The motive conducts left media propagates for China


Posted on November 14, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Everyone knew well the communist regime is cruel, human rights violation, actually, the dictatorial government has never respected the democracy and the free speech. A normal person recognizes the wrong and right, good and bad, certainly, they distinguish between the food and shit, a kid and adult, evil and God. Therefore, the left media and the leftists live in democratic countries consider China is their comrade while every communist accepted the Ape is their ancestor as Karl Marx labeled. The animal acts from instinct while the human being act with the mind. Unfortunately, the left media gets lost the human mind by money or political purpose, certainly, behind the political purpose is money and privileges to be paid by someone. Nevertheless, China’s business and China’s shareholders in Western companies could use the advertising to publish the article, television, including the fake news and fabricated stories as the willing of companies. On the other hand, the left media has distorted the career for money, not communication. The phenomenon’s media to hire that has become the manner of dishonest media workers. The enemy as China just uses the money to drive the Western media into propaganda and destroying the prestiges of mainstream media. Nowadays, the fake news becomes the media’s pandemic in Western. The cancerous media companies like CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and the others devastated the free speech by free fake news to kill the truth, so the left media is the thug of people.


The world went terribly wrong since Karl Marx appeared and referred his evil books to destroy human history. The communist has killed, robbed and enslaving the people by barbarous methods. The social purge is the main policy of Karl Marx’s pupil, it has applied to the people and inside the communist party into the power struggle, it causes the bloodshed often occurred in communist countries. In China,  from 1949, China communist has ruled the mainland by terrorizing policy, actually, under Mao Tse Tung who launched the campaigns were Great Leap Forward, Hundred Flower, Culture Revolution, Landlord Reform. The Ape super gang killed more than 65 million Chinese people. Certainly, the communist is the most genocide on the planet, the crime opposes humanity proved communist acted like an animal. Therefore, the leftists, the left parties and the left media stand alongside with Ape super gang. They sold the mind plus human being’s character and assimilated themselves with the Ape.


The left media has transformed the communication to propaganda and the media to business. Its reason causes the left media often released the fake news, fabricated stories misleading the public. They sold the soul and conscience for money by distorting the career, the left journalists, left reporters, left T.V hosts and the left media companies have no shame, instead, they do love the fake news as communist killed the innocent people but the Ape’s descendant pride to exercise the revolution. The communist concerns the genocide, social purge are the revolutionary morality, so they have never repented the crimes against humanity like the left media considers the fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls are the careers.


During the war fights against the global economic terror occurring, China has appeared the weakness after the US imposed the tariffs into China products and goods, actually, from September, the tariffs imposed $USD 550 billion that China spooks the US tariffs after their retaliatory tariffs imposed on US agricultural products that failed, instead, the tariffs of China hits Chinese people, so the Ape super gang begs to deal. The Chilean government canceled the APECs summit is due to the domestic problem, so President Donald Trump and China communist’s leader Xi Jinping won’t meet and sign the interim deal, but the left media lied about the US tariff rollback, the low-level of fake news debunked after its fake news released. Moreover, China also loses the psychological warfare, the left media couldn’t lie and conceal the potential damages of China. Despite, the left media knew China well, but they blindly propagate for the inhumane regime, the motive is money and the privileges. China recognizes the vulnerability of left media is a profit, so China should hire the thug of people to mislead the public in the Western. The golden time of left media is gone after the Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975, the Vietnamese refugee, actually, the former political prisoners of South Vietnam told about the cruelty of Vietcong. Nowadays, the high technological communication, the multiple’s information’s sources, and social media defeat the fake news, the fabricated stories, actually, the left media failed to conceal the potential damages of China, certainly, Beijing wasted money to hire the obsolete propaganda machine in the Western./.







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