The red guard of Mao appears in the Western country


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The longest campaign of Mao Chairman in the mainland was Culture Revolution, it took a decade from 1966 until Mao died on September 9, 1976, and the crazy campaign stopped. The Culture Revolution launching while  Mao Tse Tung lost the power and faced a hard time after the Great Leap Forward and Hundred Flowers failed and his comrades conspired to take him down, the strong man was General Lin Biao had threatened the top job. Chairman Mao Tse Tung also lost the support from the People’s Liberation Army and the government, so he exploited the student and young people to eliminate the domestic enemy. The student’s character is innocent and easily entice, so Mao succeeded in the campaign, the high profiles killed and jailed by the Red Guard. The Culture Revolution was the most terror’s period of domestic purge in the mainland.


Nowadays, the left parties, actually the Greens Party revive the Culture Revolution of Mao in the Western country. The form of Mao’s Red Guard has appeared in the US, Europe, Australia. The young people, actually the student are the active force of the left parties, they have used the young people for the political purpose.


In the US, the presidential impeachment’s Red Guard has often rallied at the streets, they use slogans to impeach President Donald Trump. The perpetrator of the US Red Guard is Democrats. Therefore, the Red Guard of Democrats has never succeeded as Mao did in the Culture Revolution, even Democratic Congress and the legal terror Robert Mueller failed the impeachment’s conspiracy. The Climate Change’s Red Guard also globalizes, everywhere in the Western, the left parties, Greens excite the young people protest, almost the protests have the left party’s politicians join and speak.


The climate change is a hoax, but it has globalized since Democratic President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore repaid the debt of China illegally financed in the election 1992 and 1996. President Bill Clinton promoted to curb the Western’s productivity, but China freely releases the dioxide. The hoax climate change chained the Western’s industry that created an opportunity for China’s growth and challenging the arms race, space race, actually, China focus to replace the US, and the climate change helps China carries out global hegemony, so China is keen to hire the left media, left academics and support the left parties launching the hoax climate change’s movement into the psychological warfare to appall the Western people.


The hoax climate change’s activist is like a negligent doctor who just takes a patient’s temperature is over 37-Celsius degrees and concludes cancer. As the circumstance of 27 Dogtors (*) of Harvard and Yale University, they have never diagnosed President Donald Trump but released the medical statement to confirm President Donald Trump is mental health illness. On the other hand, climate change’s activists steal the job of psychic, they just watch the storm, flood, drought and conclude the reason comes from climate change. Nevertheless, the knowledge of the universe, Solar’s system are limited.


The dishonest academics left media to distort the career and bend the knowledge to mislead the public by the dire report of climate change’s consequence that based on the natural phenomenons as storm, flood, drought. The left media applies psychological warfare to appall people. The climate change to be debunked by more than 30,000 scientists telling the truth. Therefore, the hoax climate change’s activists are the left parties, left media plus the dishonest academics frighten the people by the climate change’s propaganda, the climate change’s magicians have deceived the public for business and political purpose. Actually, the left parties have covered the fallen policies by climate change. Former Vice President Al Gore awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, now he is a climate change’s billionaire. In 2009, Vice President Al Gore warned the North Pole will be ice-free in summer by 2013, but it didn’t happen, instead of the Polar Vortex increased the snap cold on Winter 2018/2019. Moreover, Labor state government in Queensland in Australia pays $AUD 320,000 for climate change’s billionaire Al Gore who speaks the climate change to shut down the coal mine that cost the Australian job and the Australia taxpayers wasted.  Dogtor Tim Flannery cheated the public about climate change, it cost tens of billions of the taxpayers to build the desalted waters plants at the Eastern states in Australia.


The general election in Australia on May 18, 2019, highlighted the Red Guard of climate change. In the election campaign, Australian Labor Party, Greens, and Union excited the primary and high school student protested the climate change to support the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten focus the prime minister’s job. The campaign supported by the Vegan movement, the activists appeared at court but Labor and Greens stay away. Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan or Huawei’s Premier and Teacher Union are the perpetrators of the Red guard’s climate change in state.


Unfortunately, the hoax climate change is like a boomerang hits back the thrower, Coalition won the election, actually, the left media companies are The Australian, The Guardian, The Canberra Times, ABC, The Age, Channel Seven, Channel Ten and the others, including Fairfax Ipsos poll appeared the formula is 3 F=3 FRAUDS=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. The false polls couldn’t change the people mind that conducts Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed the landslide victory. Certainly, the left media companies and the dishonest pollsters have no reason to protect the cheat polls and also a form of the rigged election.


The potential loss of election is the woe of Labor Party including China communist failed the great plan to occupy Australia, actually, Huawei loses an opportunity to operate the 5G in Australia as the promise of Senator Penny Wong, shadow Foreign Affairs Minister. Labor Party could continue to use climate change’s protest for the next election. While the leadership in Labor Party is still waiting, the Red Guard’s climate change protest at Western Australia’s parliament and somewhere else, the student’s Red Guard promises the climate change’s protest will carry out for every Friday. The innocent students abused former Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the street, Sydney CBD and the left media propagates. The parents must act as soon as possible because Labor Party, Greens, and Teacher Union exploit their children join the hoax climate change movement as Mao Tse Tung used the student and young Chinese people into the crazy culture revolution.


The left parties, Greens couldn’t convince the people to trust their demagogic policies, so they just have the hoax climate change to cheat the public. The student and innocent young people to be used for the political purpose, they become the Red Guard’s Climate Change in the Western. The parents must tell their children about the cunning tactic of the left parties, actually, when their children violate the law, the left parties have never helped, but their children ruin the future../.


Notes: (*) DOGTOR is the word of writer describes an academic distorts the career for individual favor and political purpose








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