The monetary lovers in western are the domestic thugs


Posted on October 23, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Honestly, the concerned people often stay away from the crime and refuse to make money by the frauds. Therefore, the monetary lovers ignore morality, they accept the money and privileges providing from multiple sources, even the enemy can use the money to buy the traitors, so China communist has exploited the monetary lovers to support the global hegemonic strategy. The political donations helped China communist buying the best policies, the corrupted politicians can exchange the national interest with their individual favor and privileges. The bloody lesson of President Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden and the other high profiles of Democrats served for Chinaís interest, they helped China growth from the loss of US interest and nowadays, China threatens the world. The domestic thugs are dangerous than outside enemy, actually, the domestic thugs come from the political parties. When they rule the government, the traitors become the henchman of the enemy, so China had the executives Bill Clinton, Al Gore from 1992 to 2000 and from 2008 to 2016, Chinaís executive Barrack Obama sold the USís interest to China, actually, Vice President Joe Biden who made a lots of profit for China in 8 years, so Beijing rewarded $USD 2.1 billion to his son Hunter Biden. There are many high profiles of the Democratic Party are very rich, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosiís family is billionaire, Senator Dianne Gold Berna Feinstein has the assets are worth hundred million dollars.


Everyone, including the dishonest, recognizes the crime, fraud, wrongdoings, treason. Therefore, the dishonest abandon to the righteousness, instead, the money putting above the conscience and personality and the country. The monetary lovers can exchange the friend, family, colleague and the country for a personal favor, the dregs in society are dangerous than the outside enemy. The world knew China very well, actually, the victimís families and survivors escaped or still living in the mainland, including the innocent people live in the Western knew China communist is the most genocide regime on the planet:


1-The ruthless regime in China: There are just some serious crimes of the regime


-Mao Tse Tung imposed the barbarous regime into the people in the mainland from 1949: the bloodshed campaigns were Great Leap Forward, Hundred of Flowers, Landlord Reform, the culture Revolution that killed more than 65 million people and imprisoned tens of millions of people into the forced labor camps. The so-called re-education camp of communists is the hell of a prison.


-Deng Xiaoping was the culprit of the Tienanmen Square massacre in 1989, the world has never forgotten tens of thousand victims of Tienanmen Square as Nazy killed more than 6 million Jewish in Second World War and Vietnamese people, actually the victimís families have never forgotten the massacre in Tết offensive at Huế in 968 by Vietcong (ten thousand Vietnamese people killed and buries in the massive graves).


- China communist quells and killed Falun Gong by barbarous methods


- China communist invaded Tiber and Sinkiang Uiugur in 1950, the inhumane regime killed and imprisoned multiple millions of people. The exiled victims accuse China communist regime.


- China is the totalitarianism.


- China communist has never respected the human rights


2-The components have supported China communist in Western:


- The left media: mostly, the media workers are the intellectuals, the high educated levelís people knew China very well. Therefore, the left journalists and left media companies transformed the communication to business. China recognized the dishonest does love the money, so they could pay money and granted the privileges then the left media line serves China as the propaganda machine in the Western. On the other hand, China needs not to use their own propaganda machine in the Western, but the money could help China succeeded the psychological warfare from the Cold War and now China continues to hire the Western Journalists, reporters and pay for the left media companies to launch the fake news, the fabricated stories, so the left media carrying out the distorted career by Chinaís order. China succeeded to use the Western media into the propaganda and also destroyed the prestige of mainstream media, nowadays, the fake news assimilates the communist countries. It is sad news for mainstream media. The left journalists are like viruses and left media companies are the cancerous media being harmed the mainstreamís body.


- The left parties respect their stance than national interest, so the left parties helped China controls and cornered the country, actually, the corruption becomes the potential weapon of China applying the counterparts. The political donation helped China bought the best policies serving for China interest.


- The irresponsible business (the companies invested in China and exchanged the products from China) helped China controlled the economy and carrying out global economic terror in their country.


- The politicians and the left parties politicians are the actual henchman of China in their own country. Moreover, China could buy Western factories by the investmentís policy and China could acquire the technology when China-owned, it is the cleverly stolen technology. The Western country may prevent private companies (technological factories) to sell the companies by the law.


- The profit loverís academics sold the technology to China


- The innocent people: despite they knew China communist is the dictatorial regime but blindly support. The innocent people know the cruelty of China, they saw the annual commemoration of Tiananmen Square, therefore, they support China, the motive comes from money, therefore the human mind transformed into animal instinct.


The monetary lovers in Western have helped China communist carrying out the global hegemonic strategy, the global economic terror, the spy- networks. The monetary lovers have betrayed the country many decades ago. If the Western countries didnít have much money lovers above, China couldnít apply the global hegemonic strategy and China couldnít colonize the world by creating the trade trap, debt trap, the government trap. The people in Western and democratic countries recognize the domestic thugs have helped China occupying the country and silently colonized./.






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