The Muslim changes the constitution and society


Posted on April 6, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The human courtesy reflects on social behavior that exercises into multiple circumstances. The untold rule respects each other automatically applies to society. Whoever comes to a property, they must comply with the family rule as taking off the shoes if the owner warns by the door’s notice, a passenger must comply the rules on the bus or plane’s board as no smoke… Everyone enters a mosque, they must comply with the rules and also respect the Islamic faith. Therefore, Muslim disrespect the other religions and the adopted country’s valuation. In the Western country, the Muslim student and parent often complain and pressure the school to ban the pork, remove the Cross and Father Christmas’s symbols. The Easter 2019, on March,  the Muslims in California asking people not to decorate for Easter or Christmas to respect them. Therefore, the Muslims in California disrespect the major Catholic and Christian in the US.


The United Kingdom’s school surrendered a minor Muslim to ban the pork, nevertheless, some courts consented the Muslim practice despite it violates the human rights as the German Federal Supreme Court made a new ruling on Child marriage that legalized overseas and approved in the country. What is going on?. The circumstance in Germany alerts the Western when the minor Muslim just convince or even bribe the judges, so they impose Islamic rule into the legal system and force the majority to comply. The Allah adherent could bend the law and order in the adopted countries.


In the US, the Congress bans the hat, therefore, it is the first time, since 1837, the Democratic Representative from Minnesota is Ilhan Omar worn the headscarf in the Congress, there is only a Muslim politician who changed the US’s Congressional rule. Therefore, in January 2019, the US Supreme Court ruled that oaths taken on anything other than a Christian Bible were” illegal”, it is the right decision. The Sharia Law is a form of human rights violation, it conflicts against the social valuation and gender discrimination, any concerned person recognizes it. However, the former US President Jimmy Carter promoted Sharia law in North America.


Australian Constitution surrendered some Muslim politicians of ALP (Australia Leninist Party). The Muslim elected in the Australian parliament sworn with the Koran Bible. Indeed, Muslim politicians must respect the Australian’s Constitution as a guest must take off the shoes before entering a mosque. Unfortunately, the Australian government accepted it, the Australian’s Constitution surrendered some Muslim politicians. The Sharia Law originated from the Koran Bible, nevertheless, the Sharia Law opposes the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Australian valuation too. It is like the police to fight the crimes but accepts the gang leader. The Australian Constitution couldn’t change, any change must proceed in the parliament, therefore, it is just a few Muslim’s politicians become the lawmakers could destroy and change the Constitution, even driving the Constitution into the Muslim’s way.


The democratic countries, actually the Western respects and promotes the multiple cultures. However, a small ethnic of Muslim has brought the strange cultures showing from the dress (Burqa), food (Allah certifications), the faith forced an Allah adherent prays at least 5 times a day, so somewhere, actually, the university spent more money to build the special restrooms for Muslim student, while the Catholic, Christian, Buddhist student have never required the special toilet. Actually, the extremists, bigot preachers, and the arrogant clerics cause terrorism, they have used the psychological warfare performing the hatred’s propaganda into the Muslim at the mosques and communities.


    The Allah certified food outbreaks nationwide in Australia, therefore, the Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi warns the Allah certification’s profit provides the finance for the offshore terrorist. Senator Frazed Anning raises the grave concern about the Muslim migrant, unfortunately, the hypocritical, demagogic politicians, and the left media attack a man who tells the truth. It is the shame of the ballot lover’s politicians.


Australian Constitution failed to remain the essential principles, there are just a few Muslim politicians changed the Constitution. Moreover, the Australian Labor Party is the base of a Muslim politician, Muslim representative Anne Aly calls for the blasphemy law that labels to protect the Muslim, but the Catholic and Christian politicians have not called for their religion’s protection with the blasphemy law. Moreover, the so-called insult Muslim becomes the social complaint of Muslim in the Western. They impose Muslim culture into the adopted countries that worry the people. The shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus and the boxing kangaroo opposition Bill Shorten confirmed to support dogtor. MP. Anne Aly if the next federal election and Labor retake the government, the Islamic blasphemy law will impose and the Sharia Law will be underway to apply in Australia.


The Muslim sworn by Koran Bible that signals the surrender of Western as Australia. The Muslim politicians have not respected the Constitution, if they want to keep the faith, do not join the politics. If a Muslim or whoever litter in Singapore, they would be fined, certainly, the Constitution is the highest place of the nation, everyone, including the Muslim politicians, must respect and comply it. The Constitution violated and changed that conducts the victories of a small group of Muslim, the Sharia law will impose into Australia if Labor Party controls the lower and upper house and they also have the Labor justice in Supreme Court to impose the Muslim’s rules in the legal system. The Australian valuation will lose if ALP wins and ALP also drives the country into China’s orbit./.







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