The propaganda supports biological terror


Posted on March 22, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China has carried out global hegemonic ambition by money as a quote of Napoleon Bonaparte:” an army marches on its stomach”. Socialism curbs the national talent, the communist countries have trained the under level academics, the garbage and academics intellectuals reflect the obscurantism policy by the rule is the family background wins over the talent. China solved the lacking talent by stolen the technologies to respond to the arms race, space race. China made a profit from malicious methods. After China gained money from the Western loss and influence worldwide by the cunning business. The global hegemonic ambition carries out by biological warfare that is the crucial weapon, but it exposes the heartless character of the communist regime. China’s Communist Party is the most genocide on the planet, from 1949, Mao Tse Tung and its party killed a hundred millions of people. China’s Communist Party has forced 1.4 billion people to comply with the regime as French proverb:” le mouton de Panurge”. The communist regimes succeeded in the totalitarian government by TERROR and PROPAGANDA. On the other hand, the terror without propaganda is like a knife without a blade, a product needs advertising. The terrorist appalls the people by terror plus psychological warfare. China’s Communist Party launches global biological terror and also applying the propaganda to support the terror.


China created the deadly virus Novel Corona, it coincides the names Chinese Virus of President Donald Trump dubbed, the World Health Organization calls COVID 19, it is CHINA OF VIRUS DECEMBER 19. The global economic terror is eradicated by the adjusted tariffs of President Donald Trump, the fair trade returns after many decades that China cheated the US by the trade ties.


China’s Communist Party lost the trade war after signing the phase 1 agreement, the surrender’s statement that forces China complies the US’s requirements. The retaliatory tariffs impose US agricultural products hit hard Chinese consumers in the mainland, indeed, the US farmers are happy to export the pork, soybean and the others to China, the viral left media and Democrats failed the propaganda’s campaign to attack the tariffs of President Donald Trump. The global economic terror plus the propaganda of China that failed in the US.


One again, China broke the global biological warfare terror when the Coronavirus battered Wuhan and throughout the mainland. If the biological weapon explodes in the US or Europe, the dire consequences are inevitable, China destroys the US and forwarding the global hegemonic ambition. Despite the inhumane plane failed, but China uses Chinese tourists, Chinese workers, Chinese students and the citizens of the countries to fall into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap to spread the deadly pandemic so far so good as China conspires. The live Coronavirus stations transmit the deadly virus to the community and it spreads the worldwide pandemic. Italy learns the bloody lesson of 29 deals with China and joined one belt and one road, the death toll, and infected cases skyrocket.


China applies psychological warfare to support global biological terror. The propaganda misleads the world about China stops 95% virus, therefore, Chinese people debunked the lies of China’s communist government on social media and whistleblowers. The phony propaganda can not hide the massive death toll and infected cases in the mainland. Moreover, China performs disgraced comedy by sending the medicine, medical equipment, commonly, the face mask to Italy, Vatican, South Korea, Iran, Spain.


Chinese phony clown Jack Ma who wants to donate 500,000 test kits and 1,000,000 face masks to the US because President Donald Trump calls CHINESE VIRUS and some US officials call the Wuhan virus. It is a form of psychological war to deceive the world, the fake recovery of China that cheats the people, so China needs not the face masks and test kits and Jack Ma proposes the donation to the US. However, Jack Ma needs to donate the face masks, test kids to 1.4 billion people in the mainland.


Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has the asset is about $US 38 billion (before the pandemic) while the US has many billionaires like Bill Gates ($US 180 billion), Jeff Bezos ($US 117 billion), Warren Buffet ($US 73 billion) and the others. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma is malicious as his commander in virus, Mr. Shithole Xi Jinping who is the culprit of global biological warfare terror and Jack Ma defuses the world’s condemnation by the hypocritical donation when China’s Communist regime killed many Chinese people and the world by a biological weapon or Chinese virus. Certainly, the US need not the products made in China, all match the poor quality, poison, and contamination. Nevertheless, Mr. Jack Ma wants to donate the face masks made in China, but his boss Xi Jinping wears the face mask N 95 made in the USA.


The Coronavirus wiped out China’s economy to the grassroots, the stock market plunged, China’s currency lost the valuation while the US dollar increases. China’s products face the boycott worldwide, the industry and agriculture have no sign to survive. Nevertheless, food is very important to feed 1.4 billion people. How can China’s Communist regime solve the vital problem?.


Chinese people fear the food and agricultural products made in the communist paradise. The US food and Europe, Australia responds to the lacking food in the mainland. Therefore, Yuan devalued, it forces China must pay the high prices based on the US dollar. China seeks food from the other countries, China bought $AU 1.5 billion of Australian infant formula of Bellamy’s powder milk and $AU 600 million of Lion Dairy farmers. China falls into the difficulty in food, the rice is vital needs for Chinese people, so Beijing increased 700% imported rice from vassal Vietnam during the Coronavirus outbreaking.


The Coronavirus hits hard Chinese people in the mainland, China’s industry paralyzed, the mountain debt added more deficit while the global market faces a big loss ever. However, China’s communist regime must borrow the money to buy the food, Chinese people favor rice, pork, soybean, so China must import with the high prices. After the Coronavirus outbreak, China will be isolated by the international abhorrence, the boycott is inevitable, the China phobia costs China’s economy and the world trust. The Coronavirus pulls Chinese society back to the era of Mao Tse Tung. The Coronavirus pandemic causes the world sanction against China as the Cold War.


Nowadays, the old tactic can not deceive the world through psychological warfare, the global economic terror plus the propaganda of the left media is defeated by President Donald Trump who debunked the fake news and the adjusted tariffs. The global biological warfare terror of China hits back the culprit in Beijing including the phony propaganda of the viral left media in Western fails to mislead the public./.






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