The media freedom must respect the national interest


Posted on June 7, 2019 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles



The left media is the thug of people, the foe of communication, the enemy of the mainstream. The left media is a form of high-level terrorism, the main function terrorizes the people mind by the fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls. Its formula is a 3F=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. In society, anyone could have the reason after the outcome or consequence occurred, it is like a burglar could demote the crime by shifting the wrongdoing causes the family problem and the social fault, the communist protects the genocide by the social reform, revolution, class struggle, China communist protects the Tiananmen Square massacre is correct, the extremist protects the killing by the name of Allah, the false refugee claims the dangerous situation in their own country…


The left media always exploits the title of media freedom to protect the propaganda based on political purpose and also making a profit, actually, China is keen to hire the Western media has carried out the propaganda since the Cold War. The left media has never respect the truth, instead, they snub the public but the left media wants everyone including the national security respect the career distorts. It is not fair, therefore, the left media exposes the obstinate attitude while they are dealing with the national interest’s violation.


The media freedom limited into the communication’s sphere and respect national security, actually the national interest. The classifieds linking the national security and the country, those are not the authority of left media. The enemy always wants the classifieds leaked, therefore, the left media is keen to publicize the classifieds, it assimilates the treason. The negligent media’s law created the loopholes of communication and the left media, dishonest journalists could sell national security to the enemy.


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) raided the building of ABC in Sydney that based on the serial stories published in 2017 linking the Afghan Files. Almost, the media in Australia is the leftist, since the Vietnam War, the victims of Vietcong called” Australian Broadcasting Communist” (ABC), Channel Seven (Communist Seven) and the others misled the public during the allies troops helped Vietnamese people to protect the freedom and fighting against Vietcong terrorist. The US, Australia Army, South Vietnam army and allies to be slandered the murder, baby killer by the left media, the toxic propaganda still remains in Western while Australian Army was fighting in Vietnam’s battle, protected the security in the region including Australia, therefore, ABC used the taxpayers to support Vietcong, the enemy of the country, so ABC acted as the treason.


Nowadays, ABC has applied the manner as they did in the Vietnam War, so the classifieds leaked from someone from the Defense that interested ABC, certainly, the terrorist wants the classifieds to publicize and raising the psychological warfare against the war fighting the terrorism. The classifieds belong to national security, the national interest, not the left media.


Australian Federal Police is an independent body, they carry out national security and protect the national interest. Therefore, ABC acted against the country, so AFP must do their job to protect the country. After AFP raided ABC, the incident creates the anger and reaction of the thug of people that conducts ABC and the left media attack the Australian Federal Police and also the Coalition government. Nevertheless, ABC exploits the taxpayers for the legal team to argue with the Australian Federal Police.


Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton confirms the AFP investigation doesn’t relate his office, AFP is independent. ABC has tried to exploit the media freedom to attack the Australian Federal Police, the Coalition government. The ABC officials applied the cunning tactic to compare the war in Afghanistan and the wrongdoing inside a hospital, council…however, national security is quite different from other issues. Nevertheless, ABC conceals the domestic mess after managing director Michelle Guthrie sacked before the end of the contract. On the other hand, ABC has misused the Australia taxpayers serve for the political purpose, the government may eye on the biased programs as Planet America, Q&A, and the partial news.


     In the Vietnam War, the Global Communist Bloc arrayed the communist undercover activists, the espionage agent plus the domestic thugs are the left parties and the left media leaked the classifieds so Vietcong terrorist developed the psychological warfare to mislead the public. After Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975, Vietcong centralized more than 800,000 members of South Vietnam soldiers and public servant into the hell of prison, the barbarous regime killed more than 165,000 political prisoners and 90,000,000 Vietnamese people lost the freedom. Therefore, the left media dodged to release the serious crimes of Vietcong, it is the crime against the humanity of Vietcong and the left media was an accomplice. ABC and the other left media companies share the responsibility after Vietcong won the war.


The fraud is a crime, the left media has done the serious crimes, they have misled the public by the fake news, fabricated stories, and the false polls. The lawmakers may issue the law to punish the fraud media and also limited the authority of the media into the communication.


Since the Cold War, the left media has never respected the public and national security, national interest. However, the left media always wants everyone including the national security agencies to respect their wrongdoings including the treason./.







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