a long term relationship with China, the charity has hidden behind the business, China spread everywhere, China’s agent is Yinuo Li labeled a non-profit activates on global health praises Bill Gates:


“Most people in China have heard of Bill Gates. They know him as a technology industry leader and a co-founder of Microsoft. But fewer people are aware of the foundation that he and his wife, Melinda, created in 2000 to reduce poverty and improve health around the globe.


Our vision for China is ambitious. While we continue to support development within China in areas such as poverty reduction, HIV, tuberculosis, tobacco control, and philanthropic development, we are also committed to supporting China as a stronger development partner for the rest of the world. By tapping into Chinese resources, innovation, and expertise, we aim to replicate China’s remarkable success in addressing health inequity and poverty in some of the poorest regions of the world. China’s domestic reforms, increasing global engagement, and emerging capacity for innovation reinforce our faith in China’s potential as a catalyst for development worldwide.

As the director of the China office, I hope you will explore the work we do and join us in our effort to ensure that everyone in China—and the world—has the chance to live a healthy, productive life.


Yinuo Li

Director, China Office”./.







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