The radical concern differs from Eastern and Western


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The same historic time, but the development occurred between the Eastern and Western gave different outcomes from different concerns. The Eastern developed the early civilizations in China, Egypt and the other parts in the Middle East. Therefore, the Eastern should make the inappropriate concern, it causes the Eastern countries traced behind the Western. From the 17th century, the industrial revolution changed the world and now, the Western still leads the Eastern into the economy, science, and the other fields. Nevertheless, the communism contributed to the lagging of Asia, the consequence of Karl Mark and Maoist theory pauperized the mainland of China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, and Cambodia.


In the old days, the Europe and Asia continent had the same situation, actually, the local conflicts conducted the wars occurred between the ethnic states in the region. Therefore, the Eastern and Western developed the different concerns to solve the wars and now the outcome still remains, it is the consequence derived from the passage of time.


The most martial arts in the world came from the Asia countries are such as Tae Wondo of Korean, Karate in Japan but influenced by Chinese Kung Fu, Judo, Hokkaido. However, Japanese and Korean concern the martial arts just a culture. Therefore, the ancient Chinese people favored the martial arts was the excellent development, China is the sample of the wrong concern began from thousand years ago and now, the descendant affected.


1-The Eastern favored muscle power:


The Shaolin Tempe represented among the essential civilization of Chinese people. Indeed, the well-known martial arts was not a Chinese invention. In the reality, the Shaolin martial arts or renamed Chinese Kung Fu was founded by an Indian man named Bodhidharma, he was the third son of a great Indian king, he was different from Chinese ethnic with the blue-eyed Barbarian and bearded. Bodhidharma arrived in China from 499 A.D, obviously, he advocated to spread and preach Buddhism but later on he discovered Chinese people interested the fighting between the countries in the region. The Art of the war of Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu dominated into society and dynasty than Buddhism. After sitting and face against the stone wall in 9 years, eventually, Bodhidharma discovered the method to spread the religion, then he used the Kung Fu to refer the Buddhism. The Shaolin Monastery located in Denfeng county, Henan Province where became the military training center throughout thousand years of historic conflict. Nevertheless, Confucius teaching framed Chinese people to invent, they felt Confucianism was enough, mostly Chinese people lacked the invention. Nowadays, Shaolin Martial Arts is a sport or performance, it doesn’t help China develops while China needs technology than the power of muscle and excellent martial arts. From thousand years of history, Chinese people favored the muscle than the mind, therefore, the military weapon comes from the mind, the invention conducts the modern weapon than the muscle and Kung Fu approved the personal skill and now the war based on the martial arts is obsolete. Chinese people knew the power of the mind in the colonial era, Europe including the Japanese succeeded the mind, the technology develops the weapon torn off China into many parts.


2-The Western develops the mind: in the wars occurred between the countries in Europe, the classical war based on the sword, archery, and arrow, horse…were pushed back to history. The mind conducts invention that helped the Western acquired the modern weapon. The wars decided by the weapon, not the muscle, including the top class of martial arts couldn’t win the war. In the Korea War, Mao Ste Tung applied the muscle, his desperate tactic called the human wave’s tactic that ruined a million troops. Nevertheless, in the Indochina war, Ho Chi Minh and untrained general Vo Nguyen Giap applied the human wave’s tactic that caused ten thousand troops killed in Dien Bien Phu’s battle while France just lost a thousand soldiers. Once again, in the Vietnam War, the human wave’s tactic barbecued more than 1,500,000 Vietcong plus 300,000 troopers missing.


The muscle power’s concern has applied to the communist regimes. China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba…promote the muscle power conducts into productivity, the slogan propagates” labor is glorious” is the disaster. China sunk down into the quagmire of the muscle power by the major economic campaigns were the Great Leap Forward, Hundred Flowers, the Landlord reform campaign and the Culture Revolution pauperized Chinese people plus the bloodshed with more than 65 million people killed. The communist paradise based on the economic development by human power while the Western (communist called capitalist) is keen to use the machinery into productivity.

The mind is the potential weapon, the invention applies to the military field that helped the Western acquired modern weapons. The wrong concern of Asian, actually Chinese people based on the martial arts, the top class-Kung Fu recipient trained the body and the muscle was due to the classical war, it is not suitable when the people always develop the invention.


China got the wrong concern from a thousand years of history, the martial arts of Shaolin Temple just responded to a stage of the local conflicts. Nevertheless, Chinese people were the pioneer to discover the gunpower since the 9th century, the gunpowder formula completed in 1232. Therefore, Chinese people abandoned, the gunpowder just applied to the celebrations into the events like Lunar New Year, coronation, Wedding, a new house, festivals… instead of the martial arts became the populated movement. The Western people came to China, they learned the gunpower’s formula and late, the Western developed on the military, the gun became the potential weapon to tear off China into many parts in the colonial period. The gunpowder is like the Sword made by China, it killed Chinese.


The mindful role is the most important fact of human being, the people could use the mind to convince all kind of animal and also making the facilities for living. The mind is the weapon, not sword, saber or the martial arts. The muscle exposes the physical strength but the mind is the master of weapon.

China communist party also made the critical mistake, the communist party applied the obscurantism, it blunted the invention plus the Confucianism framed Chinese people’s invention. The global hegemony urges China communist develops the technology, therefore, they trace behind the Western, actually the US. It’s the reason conducts China communist is keen to steal the technology and the intellectual properties of the enemy that China condemns” the capitalist”. China communist government becomes the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit, and the center of cheat while Taiwan respects the world, they are the true Chinese people. On the other hand, Taiwan favors the invention and this island nation develops the country in the right direction. Unfortunately, China communist is arrogant, they have not learned the lesson of Taiwan, even Hong Kong, so Chinese people live in the mainland have engaged into the poverty, there are more than a half of population has the daily income marked from $USD 2 to 5.


China communist rooted the muscle power, so Beijing often shows off the military strength in the region and also expose the aggressive attitude by threatening to sink down the US aircraft carriers, but a barking dog never bites. The most rogue regimes have not enough the military strength and lagging the economy behind the US, so Iran, North Korea expose the kiddy game by missile tests. Recently, China has tested the missile into the disputed waters while the economy and finance have been engaged the difficulties, it is the negative reaction of the loser./.







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