The presidential candidate becomes the best business


Posted on February 23, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After the US election 2016, Democrats and its fan have the new business to make the profit while President Donald Trump makes America great again. Whoever insults, oppose, mock a man who volunteers to serve without salary for the country, they could make money and the left media promote.


- Pornstar Stormy Daniels and her illiterate law’s lawyer Michael Avenitti received the money from the bigot’s Democratic supporters to carry out the false lawsuit against President Donald Trump (the law confirms the sitting president cannot bring to court, but Michael Avenitti sues president Donald Trump in court).


- The book industry wrote about President Donald Trump throve: Author Michael Wolff launched the book” Fire and Fury”, former FBI Director James Comey released” A higher Loyalty”…but all lied. Moreover, the book” What happen” has no interest in the reader.


- The left media lost the audience, so some television network uses the mocking shows as disgraced clown Alec Baldwin of CBS. In Australia, the national television network ABC funded by the taxpayers but the traditional left media company biased and propagate, the Planet America’s show practiced by two disgraced clowns are John Barron and Chas Licciardello.


Nowadays, the candidate’s industry develops and booms in democratic countries. The candidate business doesn’t need the loan, a company, but an office could run well, mostly the demagogic promises to convince the innocent people that is the essential tactic needing for a candidate knows how to collect the money from the supporters. In Australia, the federal election will be held in mid- year of 2019, the political parties prepare the campaign, nevertheless, the media advertising costs a lot of money, so the election fund needs to cover the spending. The election’s season also creates an opportunity for China’s financial agents influencing by the donation into the political parties and the candidates. Besides the candidates the registered parties, the independent candidates boomed at the most Liberal seats are former Prime Minister Tony Abbott at a unit of Warringah, health Minister Greg Hunt at Flinder’s electorate, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg at Kooyong’s unit…mostly the independent candidates are the leftists, so they have the same policies with ALP (Australian Leninist Party) and Greens Party (Garbage Party) are the homosexual support, climate change’s hoax, and the asylum seeker’s endorsement. (they support the people smugglers to make the profit from the taxpayers).


In the US has the same situation, despite the presidential election 2020 still has nearly 2 years, but the Democratic candidate’s boom and outbreak as the epidemic politics. Now, there are 32 Democrats intend to run the presidential candidate in 2020, the list marked 9 Democratic Senators, three millionaires, and a former vice president. The prominent candidates appeared the public and vowing to beat President Donald Trump in 2020. The Former Senator Hillary Clinton, former First Lady Michelle Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, the deposed T.V host Oprah Winfrey…but the official candidates are:


- Elizabeth Warren, 69-year-old, Massachusetts senator, she claims the descendant of Indian.


- John Delaney is the Former Maryland congressman. The multiple millionaires of banking entrepreneur.


- Andrew Yang is a Businessman and Chinese background, he may have the support of Chinese people including the financial agents of Beijing.


- Julian Castro is Former housing and urban development secretary. He is anti- Trump on immigration policy, Mexican’s background, certainly, he opposes the completed wall at the US and Mexico’s border. He will have the strong support of Mexican’s illegal migrant.


- Tulsi Gabbard is Hawaii congresswoman, Iraq war’s veteran, the leftist

- Kirsten Gillibrand is New York Senator, a lawyer.


- Kamala Harris is California senator was a former Attorney General, Indian and Jamaica’s background, she advocates the Marijuana legislation and smoking.


- Pete Buttigieg is South Bend mayor, Indiana, 37-year-old


- Marianne Williamson, she is an author, in 2014, she failed into the Congressional bid in California


- Cory Booker is New Jersey senator, 49-year-old


- Amy Klobuchar is a Minnesota female senator.


However, Senator Bernie Sanders is Senator of Vermont, the famous face of socialism, the dangerous and obsolete theory of Karl Marx becomes the most genocide on the planet. The communist movement has applied socialism after Leninist pioneered transforming the crazy idea of Karl Marx to reality in October 1917. The dire consequence was more than 100,000,000 people killed and another billion people lost freedom. Nowadays, the world rejected socialism in Russia, Eastern Europe Communist bloc, actually, President Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have applied the socialism in Venezuela. The world, actually the US people know the socialism means poverty and genocide, so people must fight against socialism. The US people suffered 8 years of the first communist and Muslim President Barrack Obama who brainwashed the people and applied the socialism that trashed the country, the consequence of socialism remains despite the demagogic President Obama expired the second term.


Senator Bernie Sanders joined the politics for nearly 40 years. In 2016, he failed the contest in Democratic nomination by his comrade Hillary Clinton. He knew well Hillary Clinton conspired the nomination by the rigged election, but in National Democratic Convention 2016, Bernie Sanders officially endorsed and promoted Hillary Clinton, so his supporters disappointed.


The Democratic candidates are plenty, but Senator Bernie Sanders is the favorite candidate among the Democratic fan. Probably, Democrats seem running out the talented leader after the loss of the presidential election in 2016, so Bernie Sanders is like a one eye person leads the blind people. If Bernie Sanders will be the oldest elected president in history, he was born on September 8, 1941.


Senator Bernie Sanders officially declares the candidate of White House race in 2020, his campaign attracts the Democratic fan, a spokesman has announced more than 120,000 supporters contributed $USD 3.3 million within 24 hours while the other candidates rush to collect money as Amy Klobuchar raised $1 million in her first 48 hours and Elizabeth Warren raised $300,000 in her first 24 hours. Senator Kamala Harris raised $USD 1.5 million on the line in the first 24 hours.


The annual salary of US president is $USD 400,000, extra expense allowance $USD 50,000 plus $USD 100,000 non- taxable travel account and $USD 19,000 for entertainment. Therefore, a presidential candidate could make the profit in a couple of days more than the annual salary of the president. In US history, President Donald Trump denied the salary and he spends money for food from his private pocket, after all, he volunteers to serve the country by his patriotic heart.


Despite the socialist Senator Bernie Sanders officially declares to run the president in 2020, therefore, a new Hill- HarrisX poll shows one- quarter of Democrat voters favor Michelle Obama is the most hopeful candidate in 2020 with 25% support, former Vice President Joe Biden could join the lead with Michelle Obama while 12% favor Senator Kamala Harris and socialist Bernie Sanders just reach 11%, Senator Elizebeth Warren has under 6%. The former First Lady Michelle Obama” goes high, the other candidates go low”, so” yes we can” joining the presidential race.


The most candidates of Democrats have no policy on the economy, national security, moreover, they oppose President Donald Trump to complete the wall for border protection. Therefore, they recycle the health care of former President Barrack Obama as the essential policy for the White House race in 2020. But, people have a job, they can take care of the health better than a jobless, so the demagogic policy of the Democratic candidates contradicts their promise.


However, the US presidential candidate is the best business, there are many candidates campaign the election fund. But a candidate has no guarantee to run the president in 2020 including the nomination in Democrats. Certainly, the donation has not refunded to the supporters if they give up the race or lost the nomination, the Democratic fan wakes up, actually, the candidates are not interested in the national security and the people, instead, they want to pinch the people’s pocket./.







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