The right-wing occupies major population in nation


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Every time when the people rally against the illegal migrant, actually the Sharia law’s activists invade the country being covered under the umbrella of the ill-concerned United Nations officials, and the ethnic gangs violated on the streets….the left media, left parties plus the innocent people condemn the right-wing, far-right, supremacist, racist…and the domestic thugs, actually the Sharia law’s activists organize the protests against the people who react to protect the country. The domestic thugs labeled the people stand up to protect the nation are Nazi, indeed, they are not Nazi, but the Sharia law’s activists humiliate and assimilate the patriot as Hitler. It is a form of propaganda has applied to the Western country.


The old psychological warfare in the Vietnam War has been recycled and misleading the public. After the Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975, with the unpredictable victory of Vietcong terrorist, the world knew Vietcong is the inhumane regime and Vietnam communist is the actual hand of Global Communist Bloc. There was just a leader Ho Chi Minh, the respectable icon of the left media, the left parties, and the domestic thugs are like Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bill-Hillary Clinton, and the others. Indeed, Ho Chi Minh was the genocide, he killed more than 1,700,000 people, raped a 15-year-old girl named Tuyết Lan in 1929 at Thailand, nevertheless, Ho Chi Minh was the famous pedophile at North Vietnam. Despite the truth unveiled but the left media and the Vietcong’s supporters have never shown the remorse, even a simple word” apology”, they have tried to avoid the treason and dodged the truth.


Nowadays, the old tactic has applied by the left media, left parties, the Sharia law’s activists and the others to poison the public, they propagate the wrong turns right, the bad becomes good, the black is white, the traitor to be national hero…Nevertheless, in the Western countries, the ballot hungry politicians ignored the righteousness, national interest, they just want to win the election or retain the seat in parliament house, so they blindly accuse the concerned citizen and patriot are racist, right-wing, far-right. The morality and social valuation are upsides down as Mao Tse Tung to be canonized the angel in China after he killed 65,000,000 people from 1949 to 1976. The genocide Ho Chi Minh is the successful Buddha in Vietnam.


The incident of the shooting at Christchurch in New Zealand proved the deception of left media and left parties. Obviously, the left media, left parties labeled the right-wing, far-right, supremacist, indeed, the gunman Brenton Tarrant is the leftist, Maoist. The left media cheated the public after released the fake news but they didn’t correct the motive of gunman Brenton Tarrant carried out the killing. Certainly, the left media and left parties snub the public, they think all the people are stupid.


The soldiers protect the country and keep out the invasion, certainly, they are right-wing, except the army of communist regime function to protect the communist party, not the country. The patriot sacrifices their life for the country and concerned people always fight for righteousness, justice, respect the human rights and the social valuation.


The Sharia law conflicts against the morality, social valuation of the democratic countries and opposes the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Almost, in the Western country, the policial parties, the politicians oppose the child bribe, the gender discrimination, polygamy and the other barbarous punishments based on the Sharia law as throwing the stone to death in Brunei (now this law scrapped after the world condemned). However, hypocritical politicians endorse Sharia law activists and illegal migrant (they are the Sharia law’s activists too). So the major population reacts against the Sharia law’s activists, but the left parties, left media and the domestic thugs label the right-wing, far-right. Who are they?


The people protect the country and fighting against the Sharia law’s activists or the human rights violation to be condemned. The so-called right-wing or far-right accused by the left parties, distorted by the left media that totally is wrong. The patriotism originates the nationalism, the patriot and concerned citizen are the essential force to protect the country and develop the nation. They represent the national spirit and the nuance of its people. The terrible wrong has remained a long time into Western society. The patriot just wants to protect the country and the concerned people want to fight for human rights, the justice…they occupy the majority in the country while the leftist and Sharia law’s activists are a minority.


The Sharia law’s activists have exploited the democracy, the negligent immigration’s policy, human rights, the legal system, free speech, the government’s system to activate Sharia law into the society and impose the inhumane law into the legal system. The religious freedom respects in the Western country, almost, the Catholic, Christian, Buddhism, Judaism and the other religions have not required the blasphemy law to protect, but the Sharia law’s activists want to law to protect Islam.


The Sharia law’s activists elected in the parliament, the left parties are the places to recruit the human rights violation’s activists. The Sharia law politicians changed the Constitution when they swore on the Quran bible. The Western people have no anti-Muslim, but they oppose the inhumane Sharia law.


President Donald Trump is the patriot, he volunteers to serve the country without salary, his great achievements make America great again, the allies trust, the enemies fear. Therefore, the treasonous party is led by the lawmaker terrorist and also a commander in thug Nancy Pelosi always conspires to impeach President Donald Trump because they fear the swamp in White House drains out, mostly, behind the high profiles of Democrats are crimes. The domestic thugs to be elected in Congress, they become the members of  Representative are Ihan Abdulahi Omar of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district, Rashida Harbi Tlaib of 13th Congressional district, Ayanna Soyini Pressley of 7th Massachusetts Congressional district and Democratic Congressional woman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The thugs always attack President Donald Trump and the national interest, everyone in the US recognized the troublemakers. President Donald Trump reacts against the thugs” we will never be a socialist or communist country, if you are not happy here, you can leave” and the left media plus Democrats condemn President Donald is racist while Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard quoted:” immigrants, not Australians, must adapt..take it or leave”. Certainly, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard comes from the Australian Labor Party, the comrade of left media, so they just attack President Donald Trump.


President Donald Trump is not racist, right-wing or far-right, but he is patriot, so the major population in the US support and condemn four amigas above, the thugs appeared into the public. A Republican lawmaker from Louisiana offers to buy the airplane’s ticket for four amigas. Congressman Ralph Abraham sends the strong message to four amigas are Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib:” go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested place from which they came”. Congressman Abraham twitters:” There’s no question that the members of Congress that @realDonaldTrump called out have absolutely said anti-American and anti-Semitic things. I’ll pay for their tickets out of this country if they just tell me where they’d rather be.”./.







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