The patriotic wall is underway to complete


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The US people and history are the eyewitnesses of Democrats exposing the treason after President Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20, 2017. Almost, Democratic Congress and Senate have spent the time into two targets:


-To impeach President Donald Trump


To oppose any policies of President Donald Trump issued on national security, border protection, the foreign impacts as the tension raised by North Korea leader Kim Jong Un who threatened to transform the US to the ashes and darkness. During the country being endangered, the Democratic high profiles including the retirees as Hillary Clinton, former Director of National Security Agency James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan…attacked the protection’s country of President Donald Trump. After the historic summit at Singapore on June 12, 2018, Kim Jong Un who volunteered to stop the missile launch and bomb test, the great outcome entirely shut up the mouthful speech of Democratic high profiles and the left media.


The new policy applies in Iran to be criticized and stabbed in back by former Secretary of State John Kerry…even the Obama’s judges became the LEGAL THUGS, they issued the court orders to prevent the travel ban’s order and border protection’s order of President Donald Trump. There are more than two years, Democrats, its henchmen and the vestige of President Barrack Obama did nothing for the country, instead, they turned the national services to revenge tactics after the loss of election 2016. The taxpayers wasted the payment for Democratic Representatives and Senators plus the legal thugs (Obama’s judges). The most important offense of Democrats focus to the wall, it is a major promise of President Donald Trump in the election. Therefore, the patriotic wall is underway to complete, it is due to border protection, national security, and social safety.


     Under the SATAN’s era of the first communist and Muslim President Barrack Obama in the United States of America, the border unleashed, annually, the taxpayers spent more than 100 billion dollars for the illegal migrant. Therefore, the wall’s completion just cost $USD 5.7 billion but Democrats always prevented. The obstinate conspiracy harmed the national security, actually, Democrats used nearly a million government workers to blackmail the wall. It caused the government to shut down in 35 days. Democrats appeared the real face of the treasonous party and its demagogic policies couldn’t hide the public.


Nowadays, the SANTA’s era of President Donald Trump who makes America great again and also the potential commander in chief Donald Trump defeated and ruined the commander in thug, also the lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi who exhausted the cunning tactics to stop the wall. Certainly, Nancy Pelosi knew well the presidential impeachment is impossible and the US Constitution consents the US President authorizes to declare the national emergency to respond the national security. Moreover, the President can veto the resolution of Congress and the Senate opposing the national emergency. The basic condition is Congress and Senate must reach 2/3 vote each place to lodge the resolution to the Supreme Court, certainly, the high court does nothing to stop the national emergency of President. Moreover,  Republicans control the Senate and Democrats just take a slight major member in the House of Representative.


Democrats failed to exploit the Congressional authority to cut off $USD 5.7 billion of the wall’s fund and prevented the national emergency of President Donald Trump. Eventually, President Donald Trump got $USD 8.2 billion from the unused budget of the Defense Department and the other sources.


The patriotic wall defeated the treasonous party and its henchmen, actually, the felons, drug cartels, the drug syndicates, the gangs couldn’t access into the US soil as the era of President Barrack Obama, certainly, Democrats will lose the illegal migrant ballot, it is the rigged election helped Democrats into the presidential, states and governor’s election.


The wall’s battle is over and confirmed President Donald Trump is a winner, and also the national security, the US people defeated the treasonous party. The left media is a shame, the prominent media companies are such as CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the others (in Australia: ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten, SBS) have not released the news about the wall’s fund and it is underway to complete, but before, they released the news about Democrats and Pelosi rejected the wall’s fund $USD 5.7 billion and also criticized President Donald Trump about the government shut down that influenced nearly a million workers. The concealment reflects the left media’s character is 3 F=3 FRAUDS=False poll+Fake news+Fabicated story.


The great news enhances the US people, but the bad news for Democrats and the drug cartel, felons, the gangs…According to The Daily Caller released the wall’s news:


“The Department of Defense awarded two military contracts worth almost $1 billion for wall construction on the U.S-Mexico border, the first funds granted since President Donald Trump declared a national emergency.


The Pentagon announced Tuesday it awarded a $789 million contract to Texas-based company, SLSCO Ltd. for “border replacement wall construction” in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, according to a news release from the Department of Defense. Additionally, Barnard Construction Co. Inc, a company based in Montana, was given a $187 million contract for a wall replacement project in Yuma, Arizona.


The New Mexico wall will be 30 feet high and include a five-foot anti-climb plate at the top, and is expected to be completed by October 2020. The Arizona project, expected to be done by September 2020, will include 18-foot bollard fencing with the same five-foot anti-climb plate.

The announcement marks the first contracts doled out to construction companies after Trump declared a national emergency in February, a move that allowed him to allocate billions more in funds for border wall spending. The Pentagon informed Congress in March that it had diverted funds to the Army Corps of Engineers for new border walls, upsetting lawmakers from both parties who demanded the Pentagon seek permission from them before altering its budget.


It’s great to see some action finally occurring on this front. We need the wall as quickly as they can build it.”


Democrats continue to loss and failure the most cunning tactics after President Donald Trump getting the office. The impeachment becomes the tragedy of former FBI Director Robert Mueller and its Special Counsel.


The left academics of Harvard and Yale University with 27 dogtors and the Law Professors barbecued their prestige plus the university degree after distorted the career to drive the knowledge to the political purpose. The medical assessment based on the 25th Amendment of Constitution.


Recently, the conclusive report of Robert Mueller was meltdown the last hope of Democrats and the wall is starting the completion that becomes the worst news for Democrats. The wall must carry out, so the commander in thug Nancy Pelosi (before, the left media promoted Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful woman in the US) and illegal migrant failed. The winners are the US people and commander in chief Donald Trump. The consecutive victories of President Donald Trump from the domestic and foreign solutions to pave the way for his second term in the election 2020, the landslide victory will be possible and President Donald Trump becomes among the great US president like Ronald Reagan ./.







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