The poll is a form of rigged election and business


Posted on May 19, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After many times the polls went wrong, the trust is gone, it conducts the people have not believed the polls come from someone so-called the journalists, actually the well-known left media companies and the left pollsters. The left media has the common formula of 3F=3Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. The false poll becomes the essential tactic in the election and the other political purposes. They are the viral media ruined free speech and impartial communication.


The US election in 2016 destroyed the prestige of the left media and also harmed the mainstream when the polls turned to be the garbage which conducts the left media committed suicide by the false polls. Almost, the left media in the US as CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC…in Australia had ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten and the others confirmed candidate Hillary Clinton guaranteed to be the first female President in the US, the polls issued Hillary Clinton always led candidate Donald Trump from 4 points to 12 points and Newsweek printed 125,000 copies with front cover: “Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House.”. Unfortunately, the night on November 8, 2016, that wiped out the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton and also unmasked the false polls of the enemy of people, the foe of communication and the thug of mainstream media. The false polls carried out by the dishonest pollsters, the viral journalists, and the left media’s companies have no border to lie, the cheat polls have appeared everywhere in the Western countries.


Recently, in Australia, the state election occurred in New South Wales, the outcome debunked the false polls of the left media in Australia. During the election campaigning, the left media deserved the best polls for Labor Party, even in the last days, the professional poll languages as the poll incantation released “neck and neck, head to head, 50 and 50, close to call…” Therefore, the election outcome was different from the polls, state Liberal led by female Premier Gladys Berejiklian claimed the landslide victory and retained the government. The left media, dishonest pollsters have no shame, they snub the public and think the people are stupid by releasing the bullshit polls.


Once again, the general election on May 18, 2019, in Australia wiped out false polls released from the left during the election was campaigning. Almost, the media in Australia is left, so the best polls always confirmed Australian Leninist Party’s leader Bill Shorten wins and he would be the next prime minister. The left media companies are The Australian, The Age, The Guardian, ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten and the others always misled the public by false polls, they guaranteed Labor wins the election with 50 consecutive polls and also gave the polling numbers were 48 points for Coalition and 52 points for Labor Party, actually the Fairfax IPSOS Poll raised the false polls to rig the election. In the passage of time, the false polls caused the political crisis in the Liberals Party, the prominent left companies as Channel Seven (reporter Mark Riley), ABC…released the false polls and Labor undercover activist infiltrated in Liberals was Communication Minister Malcolm Turnbull who based on the false polls to make a coup and toppled Prime Minister Tony Abbott in 2015.


The false polls in general election on May 18, 2019, becomes the disaster for left media, therefore, the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten absolutely believed Labor would win, so he wrote a letter asking Prime Minister Scott Morrison peacefully hands over the Australian government to Labor. Mr. Bill Shorten acted as elected prime minister, he promised to give $AUD 500 million for United Nations and committed to giving turncoat Liberals Julie Bishop to be an ambassador to the US. Actually, Labor leader in Senate is Senator Penny Wong who holds shadow minister Foreign Affairs vowed to give away $AUD 1.6 billion for aid and she behaved as Australian Foreign Affairs Minister. Even the election day on May 18, 2019, while the Australian people were voting, the left media confirmed Labor was 51 points and Coalition was 49 points.


However, on the night of May 18, 2019, the false polls collapsed, Coalition has won the election and retains the government. The false polls failed to cheat the people, so the left companies released the polls, they are the cesspool of media and the dishonest pollster must find the asshole to hide and do not appear in the public.


The democratic and Western countries respect the professionals and law, so any job and career must be trained or granted the license, even a brothel must register with the government. The pollsters deeply relate to the public and politics, therefore, the lawmaker forgot the pollsters and the left media companies have exercised the poll, it conflicts the democratic rule. The pollsters must have the license to poll and the code practice to avoid the dishonest exploits the poll to make a profit or driving the public into the rigged election.


The poll is like the statistic, but the human being is not like the statistic exercises.  In the normal impact, instead the peoples’ mind could change and the polls could go wrong, actually, the most pollsters just survey a small number of person joined, certainly, a thousand people couldn’t reflect the national opinion. The polls could be trusted when the numerous survey is big, at least 1% of the population, but it doesn’t guarantee the genuineness.


    The poll easily cheats the public in the elections, whoever including a primary school student can make a poll. Its reason, the dishonest pollsters, the left media companies using the fabricated opinion polls to drive the public as the psychological warfare that reflects the French proverb” le mouton de Panurge”. Actually, the cheat poll is a form of the rigged election, it could influence the undecided voters in an election.


The Western media has a negative aspect in the practice, the dishonest media’s workers and the left media companies plus commercial media transform the communication to the business as advertising, whoever pays money, they would have the good services. The poll is the business, not reflects the opinion poll as the signification. It is the deception in the media line, the business poll destroyed the mainstream media and also assimilated the democratic media as the propaganda machine in the communist country.


The Western country may reform the pollster’s career and grants the code of practice, the responsibility plus the punishment deserves for whoever breaches the polling law ./.







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