The peolple doubt about the profit made by Obama books


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The book publishing could make the money for author and publisher if the books are a best seller. Mostly, the politicians are keen to publish the biography, the publishers interest the presidents, prime ministers than a normal author. Therefore, the best seller books have not deserved for the politicians, instead, the people can boycott the books published by the bad record’s politicians. The bestseller book belongs to the story and the art of writing that is the particular nuance of each author as Jane. K. Rowling succeeded her book” Harry Potter” sold more than 500 million copies and made the movies.


The well-known authors are former President Bill Clinton earned $USD 15 million from his memoir” My Life” published in 2004 by Penguin Random House. His wife is Hillary Clinton got $USD 11.5 million from the book” Hard Choices” published by Simon & Schuster. Recently, her last book is” what happened” published after the loss of presidential election in 2016, therefore, the“ What happened” doesn’t sell much because the people abandoned Hillary Clinton and Democrats by the treasonous record and its book has not any new. Whatever, Hillary Clinton is the victim of the left media, they gave her strong stuff of anesthetic branded the opinion polls, so she became a daydreamer during campaigning with the wonderful dream fully believed about the first US female president turned the nightmare on night November 8, 2016.


However, former President Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama make $USD 65 million for the books. Certainly, the books of Barrack Obama and Michell Obama have not any new when Wikileaks released the top secrets of a first Muslim and communist president in US history.


Penguin Random House dealt two books that Obama’s memoirs reached $USD 20 million and a combined author’s Barrack with Michelle Obama might get the net profit is up to $USD 45 million. The huge monetary amount buys two books of Barrack and Michelle Obama that question the abnormal deal made between Barrack Obama and Penguin Random House. Nowadays, the high technology of communication completely changed the world, including the publishing industry, the old method called edition replaced’ printing on-demand”, so the hard copy could limit the buyer, actually, the e-book popularized. The books of Obama and his wife should face the boycott and public dislike because President Barrack Obama is the worst president in the US history, he made America worst off ever, the debt left $USD 19.84 trillion becomes the economic wound in the US. Moreover, President Barrack Obama is the perpetrator of the gender war with the same-sex-marriage legislation that divided the US society and influencing worldwide, he dug up the racial war that buried since the civil war, actually, President Barrack Obama provided the weapon plus training for Islamic State after creating an opportunity for this terror organization founded. Obama also used the taxpayers funneled the ISIS and he called to fight the terrorist. The services of Barrack Obama entirely conflicted his slogan” yes we can” and the Nobel Peace Prize awarded in 2009. The global warmakers honored the Nobel Peace Prize, it is a farce, so the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in 2009 regretted and asking Barrack Obama returns the Prize but he didn’t reply or comment.


Former President Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama’s books shouldn’t interest the readers, therefore Penguin Random House dealt with $USD 65 million, it is incredible, the people probe the secrets being untold in the deal, actually, under the era of President Barrack Obama, the taxpayers wasted, it should be corruption, so the secret money should laundry, so Obama should hand the money to publisher and they released the deal as the pay to play of Clinton Foundation.


The asset of President Barrack Obama doubts, from 2005 (when he just became Senator) to 2016 after two presidential terms. Since 2001, the US president’s annual salary is $USD 400,000, along with expense allowance is $USD 100,000 and $USD 19,000 for entertainment.


The asset of Barrack Obama in 2008 was $USD 1.3 million, but now his asset is worth $USD 40 million, it increased more than 30 times after leaving White House. How did former President Barrack Obama make $USD 40 million? Where did the money come from?. President Barrack Obama’s family lavished the taxpayers, they spent a hundred million dollars for a vacation, moreover, every time he played golf that cost $USD 2.7 million. Former President Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama have the golden speech, each time is worth hundreds of thousand dollars. President Donald Trump volunteers serve the country without salary while the former President Barrack Obama still get an annual pension is $USD 200,000. In the US history, President Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama were generous, Bill Clinton pardoned 456 felons in 8 years and Barrack Obama released 1,700 serious criminals, mostly the felons related the drug and the other crimes. Who controls the felons that mean control the underworld society.


President Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton are sagas, the secrets have not released yet, but the people doubt the abnormal finance’s sources as Clinton Foundation and Barrack Obama made a lot of money after leaving White House, so the books publishing are worth $USD 65 million that adds more question of the life of a first black President rules White House in 8 years. The credit’s book deal made between former President Barrack Obama and publisher Penguin Random House goes low but the people doubt go high./.







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