The rivals should trap Xi Jinping in Hong Kong unrest


Posted on August 23, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Hong Kong crisis occurs during China confronting with the extremely economic difficulty by the US imposed 25% the tariffs on $USD 250 billion of China products and from September 1st, 2019, the US will impose 10% tariffs on the remaining $USD 300 billion. Actually, the giant telecommunication company Huawei and China products lost the offshore market, therefore, the mountain debt reached $USD 40 trillion in 2017 and now the deficit continues to rise without control.


Despite China pitched the last weapon is the currency to fight back the tariff battle, however, the devaluation’s currency risks the economy, actually, the inflation deeply affected the cost living of billion Chinese people in the mainland. Moreover, China communist completely succeeded the pauperization’s policy, so there is more than half of population in the mainland earn from $USD 2 to 5 a day. The devaluation of the currency’s weapon is like a sword made by China stabbing Chinese. Nevertheless, the rapacious plan called one belt and one road being engaged the financial problem when the debt trap’s tactic hits back China’s financial disaster and the piratical stations illegal built into the disputed waters of Indochina Pacific are useless but China must pay the maintenance’s cost. Moreover, in the mainland, Chinese people abhore the inhumane regime after the genocide and enslaving them from 1949. China communist has been sieged from domestic and the world. Actually, China failed to rob the assets of Hong Kong people by the extradition’s bill introduced by henchman Carrie Lam. The extradition law terrorizes Hong Kong people and the next step,  China communist focuses to rob the assets. Unfortunately, China failed the cunning conspiracy, instead, Hong Kong people united and protested with the massive numerous people, actually, in the high tide with more than two million people marched on the streets and central city.


The unrest in Hong Kong headaches China super gang, actually, the Red Emperor Xi Jinping who faces the multiple battles are economic peril by the US tariffs, the offshore market declined, the failure of one belt and one road’s plan, the piratical stations illegally built in to disputed waters create the hostility in the region, the abhorrence of Chinese people in the mainland, the occupied lands in Sinkiang Uighurs, Tibet should stand up any time, actually, the unrest in Hong Kong globalized and it becomes the hot spot and harmed China economy plus the stock market.


Red Emperor Xi Jinping seems not to have a solution after the plan to control Hong Kong people ruined, so henchman Carrie Lam disabled the tactic, instead, she faces the public pressure to resign. Therefore, she has not received yet the order comes from Beijing. Certainly, Carrie Lam is the death card of China communist, there are more than 7 million people in Hong Kong abominate a traitor who conspires to sell Hong Kong people to the communist regime in the mainland.


However, Xi Jinping hesitates to act despite his comrades and the rivals should deploy the trap to dethrone Xi Jinping in Hong Kong’s tension. Moreover, the financial weapon of Hong Kong people hampered the military action as China massacred at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Hong Kong crashed that follows China collapsed the economy, the dire consequence is unmeasurable, it will cost the communist regime.


Hong Kong people have developed the financial weapon to fight for freedom and democracy since British wrongly handed over this territory to a robber, instead, Taiwan is Chinese authentic government. Taiwan could require China communist super gang returning the mainland to official government as One Nation Policy. The massive protests have occurred in 2003 to oppose the bill introducing Act Article 23 prevent Hong Kong people declare the independence that failed, it means Hong Kong people can decide their future any time by a referendum. The Umbrella Revolution conducted henchmen Leung Chun-Ying resigned and now, Executive Carrie Lam has tried to carry out the decree of Ape dynasty by the extradition’s bill that causes the massive protests since June 2019.


The Ape dynasty perplexes to solve Hong Kong by military force, Beijing considers carefully to quell Hong Kong people by the People’s Liberation Army. Certainly, the communist regime doesn’t care about human life, but the Ape super gang does fear to lose the money. Therefore, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping should be pressured by the rivals and he ordered the People’s Liberation Army gathered at Shenzhen to intimidate exposing with the military parade and exercise. However, the phony psychological warfare could not bluff Hong Kong people and the world, the barking dog never bites. China communist knew the dire consequence if they use the army to massacre Hong Kong people after 1997. Hong Kong’s situation is quite different from Tienanmen Square in 1989, actually, China communist couldn’t conceal the incident in high technological communication, even the left media released the fake news and fabricated stories, but the multiple information’s sources plus the social media debunked the media cheat.


The unrest situation in Hong Kong becomes the dilemma for Red Emperor Xi Jinping while its communist party and rivals urge Xi Jinping acts and Hong Kong people have no reason to step back when Carrie Lam has not resigned and the extradition bill doesn’t eliminate yet. The cunning tactics are buying time, taking while fighting and taking one step back to prepare three steps forward, those exhausted and failed, the tension in Hong Kong escalates, the massive protests continue.


The weakness of China in Hong Kong exposed when Beijing secretly hire the bandit to beat the protestors, it shows Beijing doesn’t want to repeat the second Tienanmen Square in Hong Kong. Therefore, Mr. Zhang Xiaoming, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council urged China acts in the press conference on August 7, 2019, and Executive Carrie Lam wants to. China communist exposed the cowardice, they detained Mr. Cheng Man-Kit who is an employee of British’s trade and investment officer at the Scottish Development in Hong Kong and the protestors require China must release the hostage.


However, the final decision is Red Emperor Xi Jinping, therefore, the proposal of Mr. Zhang Xiaoming exposes the rivals in the central communist party should seize the power and threatening the leadership of Xi Jinping. Nevertheless, his father Xi Zhongxum was the political modern’s stance, he was imprisoned and purged several times in the Culture Revolution. Certainly, Xi Jinping must understand the terrible period while his father imprisoned. Moreover, Xi Zhongxum also courageously condemned Tienanmen Square massacre in 1989, Xi Jinping’s father deceased on May 24, 2002.


The hesitative attitude of Xi Jinping in Hong Kong should reflect his father’s influence and he also recognizes the bloodshed in Hong Kong is the trap of the rivals, the dire consequence will cost Xi Jinping’s throne, so he has not used the People’s Liberation Army to quell Hong Kong People. Despite the military solution has not applied yet, it is just the intimidation, but Hong Kong people withdrew the money from the banks, the investors pulled out multiple billion USD from China’s stock market that causes the political turmoil struggling between the rivals. The domestic situation in the mainland is the most important fact and now the rivals have exploited the mayhem in Hong Kong and the weakness of Xi Jinping to change the leadership, even the regime should collapse as Soviet-Union and total Eastern Europe Communist Bloc./.







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