The mouthful technology of China-made flying saucer


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China’s technology is like a fable as a fiction “ journey to the West” of author Wu Cheng’en. Therefore, do not listen to what the communist talks, let’s see what the communist did. It is incredible, in 2014 when North Korea announced a special spaceship landed successfully on the Sun without cremation despite the Sun’s heat reaches 15,000,000 Celsius degrees. Moreover,  North Korea’s state media revealed 17 years old was a super astronaut Hung Il Gong who was every and very smart, he flew the spaceship at night while the Sun is sleeping and his spaceship escaped the heat. Certainly. North Korea people believe and no one opposes, therefore, the people live in democratic countries laughing about the phony propaganda.


Almost, the technology of China comes from stealing, the highest technology has applied to the space race with the US. Unfortunately, the Jade Rabbit Rover died after touching down the Moon’s surface. Moreover, the world doubt China’s products meet the poor quality, short life, it is a farce when China boasts about the developed aircraft carriers running by diesel while the US and Europe used nuclear power, so China’s aircraft carriers can not travel the long trip on Ocean. China also drags the modern fighter aircraft J-15, J-20, the laser gun, the massive destruction weapon releasing by the propaganda and the left media chimes without justification. The left media has no brain, but they snub the public by the fake news and releasing the information comes from the propaganda machine in China. Nevertheless, China often shows off the military muscle by the parade of the killing machine robot called the People’sLiberation Army. Therefore, China army stole the US uniform. The world doubts the fighting and expert capacity of the People’s Liberation Army. The army of a giant with the foot of clay can not fight well by the mouthful massive destruction’s weapon and the colorful uniform in the military parades in Beijing.


Despite China should hire the left media propagates about China’s weapon and high technology, therefore, the people have not convinced the dire weapon made in China plus the products. The communist uses the propaganda forwards the action that matches a funny phrase ” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”. China communists should study well the fiction-science movies as Star War, Return to Jedi, Star Trek or the imagination’s films in Hollywood, so China drags about the incredible weapon and the strength of armed force by high technology. China concerns the world is stupid, so they often released the incredible information about the technology, military equipment, recently, China prides to make a pig weighed 500 kilograms as the polar bear, they displayed the picture of a pig weighed 750 kilograms.


China, North Korea, Vietnam are the same liars, actually, China strays the potential loss of the economic battle and Hong Hong unrest by the military propaganda. The lesson repeats the Korea War in 1950 while China lacked of the weapon and military technology by replacing the People Wave Tactic of Chairman Mao Tse Tung that caused a million lives of the People’s Liberation Army wasted. Nowadays, the propaganda eradicated by the high technology of communication, multiple information sources, and social media. Every time China boasts a new weapon, the world laughs and doubts the capacity of China.

However, China succeeded in using human hair (mostly the prisoners provided) to produce the soy sauce. Transformed pork to beef and certified Allah selling to Muslims. China’s medicine uses the unborn baby’s carcass cooked with the herbs for male’s sexual improvement. China also made counterfeit and selling to Western.


Recently, China has revealed the wonderful space invention’s technology, it is like a FLYING SAUCER, its form is like the Great White Shark, China reveals the Flying Saucer will fly in the sky in the early next year. The UFO made in China is the newest invention of the people on earth. Possibly, China should steal the technology of alien or contacted the other planet on the universe by a dream, so Beijing acquired the UFO while the US has not invented yet.


According to the information released from the communist paradise, the Stealth Flying Saucer can avoid the radar, it can detect the enemy targets and destroying the missiles, the speed is up to 400 mph (miles per hour) and flies up to 20,000 feet high. It is good news, good news, every good news and also the fake news comes from China’s propaganda machine then the left media chimes in Western.


The world has not known yet how it is about the Stealth Flying Saucer made in China, therefore, the drone made in China is garbage. However, Chinese restaurants in the mainland and around the world already acquired the Saucer, those can fly from the kitchen to the table and the stealth saucer can fly to the kitchen sinks after the eating battle ended. /.







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